Bread Bath (Brotbad®)

Bread Bath - what exactly is it?

The Bread Bath (Brotbad®) is a mild sauna with a delicious smell of freshly baked bread similar to grandmother’s bakery. A scent that immediately awakens childhood memories and gives sauna guests a feeling of security and confidence. Due to the mild, dry climate at only 30 to 45° C, the Bread Bath (Brotbad®) is also suited as a relaxation room or as an event room with unique flair. The special highlight: During the stay or between wellness treatments, your guests can have a snack with freshly baked bread.

Everything at a glance

  • Sauna event instead of dull sweating
  • Original Bavarian bread baking ceremony
  • Sauna oven with integrated baking oven
  • Permanent smell after freshly baked bread
  • Releases health-promoting sourdough enzymes
  • Mild room temperature from 30 to 45° C
  • Ideal for heat sensitive sauna guests, elderly people and children
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean seating surfaces
  • Durable materials
  • Maintenance free baking oven

Mild sauna with baking oven

In the middle of the Bread Bath (Brotbad®) there is a decorative sauna oven, which also serves as a baking oven. Pleasant smell of bread is constantly filling the room, even if fresh bread is not being baked at the moment. While guests relax in the heated and ergonomically shaped seats at pleasant temperatures of 30° to 45° C, they breathe in this seductive scent. This stimulates the appetite and motivates guests to visit the restaurant. In addition to the comfortable seats, we also recommend a heated bread bed, which is made of filled grain sacks.

Bakehouse with beneficial effects to health

A session in the Bread Bath (Brotbad®), also called “Backstüble” (bakehouse) in some regions, is a benefit for body and soul. The sourdough enzymes in the room air have a health-supporting effect on the body. They stimulate metabolism and support digestion. As a result, follow-up treatments are also more effectively. This is why the bread sauna is the perfect and soft start into a relaxing wellness day.

Traditional ceremony with Bavarian sourdough bread

In the Bread Bath (Brotbad®), the guests experience a unique ceremony which reminds of the popular sauna procedure. The traditional Bavarian sourdough bread is baked twice. During the baking process, the sauna master briefly takes the bread out of the oven with the baker’s peel and brushes it with dark beer. This is a culinary experience for all senses.

The history of the Kurland bread bath

The history of the Bread Bath (Brotbad®) dates back long ago: In the past, people used the residual heat of the baking oven to relieve rheumatic complaints. In addition, a visit to the Bread Bath (Brotbad®) was said to free from evil thoughts and sins. Today the Bread Bath (Brotbad®) with its seductive scent is an exceptional and health-supporting wellness facility.

Sauna event with freshly baked bread

Are you looking for an event space with a special flair? Then why not use the Bread Bath as an event space. The mild, warm climate provides the best atmosphere for stimulating conversations. As a highlight, serve your guests freshly baked bread, home-made spreads and cool drinks.

Bread bath with individual design

Each Kurland bread bath (Brotbad®) is unique! Whether as a rustic bread bakery with a traditional bread bed or as a modern event room with culinary highlights – there are no limits to your wishes. We deliver customized saunas that fit perfectly into your overall concept. They are made from domestic wood species, in highest German quality and craftsmanship perfection. Our trained specialists take care of the installation on site and support you with a professional maintenance and repair service afterwards.

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