Foot bath

Kneipp foot basins for refreshing alternating baths

Whether as a preparation for sweating, as a cooling down after the sauna or as an introduction to a beauty program – it is impossible to imagine a spa and wellness area without a foot bath. Especially alternating baths, which are also part of the popular Kneipp therapy, have a positive effect on the immune system and blood circulation. Our Kurland foot basins not only look appealing, but they are also tried and tested in professional use.

Everything at a glance

  • High-quality foot basins
  • Guests can choose between hot and cold water
  • Alternating baths have a positive effect on the immune system and blood circulation
  • Bubble jet technology can be integrated
  • Upon request with automatic filling
  • Automatic disinfection process
  • Can be used by several guests in succession
  • No spa staff required
  • Beautifully shaped foot basins made of stainless steel, Corian® or handmade ceramics
  • Available in 18 different glazes

Foot basin with automatic filling

Our foot basins with automatic filling process are particularly popular: With just one push of a button, guests start automatic filling of the basin. They can decide for themselves whether the water should be hot or cold. At a certain filling level, filling stops and guests can put their feet into the fresh water. If desired, additional bubble jets can be integrated, which pleasantly stimulate the foot reflex zones. After an adjustable time has elapsed, the basin empties automatically.

Foot bath without spa staff

For disinfection purposes, disinfectant is dosed during the filling process, which disinfects the complete system (drain pipe, air pipe and basin) and the user’s feet. In this way, the system remains hygienic and can be used by several people in succession without hesitation. In this way, guests do not need the help of spa staff for the application. In addition to our modern and well-shaped foot basins made of stainless steel, Corian® or handmade ceramics, we also have a singing bowl in our product range. It is also suitable for hand and foot baths and can be ideally combined with a singing bowl application.

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Do you already know our Kurland singing bowl? It is also perfect for hand and foot baths

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