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The most natural way to scent the room

Fragrances awaken memories and emotions faster than any other stimulus, because they flow directly through the nose into the limbic system and have an effect even before we are aware of them. With just one breath, they evoke memories of the past summer, grandma’s pear pie, the garden from your childhood, the last vacation or the first great love. Would you have thought that we can perceive around 10,000 different smells? And, that some of them remain in our memory for decades, even if we have smelled them only once? Use the effect of essential oils for your well-being, harmony, inner balance and joy. In combination with our fragrance lamp Raindrop you create a unique, intense and powerful fragrance experience. They are 100% natural, without water and without dangerous heating.

Raindrop Fragrance Lamp

  • Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 23 cm
  • Design: Diffuser made of glass, body made of real wood with color-changing LED lighting, mains operation, automatic switch-off, incl. 10 ml Litsea Cubeba or Lavender
  • Advantages: Fragrance intensity can be steplessly adjusted, quick change of fragrance by changing the glass diffuser, noiseless, finest mist, contemporary design, space-saving, easy to handle and clean, no water, especially durable, economical.
  • Application: Drip 20 to 25 drops of the fragrance oil into the glass diffuser and regulate the intensity using the rotary switch.
  • Suitable for: Room scenting with essential and perfume oils for rooms up to 80 m2.

What exactly are essential oils? Application and effects

Essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile plant essences obtained mainly by steam distillation from aromatic plant parts such as herbs, flowers, leaves, twigs or seeds. We use 100% natural essential oils. This means that the oil does not contain synthetic substances. Our natural essential oils are ideal for aromatherapy, room fragrancing, as an addition to care products or for fragrant massages. Some people are allergic to various essential oils, so we recommend always testing compatibility first. But those who are allergic to pure essential oils do not have to do without fragrances. For these people we have integrated our perfume oils in our product range. These synthetically produced creations allow for the most diverse scents.

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Professional room scenting with the Raindrop Fragrance Lamp

Our Raindrop Fragrance Lamp enchants with a unique, intense fragrance experience with essential oils. Simply add 20 to 25 drops of the desired essential oil to the glass diffuser turn it on and enjoy the instantly emitted fragrance. Thanks to a practical WLAN socket, the fragrance lamp can also be conveniently operated via app on the go. Once at home, you will be welcomed directly by your favorite fragrance as soon as you walk through the door. For a 100% natural and genuine fragrance experience; with LED light, gentle nebulization, no need to add water and no formation of dangerous heat. The body of the fragrance lamp is made of solid wood with a refined diffuser attachment made of glass. Powered by mains with automatic switch-off and color-changing LED lighting. The glass diffusers can be ordered individually. For practical storage we also offer a wooden stand. In this way you can easily change the diffuser and fill in different fragrance oils each time you change.

Video for cleaning the Raindrop Fragrance Lamp

Fragrances for every mood: Aromatherapy at home

Use the power of essential oils for your own well-being. Take a deep breath and let yourself be enchanted by our different fragrances. All essential oils are 100% natural and therefore free of chemical additives. This is the only way they can develop their full effect. We offer the right essential oil for every type of fragrance and mood. If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide advice. Choose from our broad range of natural fragrance oils and determine the right fragrance to create a certain mood in your rooms – for small and large treatment rooms, hotel rooms and working areas of up to 80 m2. Our suggestions for effective room fragrances:

  • „Be relaxed“: The Essential Oil Bergamot has a stress-relieving, relaxing, balancing effect
  • „Be romantic“: The Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang has a euphorigenic and aphrodisiac effect.
  • „Be balanced“: The Essential Oil Blood Orange has a balancing and mood-lifting effect.
  • „Be motivated“: The Essential Oil Lemongrass has a mood-lifting and stimulating effect.
  • „Be concentrated“: The Essential Oil Swiss Pine supports concentration and sleep.
  • „Be happy“: The Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba has an aphrodisiac, invigorating and stimulating effect.

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Germ-free at home: Antiviral essential oils

In a recent study, the University of Milan investigated the antimicrobial effect of essential oils using room fragrances (nebulization) in a hospital. Research was conducted on two identical floors: one floor was treated with conventional disinfectants, and the other was nebulized with essential oils for 8 hours at night.

The study results in detail:

  • More than 75% germ reduction on cabinet surfaces
  • More than 90% germ reduction on tables
  • 100% germ reduction on heavily contaminated tables

With the Raindrop fragrance lamp you get the perfect solution for effective room scenting with essential oils. They are gently nebulized and scent rooms up to 80 m². Disinfecting room scenting is suitable for private rooms as well as for hospitals, schools, nursery schools and old people’s homes, but also for hotels and spa areas. Essential oils with proven antiviral properties are, for example, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lemon balm and all coniferous oils such as silver fir, spruce needle, cedarwood Virginia or Swiss Pine.

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