Body wraps

What is a body wrap?

Gently wrapped and covered by nourishing creams and nourishing oils – a body wrap is one of the standard applications in spas, wellness hotels, beauty salons and massage practices.
A body wrap is a body pack enriched with oils, creams, herbs or other additives. The practitioner can apply the pack directly to the body or put the mixture on cloth sheets and wrap the body with them. Particularly effective is the application in our Soft-Pack®system. In this case, the nourishing packs are applied directly to the body, which is finally wrapped in a special film. This allows the creams and body wraps to take optimum effect. Due to the occlusion effect the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients can increase by up to 10 times. In combination with heat, the skin absorbs active ingredients particularly well. The effect differs from body wrap to body wrap, depending on the products and ingredients used. Body wraps with firming algae, pain-relieving moor mud, nourishing creams or fango packs are quite popular.

Kurland® body wraps

  • Ingredients: Depending on the pack, valuable goat butter, vegetable oils, moor mud, clay, hay, mud, healing chalk, pumpkin, algae, grape draff, horse chestnut, etc.
  • Effects: Depending on the pack, relaxing, detoxifying, nourishing, firming, skin refining.
  • Suitable for: the entire body or partial body treatments; ideal for treatments in the Soft-Pack®system.
  • Products: Ready-to-use body wraps and products for mixing wraps.

Effects and result of a body wrap

A body wrap can either be a full or a partial body treatment. In addition to pure relaxation, body wraps often have a skin nourishing or detoxifying effect. Due to the heat, important ingredients are well absorbed by the skin. The choice of products and ingredients should be made depending on the desired effect of the treatment. Our Clay and Horse Chestnut Wrap, for example, is suitable for relieving swollen or aching legs and our Thalasso Mare Body Wrap assists in detoxification. By applying the right pack, the guest experiences pleasant relaxation, an improvement in the appearance of the skin or a more harmonious flow of energy.

Fango, moor mud and healing clay packs

There are many body wraps to choose from. Discover, for example, our Kurland Mud Pack or our Bolus nourishing muds. These are body wraps, which come with a particularly mineral-rich mud. They do not only have a detoxifying effect, but also stimulate metabolism and relieve pain. They are Ideal for neurodermatitis or rheumatism. Our Fango Pack also relieves pain and stimulates circulation. This is a classic in many spas and therapist’s practices. Our Rügen Healing Chalk is ideal for manifold treatments and rich in active agents. It is best for detoxifying, de-acidifying and wound healing packs.

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Moor Mud Pack for rheumatic complaints

EAn absolute classic among body wraps is the Moor Mud Pack. It is the natural help in case of rheumatic complaints, arthrosis or swollen finger and foot joints. We offer them both as a ready-to-use Disposable Natural Moor Mud Pack and as a classic Moor Mud Pack to be applied directly to the skin. Use the therapeutic effect of the moor mud and enhance the effect with selected essential oils. This is especially useful when combined with our classic Moor Mud Pack. Mix for example 1.5 kg of classic Moor Mud Pack with 4 drops each of rosemary and lavender essential oil and 4 tablespoons of our Oil Blend Provence. Apply the mixture to the front and back of the body and let it take effect for 25 minutes. The effects: anti-inflammatory, relaxes the muscles, has a positive effect on the immune system, can help with rheumatic complaints.

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Cucurbita body wrap with pumpkin

Pumpkin is particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that activate the skin’s cell protection. That is why pumpkin is so great for skin care and effective body wraps. Our Cucurbita Body Wrap is a Styrian detox and care pack. It is ideal for applications in the Soft-Pack® system or on the massage table. Just mix it with warm water to a creamy consistency, apply it to damp skin and let it take effect. The pack has a strong draining effect and at the same time it is gently exfoliating.

Thalasso Mare: Body wrap with algae

Our Thalasso Mare series contains the valuable active agents of seaweed. These stimulate cell metabolism and blood circulation, nourish, tone and moisturize. They also have a detoxifying effect. For a treatment simply mix our Thalasso Mare Detox Pack or Thalasso Mare Body Wrap with water to a velvet-like consistency, apply and let it take effect for about 25 minutes. Ideal for nourishing full-body wraps in the Soft-Pack® system or on the massage table.

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Ingredients for high quality cream packs: Goat butter & Co.

Effective cream packs can be easily mixed by you. The high-quality and nourishing ingredients are of prime importance for the success of the treatment. For this purpose, we have various creams and lotions in our product line. We offer many of the creams in large fillings especially for full body wraps. To refine and scent the cream pack, we recommend our high-yield plant sera, our oil blends or essential oils. Upon request, we also provide you with complete recipes for effective and tired-and-tested body wraps. Simply ask us.

All products for body wraps: Goat Butter creams, Moor Mud Cream, Moor Mud, Clay and Mud, Cell Cream Body, Comfort Spa care lotions, Plant Sera, Base Oils and Oil Blends, Essential and Perfume Oils, Base Creams and Cream Bases, Urea Pura, Base Fruit Powder …

Body wrap with grape draff

Wine, sparkling wine and champagne are popular themes in a spa menu. For example, how about a luxurious champagne wrap consisting of White Grape Draff, Grape Seed Oil, Base Fruit Powder and Perfume Oil Champagne? A nourishing anti-aging wrap that lets you relax, refines skin texture and provides important antioxidants. Our Grape Draff is available in white or red. It contains valuable phenols and tannins. For a treatment simply mix it with water to a creamy consistency, apply it to moist skin and let it take effect. Due to the high content of fruit acid, the skin is smoothened and tightened. The body scrub is perceptible and gently removes dead skin cells.

Disposable ready-to-use packages: Moor, clay and hay.

Whether as further treatment after a health spa stay, as support for long-term therapy success or simply for a treatment at home – our disposable ready-to-use packages work with the power of nature and are prepared for immediate use. In combination with our moor mud heat carrier, the disposable ready-for-use packages can be placed directly on the affected part of the body and provide help where it is most needed. The Disposable natural Moor Mud Pack has an analgesic effect on rheumatism and tensions, the Disposable ready-to-use Clay Packs have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on joints or in case of sprains and the Hay Pack has a detoxifying and muscle relaxing effect.

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For tired legs: Pack with clay and horse chestnut

Ideal for treatments of tired, swollen or aching legs is our “stimulant for tired legs”. The package contains ground horse chestnut and clay powder. Simply mix it with water and apply it to legs, let it take effect for 20 minutes, shower off and you are done. The combination of horse chestnut and clay has astringent, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Body wrap in the Soft-Pack® system

Particularly effective is the application of body wraps in our Soft-Pack® system. In this system, the occlusion effect ensures that the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients increases by up to 10 times. In the Soft-Pack® system, the guests’ bodies are covered by a special film so that the creams and body wraps can have an optimum effect. The unique feel-good experience and the positive effect on body and muscles make our Soft-Pack® system so indispensable for practices, physiotherapists and wellness areas.

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