Medical Wellness

What exactly is Medical Wellness?

Medical Wellness offers the guest a therapeutic effect in addition to relaxation and well-being. This can be achieved, for example, through the use of effective, natural products such as moor mud, clay, mud, hay or algae. In contrast to pure wellness treatments, medical wellness focuses on the health-supporting aspect and sustainable recovery. Such treatments are ideal as a supplement to health spa stays or therapies – in the best of the cases with medical supervision. Here at Kurland, we also place our full trust in the power of nature. Discover the appropriate natural products and treatments for your medical wellness program.

Medical wellness

  • Active agents: humic acids, coumarins, essential oils, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Effects: Depending on the treatment, detoxifying, firming, skin care, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, concentration enhancing, draining, etc.
  • Suitable for: Treatments with therapeutic effect, for example, as a support during spa stays or fasting.
  • Products: Natural products like mud, clay, hay, moor mud, algae etc.

Detox treatments and fasting cures

Detoxification treatments focus on detoxifying the body. Many people do this regularly in the form of a fasting cure. This not only serves to cleanse and regenerate the digestive system, it can also wash out harmful substances and use up stored nutrient depots. The goal of a detox treatment is a firmer and more beautiful skin, shiny hair, less weight and, above all, more energy. Ingredients that have a detoxifying effect, support the success of the treatment and help the body to eliminate harmful substances. Ideal fasting aids are, for example, hay, algae, clay, mud or Rügen Healing Chalk. These products have a detoxifying effect by nature.

Popular detox treatments are the following:

  • Hay pack,
  • liver detox pack,
  • face mask with Rügen Healing Chalk,
  • firming algae bath,
  • enzymatic fruit acid peeling,
  • grape draff packs,
  • cucurbita pumpkin seed pack,
  • mud peeling in the Rasul,
  • Thalasso Mare seaweed wrap,
  • body wrap with brine sheets.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

Moor mud treatments against pain and rheuma

Kurland® moor mud is particularly rich in valuable humic acids, minerals and trace elements. This mix of active ingredients has been used for centuries as a proven therapeutic agent against pain, rheumatic complaints and tensions. Humic acids have anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects, and they boost the immune-system. They ensure that the organism eliminates toxins. In particular when combined with heat, moor mud unfolds its full effect in case of hurting joints and pain.

Popular treatments with moor mud are the following:

  • Moor mud bath,
  • classical moor mud packs,
  • moor mud cream pack,
  • Permanent Contour® massage with moor mud stamps.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

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Skin nourishing mud treatments

The knowledge about the beneficial and skin-caring properties of muds dates back more than thousand years. They contain valuable minerals that work best in combination with warm steam and convert a treatment into a sensual experience. Our inorganic muds are completely natural. They are extracted in Germany and consist of pure mineral powder and water. They remove harmful substances from the body, mineralize and tighten the skin. They also can balance the pH value. Rubbing damp mud on the skin creates a gentle peeling effect. This stimulates blood circulation, boosts metabolism, removes dead skin cells, and makes the skin smooth and soft.

Popular treatments with mud are the following:

  • Mud packs,
  • mud peeling in the Rasul®,
  • steam bath peeling with mud.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

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Clay against inflammation and cellulite

A cold clay wrap quickly withdraws the heat of inflammations from the skin and the withdrawal of moisture leads to latent heat of evaporation. This refreshes tired legs and joints and reduces swelling and inflammation. Clay also seems to be helpful in the fight against cellulite, because flabby tissue is reactivated. In addition, clay can provide relief from pain, venous diseases, hematoma, sprains and tendonitis.

Popular treatments with clay are the following:

  • Cool legs pack,
  • anti-cellulite pack.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

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Hay to detoxify the liver

Hay is ideal as a liver wrap, to support when you are on a diet or as an additional application during cosmetic treatments. But Kurland® therapeutic hay is also quite effective against rheumatic complaints. It can help stimulate metabolism and relieve tension. In the fields of spa and wellness, this effective natural product is particularly popular. Enrich your offer with our hay products and create a real experience with added value for your guests. Hay treatments are easy to carry out, effective, inexpensive and free of any side effects.

Popular treatments with hay are the following:

  • Traditional hay pack,
  • modern hay pack,
  • hay in the Kraxenofen®,
  • hay bath,
  • Permanent Contour® herbal wrap with hay.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

Algae treatments for toning and detoxification

Algae products are highly effective and easy to use. They contain important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc and selenium, trace elements such as niacin and folic acid and vitamins A, C, E and B complex. This makes them valuable for skin care. The metabolism in the skin’s surface and underlying structures is strongly stimulated by direct application of our algae products to the skin. The stimulating and rejuvenating effect of our algae products can be seen and felt immediately. They support weight loss due to their draining and purifying effect. Applying algae wraps stimulates metabolism and this in turn stimulates fat burning.

Popular treatments with algae are the following:

  • Thalasso Mare Detox Pack,
  • Thalasso Mare Body Wrap,
  • firming algae bath,
  • Thalasso Mare peeling,
  • firming algae mask,
  • Permanent Contour® massage with algae stamps,
  • Comfort Spa Algae.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

Swiss Pine for more concentration and a deep sleep

Swiss Pine has a long tradition and is highly valued not only in the Alpine region. It contains valuable active substances such as limosone, various flavonoids and essential oils and therefore has a positive influence on health, organism and good, healthy sleep. A study proves that Swiss Pine simulates the mind, but still reduces the heartbeat rate by 3,500 beats per day.

Popular treatments with Swiss Pine are the following:

  • Cream pack Swiss Pine,
  • Swiss Pine oil bath,
  • Swiss Pine peeling.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

Goat butter against neurodermatitis and psoriasis

Goat butter is a little miracle of nature: It is particularly well tolerated, intensively nourishing and makes the skin very smooth and dazzlingly beautiful – in a completely natural way. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports cell regeneration and leads to a healthy skin texture. Goat butter contains antihistamines by nature; this makes it excellent for people who suffer from an allergy and for extremely sensitive skin. In combination with other skin-caring products such as calendula or evening primrose oil, goat butter treatments help against problem skin.

Popular treatments with goat butter are the following:

  • Cream pack evening primrose,
  • cream pack Pure,
  • cream pack goat butter,
  • Goat Butter Milk Bath,
  • Swiss Pine oil bath with goat butter,
  • Aloe Vera face mask,
  • hand peeling rose,
  • hand mask coconut,
  • goat butter foot mask.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

Alkaline Treatments

Harmful environmental influences, changed living conditions or an unhealthy lifestyle can imbalance our acid-base balance. Hyperacidity of the body often leaves visible traces on the skin. Alkaline treatments for face and body support the body to bring the acid-base ratio back into balance.

Popular alkaline treatments are the following:

  • Pomegranate pampering pack,
  • alkaline cocoa peeling,
  • body peeling with rose,
  • Rügen Healing Chalk pack,
  • peeling Alpenglühen.

Exact recipes are available upon request.

Medical massages

Most massages are purely feel-good massages without any therapeutic effect. In addition to these wellness treatments, there are also massages that go deeper than traditional massages. This is the case, for example, with the cupping or fascia massage.

Popular medical massages are the following:

  • Cupping and cup massage,
  • fascia massage.

Detailed treatment concepts are available upon request.


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