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Permanent Contour®

24. August 2022, 8:30 - 16:30

A contemporary massage with herbal stamps

The combination of heat, steam, stamp touches and massage offers an extraordinary relaxation that surpasses conventional massages by far. Due to this, the treatment with Permanent Contour® has already been honored with the European Health & Spa Award as “Best Signature Treatment in Germany”. Unlike conventional stamp massages, during the treatment, the temperature and the pleasant skin contact are maintained permanently. While the temperature of the herbal stamps stimulates blood circulations and relaxes the tissue, the steam opens the pores and accelerates the absorption of the skin-caring oils and natural herbal agents. The gentle massage also relaxes tense muscles. Our Permanent Contour® device, specifically designed for this purpose and patented, allows you to enjoy a variety of stamp treatments for face and body.

Overview of the Permanent Contour® treatment options:

  • Permanent Contour® body: Full body massage with herbal stamps and permanent steam
  • Permanent Contour® face: Herbal stamp massage with continuous steam for face & décolleté
  • Permanent Contour® slim line: Soap foam massage for slim legs
  • Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion: Herbal stamp massage with permanent steam according to the 4 Elements Theory (awarded with the Health & Spa Award).
  • Permanent Contour® soap foam massage: Oriental massage with the Hamam soap foam unit.

Courses: Permanent Contour®

  • Effects: deeply relaxing, stress-relieving, anxiety-relieving, conveys a feeling of security and basic trust, strengthens the body’s immune system and supports self-healing processes, deepens the natural flow of breath, provides a new, pleasant body feeling.
  • Course dates and costs: upon request
  • The price includes the following: Working documents, certificate
  • Qualification: Certificates “Permanent Contour® body”, “Permanent Contour® face & slim line”, “Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion” or “Permanent Contour® soap foam massage”.
  • Venue: Sägewerkstr. 2, 83404 Ainring
    (Upon request, we can also provide all training courses on your premises).
  • Information material and personal advice: +49 86 54/4887-43 or
  • Training program: Download PDF

Herbal stamp massage with permanent steam

Conventional massages have always been very popular since time immemorial. But our Permanent Contour® unit offers more. We have revolutionized the experience of a massage:

  • Faster muscle relaxation due to heat and steam.
  • Essential oils act via the limbic system and increase well-being.
  • Improved blood circulation of the tissue.
  • Ingredients that are rich in active agents are perfectly absorbed through the skin.
  • Muscles are loosened due to massage and a warm temperature.
  • Experience of a relaxing fragrance.


And for the practitioner, too, the Permanent Contour® massage offers numerous advantages:

  • Low purchase costs.
  • Multifunctional use: one device – many treatment options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Numerous products.
  • More intensive effects.

Scientific study proves the effect of Permanent Contour® treatments

In March 2016, the “VIST Higher School of applied Sciences, Institute for Cosmetics” in Ljubljana (Slovenia) conducted an independent study on the effectiveness of our Permanent Contour® stamp massage as compared to classic massage. The test involved individuals of both sexes between the ages of 25 and 65. Test persons rated their well-being before and after treatment on a scale of 1 to 10 according to the following parameters: Well-being, mood, muscle relaxation and recovery factor. The improvement after the Permanent Contour® massage in all 4 categories was significantly higher than after the classic massage. In the next step, the therapist evaluated the warming of the tissue, skin elasticity, muscle relaxation and the overall condition of the tissue – in each case before and after the massage. Again, the improvement with the Permanent Contour® treatment was significantly higher than with a classic massage.

Honored with the European Health & Spa Award

For our “Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion” treatment we were nominated for the European Health & Spa Award as “Best Signature Treatment” in 2016 and we were honored as the “Best in Germany”.

Oils, stamps and devices: Accessories for herbal stamp massages

In addition to the Permanent Contour® unit, you will also find numerous other products for herbal stamp massages in our product range. Just choose the appropriate stamps and oils for an individual and intense massage experience. To achieve the maximum treatment effect, we have developed different Permanent Contour® oils and we have different stamps in our product range:

  • Permanent Contour® stamps: Salt, Alpine herbs, malt, algae, moor, grape draff, wheat bran, Old India, olive, apple, rose, lavender and coconut.
  • Permanent Contour® oil blends: Special oil, green tea, hibiscus, coconut, mango lemon and orange. In addition, our base oil blend is also suitable as well as the Pantai Luar® oil blends.

Each stamp and oil blend contains different natural active agents and meets specific needs, from applications for mental well-being to nourishing beauty treatments.

Accessories for herbal stamp massages

Permanent Contour® treatment options

Permanent Contour® body

Full body massage with permanently steamed herbal stamps

Perfectly steamed herbal stamps with a balanced temperature are deliberately lead over the body and give the guest the feeling of being gently touched by a warm hand. Therapeutic body treatments, applications for mental well-being or beauty treatments – the possibilities with Permanent Contour® are manifold, depending on the stamps used. In the one-day course, you will get to know the Permanent Contour® unit and learn about everything that needs to be taken into account during a herbal stamp massage with permanent steam. You will also discover the individual treatment options with different stamps and oils.

Accessories for Permanent Contour® Body

Course content:

  • Presentation of the Permanent Contour® unit with permanent steam (Europ. pat.).
  • Permanent Contour®body wraps with permanent steam: Herbs and Swiss Pine curls – as a side-treatment or used during rest after treatments
  • Application and mode of action of the Permanent Contour® body stamps
  • Hands-on training of the Permanent Contour® massage techniques and stamp application

Permanent Contour® face & slim line

Facial and problem zone treatment

Permanent Contour® face stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, is calming or refreshing – depending on the stamp, this facial treatment can have a different effect. It leaves a pleasant feeling and noticeably smoother skin on face and décolleté. Stamps for face treatments are smaller and contain nourishing active ingredients. Permanent Contour® slim line provides full steam to problem areas: it makes the skin surface smooth and reduces the circumference for a slim silhouette and a great appearance. In order to achieve optimum treatment success, we have developed a particular stamp – olive. It contains high quality olive oil and soap flakes for a soft, fine-pored foam that gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. In the one-day course “Permanent Contour® face & slim line” you learn the application of Permanent Contour® with permanent steam on face, legs and problem zones.

Accessories for Permanent Contour® Face & slim line

Course content:

  • Presentation of the Permanent Contour® unit with permanent steam (Europ. pat.).
  • Application and mode of action of the Permanent Contour® stamp
  • Permanent Contour® massage techniques and stamp guides
  • Face and décolleté treatment for deeply tightened facial features and a firmed décolleté
  • Permanent Contour® Slim line with soap foam for legs and problem zones

Permanent Contour® soap foam massage

Oriental massage with the Hamam Soap Foam Unit

Surrounded by gloriously silky soap foam, your guests enjoy a gentle massage on the treatment couch. The body is cleansed, blood circulation is stimulated and the skin is radiant with a new freshness. An unforgettable experience with oriental flair! For this soap foam treatment you need, in addition to the Permanent Contour® Unit, the Hamam Soap Foam Unit and a soap insert. Connect the Hamam Soap Foam Unit to your Permanent Contour® Unit and place a soap insert into the opening. Now the system is ready for production of the perfect soap foam. Compared to the classic soap foam massage, the Permanent Contour® soap foam massage offers many advantages: Among them is, for example, that it is ideal for spas that do not dispose of a wet room, as the area around the treatment table will not become wet. In addition, soap production with the unit is much easier and faster to learn than a foam production with the silk bag. In the Kurland course Hamam soap foam massage you will learn everything about the traditional option with silk bag and soap.

Accessories for Permanent Contour® soap foam massage

Course content:

  • Short introduction into treatments with soap foam
  • Generating Kurland soap foam
  • Hands-on training for the treatment under the guidance of the trainer
  • Indications, contraindications and mode of action

Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion

Honored with the European Health & Spa Award

Our awarded “Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion” treatment is based on the Four Elements Theory. Human traits and behaviors are assigned to the elements of fire, water, earth and air. The focus of this treatment is to relieve tension and blockages. The special feature is that the practitioner can respond to the specific needs of each guest with special herbal stamps and oils. So the guests can expect a massage which is customized to their needs. Special herbal mixtures and 4-element oils relieve tension, increase the production of “happiness hormones”, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, relax muscles, strengthen the immune system and have a balancing effect on sleep disorders. Relax Emotion oils and stamps, especially developed for this purpose, provide an even more intense effect.

Accessories for Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion

Course content:

  • Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion stamp massage according to the 4 Elements Theory: Fire, water, earth and air.
  • Effective and efficient movements of the Permanent Contour® stamps with permanent steam.
  • Recommendations for treatments
  • Head / face massage

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    24. August 2022
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