Plant sera

Plant elixirs with powerful extracts of cress, frankincense and ivy

The oil-based plant sera, rich in active substances, provide the skin a freshness kick and are particularly effective and high-yielding. You can either use the plant elixirs pure or mix them with other creams. Cress contains the skin tightening extract from cress. Boswellia supports with anti-inflammatory boswellia extract and Ivy contains the tissue-strengthening ivy extract. All three sera can be chosen as an intensive pampering program regardless of your skin type and depending on your current needs. They can easily be rubbed into the skin and can be used for both, facial and body treatments, for a radiant skin from head to toe.

Plant sera

Serum Cress

  • Ingredient: cress extract.
  • Effects: can relax expression lines, tightens the skin, refreshes, moisturizes.
  • Suitable for: loose, tired skin, which is prone to wrinkles.

Serum Boswellia

  • Ingredient: boswellia extract.
  • Effects: anti-inflammatory, reduces irritations, wound-healing, smoothing, moisturizing.
  • Suitable for: irritated, reddened skin that is prone to inflammation.

Serum Ivy

  • Ingredient: ivy extract.
  • Effects: reduces swelling, draining, tightening.
  • Suitable for: water retention, eye bags, cellulite.

Concentrated power of plants for face and body

The plant elixirs are particularly effective in a 5-day cure. However, they can also be used before applying the daily care – on days when the skin should be especially radiant. 3 to 4 drops are quite enough for the face. It is best to apply the sera to slightly moist skin. Or you refine your body care with the plant sera. Simply add a few drops of Cress, Boswellia or Ivy to your body lotion and pamper your skin with this intensive treatment. Tip: Boswellia helps with varicose veins, as frankincense has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Plant sera for facial treatments and full body wraps

Enrich your creams or body wraps with the valuable active ingredients of cress, frankincense or ivy. This allows you to tailor cosmetic facial treatments even better to the skin texture and the needs of the guest. Plant elixirs are also excellent for the treatment of problem areas.

Advantages for practitioner or cosmetician:

  • natural herbal ingredients,
  • immediately noticeable effects,
  • a few drops are enough for a face and body treatment,
  • easy to dose thanks to a pipette,
  • long durability, easy to calculate treatment costs.

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