A Russian Banya - what exactly is it?

A Banya is a traditional Russian sauna. The translation of “Banya” means something like a “bathhouse”. Among the most famous Banyas are the Sanduny baths in Moscow. The Russians can only smile mildly at the Finns with their 90-degree sauna. Because unlike the Finnish sauna, the Russian Banya is way hotter: The temperature often amounts to more than hundred degrees. A stay in the Banya is not only about relaxation, health and well-being, it is also an important place to meet friends, family and even business partners. A special procedure and extraordinary rituals convert the stay in the Banya into a special experience.

Everything at a glance

  • Traditional Russian sauna with more than 100 degrees
  • Exciting sauna rituals: e.g. wearing the legendary banya felt hat and patting each other with birch twigs
  • Birch water is poured on the hot stones
  • Birch has a pleasant smell, can strengthen the immune system and opens the skin’s pores
  • Anteroom for social gathering
  • Decorative oven corpus with many sauna stones and innovative air circulation technology
  • High room temperature from 80° C to 105° C
  • High humidity from 20% up to approximately 60%
  • Controllable heat and steam boosts
  • Unlimited design options
  • Different sauna heater systems available
  • We guarantee suitability for commercial use
  • Low maintenance and staff costs
  • Individually adjustable room temperature
  • Short installation time due to prefabrication in the factory
  • Interval controlled ceiling fan
  • Building physics safety due to the blower door test
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • Safety for your guests and staff

Procedure of a Banya ceremony

Before entering the Banya, the guests must take a shower. Then they traditionally wrap themselves in a large cotton or linen cloth and put on the legendary Banya felt hat. In this way body and head will be protected from the great heat. Then they stay in the sauna for five to ten minutes for the first time, followed by cooling off in the open air or in cold water. During the second stay, guests use bundles of birch branches previously soaked in water to beat each other gently. This is the legendary Russian Wenik ritual. The translation of “Wenik” means broom. Tapping with the branches is said to refresh the body and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, the birch water used for soaking the branches can be poured on the hot stones to provide scent.

Pouring water on the stones in a Russian sauna

Like in a Finnish sauna, this ceremony is also popular in a Banya. When the water, mixed with essential oils, evaporates on the hot stones of the sauna, the humidity increases and the heat can work even more effectively. During the cool-down period, sauna guests often sit in an anteroom and chat, play games and enjoy refreshing drinks. The special feature of the Kurland Banja is the combination of Russian tradition with modern design and technology. There are no limits to your wishes with respect to the design, just ask us.


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