Treatments with specific topics

What are treatments with specific topics?

Winter magic in the bathtub, Alpine moor mud peeling or a luxury cream pack with caviar – wellness treatments can be classified according to different topics. At best, these are topics that correspond to the general philosophy of the company or fit the current seasons or surroundings. For wellness hotels in the Alps, for example, Alpine or forest treatments are suitable, wellness hotels by the sea may score with South Sea treatments. We will be happy to assist you in determining which treatments fit particularly well into your spa program and to your establishment. We create individual recipes for you according to current trends, target groups, seasons and according to regional characteristics: Wine, herbs, fruit, forest, meadows, mountains, lakes etcFor some thematic areas we have already developed products and concepts. Just allow us to inspire you.

Topics for treatments:

  • Forest
  • South Sea
  • The four seasons
  • The Alps & mountains
  • Wine
  • Culinary treatments
  • Treatments from regions all over the world
  • Luxury treatments

Forest wellness

Woody, earthy, cool and fresh, with the fragrance of green leaves and the feeling of lush moss underfoot – the smell of the forest will immediately relax your guests. It reminds them of childhood experiences in the woods, climbing over tree trunks, the smell of resin on their hands and long walks in the woods. This has a soothing effect on body and soul. Bring the power of the Alpine forests into your spa with the appropriate decor, treatments with woody scents and authentic music.

Treatment options:

  • Swiss Pine oil bath
  • Cream Pack Wood
  • Peeling Wood
  • Peeling Forest
  • Peeling Swiss Pine

Treatments according to the four seasons

Spring awakening, summer freshness, autumn power or winter magic: the seasons offer numerous possibilities for seasonal treatment ideas. It is always adapted to the current season.  Refreshing detox treatments in spring, cooling treatments in summer, pumpkin wrap in fall and warming baths in winter. Each season offers very special highlights.

Treatment options:

  • Spring: Refreshing awakening peeling with coffee
  • Summer: Aloe Vera nourishing pack
  • Fall: Cucurbita pumpkin seed pack
  • Winter: Advent magic in the bath tub

Alpine treatments with herbal fragrances

Bring the power of the Alps into the spa with Alpine treatments. Treatments with the scent of native herbs evoke memories of lush alpine meadows and Alpine mountain peaks. The aromatic smell of rosemary, juniper and peppermint let your guest’s mouths water, where pine and edelweiss will remind them of high mountains and the world still remains untouched and left to nature.

Treatment options:

  • Pantai Luar® Alpine
  • Cream pack Alpenglühen
  • Peeling Alpenglühen
  • Alpine herbs peeling

South Sea treatments

Send your guests on a trip to Honolulu beach with Hawaiian scents. You feel the white sand under your bare feet, a fresh sea breeze blows through your hair and it smells of exotic fruit and juicy coconuts. South Sea treatments can also be a highly welcome change in winter.

Treatment options:

  • Lomi Lomi massage
  • South Sea peeling Coco Mango
  • Cream pack Sunset

Sensual-culinary treatments

A sparkling champagne bath, a stimulating peeling with coffee scent, or a fruity apple cream pack – your guests will hardly be able to resist our culinary treatments. Whether fruity-fresh or seductively sweet, the possibilities are varied and pamper the senses with wonderful fragrances. Just allow us to inspire you.


Treatment options:

  • Bread bath (Brotbad®)
  • Champagne-wine bath
  • Care pack pomegranate
  • Pampering pack elderberry
  • Beer bath
  • Cream pack apple
  • Care pack guava papaya
  • Body peeling coffee
  • Body peeling cocoa
  • Salve-in-terra chocolate dream

Treatments from all over the world, from Asia to Cyprus

Each country has its own care rituals and treatments. We have gathered the best from around the world and developed suitable products and treatment concepts.

Treatment options:

  • Asian peeling with ginger, tamarind, galangal, lemongrass
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
  • Cream pack Alpenglühen
  • South Sea peeling Coco Mango
  • Permanent Contour® Green Tea
  • Pantai Luar® Old India
  • Indian Ayurveda Body Wrap
  • Oriental Rasul® treatment
  • Maritime sea salt body peeling

Luxury treatments with champagne and caviar

Our luxury treatments guarantee that the guests enjoy from head to toe and all senses are pampered. They promise guests a pampering program of a special kind. Perfume Oil Champagne, Cell Cream Caviar or the Oil Blend Sparkling are ideal to achieve this.

Treatment options:

  • Anti aging pack caviar
  • Champagne-wine bath
  • Pampering pack Cleopatra
  • Cleopatra Bath
  • The Emperor’s bath®

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