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Pantai Luar®

24. October 2023, 8:30 - 25. October 2023, 12:00

Massage with hot spicy herbal stamps

Experience the magic of our patented Pantai Luar® treatment: an intense scent of fresh herbs, spices and oils fills the room. Hot spice or herbal stamps surprise with gentle short touches until the guest feels the warm oil on his skin. A delight for all senses! Pantai Luar® is a special East Asian massage technique with fragrant spice-herbal stamps and hot vegetable oil (130° C). The short touches with hot stamps activate a self-healing process via the thermo-receptors of the skin. This results in an effective cell renewal and revitalization. Precious herbs and essences also have a nourishing effect and inspire dream journeys with their wonderful fragrances.

Course: Pantai Luar®

  • Effects: relaxing, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates skin cell renewal, activates the self-healing process in the body, relaxes the muscles, warming and anti-inflammatory, stimulates metabolism, refines the skin, tightens and smoothens, dead skin cells are removed, moisturizing, nourishing.
  • Course dates and costs: on request
  • The price includes the following: Working documents, certificate
  • Qualification: Certificate “Pantai Luar® – traditional herbal stamp massage”
  • Information material and personal consultation: +49 86 54 / 48 87-43 or
  • Training program: Download PDF

Training: Pantai Luar®

Ausbildungsangebot von Kurland

Pantai Luar® treatments can be both, full body treatments or partial ones. During the one and a half day course you will learn how to use the hot stamps, so off to new shores.

Course content:

  • Kurland® Pantai Luar® full body massage in theory and practice
  • Stimulation of the repair system
  • Effects of Pantai Luar®
  • Recommendations for treatments
  • Ingredients and effect of the stamps and oils
  • The correct handling of 130° C hot oil
  • Special massage strokes and stamp movements

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More Information

What is a Pantai Luar massage?

Pantai Luar® is a special massage technique with fragrant spicy-herbal stamps and hot vegetable oil (130° C). It originates from the East Asian region and the translation from Indonesian means “off to new shores”. The herbal stamps are a cloth filled with herbs and spices, which the practitioner moves over the skin with quick, flowing movements. The special feature: Before touching the body, the masseur heats the stamps for 10-15 minutes in special oil heated to about 130° C. The massage and the heat of the stamps activate the repair mechanism in the body, stimulate cell renewal, detoxify the body and relieve tensions. The guest is immersed in a deep regeneration of body, mind and soul.

Effects of a Pantai Luar® herbal stamp massage

  • The repair system (self-healing process) in the body is activated
  • The skin is revitalized through cell activation
  • The blood circulation is improved
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Relaxing, warms and is anti-inflammatory
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • The skin texture is refined, smoothened and dead skin cells are removed
  • Hydrates
  • Provides intensive care and tightens the skin
  • The limbic system is positively influenced by the pleasant exotic scents

Pantai Herbal Belle Visage - stamp massage for face and décolleté

In contrast to Pantai Luar®, Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM is a facial treatment with smaller herbal stamps. These are heated over steam instead of hot oil. The aqueous herb extract from the steamed stamps and the special texture of the fleece cleanse the skin and refine the complexion. As a result of stimulating the micro-circulation and the penetration of valuable oils, cell renewal and revitalization is stimulated and the cell membrane is strengthened. This causes the skin to look smooth and rosy again. The pleasant herbal scent works via the limbic system, leads to deep relaxation of the facial muscles and contributes to a feeling of well-being.

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Oils, stamps and accessories for Pantai Luar®

At Kurland you will find all the accessories for the successful execution of a Pantai Luar® treatment from ready-to-use stamps to special oils and preparation units. The ready-to-use stamp Pantai Luar® Old India with its exotic fruity scent of ginger, lemongrass, lemon and lavender in combination with the Pantai Luar® Special Oil Old India is especially popular. But also the herbaceous-spicy herbal stamp Alpine and the Special Oil Alpine inspire with their scent of local Alpine herbs. Oils as well as the stamps are made in-house with the utmost care. The filling of the stamps consists of 100% herbs from controlled areas, without synthetic wool or other fillers. All components are carefully selected to obtain the best possible treatment success, they are processed carefully and bound by hand.

Accessories for Pantai Luar®


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    24. October 2023, 8:30
    25. October 2023, 12:00