Ice fountain

Unparalleled refreshing experience: Cold ice on hot skin

After any kind of heat application, there is nothing better for the overheated body than a short and intense cooling in the ice. Unlike the cold water pool, our Kurland ice fountain offers an unparalleled freshness experience: The combination of hot skin and slowly melting ice provides a tingling sensation for every sauna guest. Even hours later, the refreshing and stimulating effects are still noticeable. In a reflex action, the blood vessels of the upper skin layer contract to later on expand again. The circulation is stimulated, the immune system strengthened and the skin tightened.

Everything at a glance

  • Ice fountain incl. ice outlet and stainless steel pipe
  • For a short and abrupt cooling after the sauna
  • Tingling experience when hot skin meets melting ice
  • Good for skin and health
  • A sensor regulates ice production and filling quantity
  • Decorative highlight in any spa
  • Design: Free-standing or wall-mounted, made of stone, ceramic, copper or glass
  • High-quality technology, suitable for continuous operation
  • Ice does not stick together

Ice fountain as an eye-catcher in the spa

The ice fountain is also a beautiful eye-catcher in a spa – whether it is made of stone, ceramic, copper or glass. Guests can rub themselves with the ice after a sauna session or a stay in the steam bath and enjoy the immediate freshness effect. Of course, you will also find a variety of decorative fountains to upgrade your relaxation rooms or even the public areas of your spa and wellness area. Individual design and solid materials are in the foreground.

Fountain with automatic ice production

Ask us about the many ways to equip your area with our extraordinary oases of freshness. You can use the ice fountain freestanding or integrate it into a wall. The refrigeration technology is located in a sturdy stainless steel housing and is also suitable for continuous operation. A sensor regulates ice production and the filling quantity. As soon as the guest removes ice, ice production starts completely automatically. The ice slides through a stainless steel tube into the decorative bowl. The crystalline ice flakes have a temperature of minus 0.5° C and do not freeze together as easily as the sharp-edged and much colder flake ice.


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