Shower and bath additives

Bathing pleasure with added value

Taking time for a bath in stressful daily life is often a luxury. Yet there is nothing better than forgetting about stress and diving deep into the delightful water. Sensual fragrances, pampering oils and nourishing goat milk provide a bathing experience you will never forget, no matter whether this is at home in the bathtub, as part of a physiotherapeutic treatment or as a feel-good treatment in a wellness hotel. There is hardly any other pleasure that appeals to so many senses at the same time as a bath in the tub. Whether through sensual fragrances, silky-soft foam or highest quality ingredients – our bath additives offer you many possibilities to inspire and pamper your guests or yourself.

Shower and bath additives

  • Ingredients: Moor mud, oils, goat butter, essential oils, salt, herbs, malt and much more.
  • Effects: relaxing, nurturing, soothing.
  • Suitable for: baths in a tub or showers.
  • Products: Bath oil, Goat Butter Bath Milk, Moor Mud Bath Milk, moor mud bath, foam-oil shower baths, salt oil baths, Beer Bath.

Shower and bath additives for your wellness program

We have developed a wide range of wonderful additives for a bathing pleasure with added value. It is in particular the combination of heat and essential oils that brings relief to muscles and joints, has a positive effect on the vegetative and limbic nervous system and stimulates metabolism and the immune system. A classic among our bath additives is the Classic Bath Oil. It contains almond, macadamia nut and calendula oil, as well as the essential oils rose, ylang ylang and lemongrass. This floral scented oil blend is ideal for baths, for massages, as a cream additive or pure for skin care. It has a nourishing and vitalizing effect.

Goat Butter Bath Milk: Bathing with problem skin

Irritated, dry or reddened skin needs mild care. Therefore, not only bathing fans enjoy our rich bath milk, it is also used in hospitals for skin diseases and is highly appreciated by persons suffering from an allergy. The bath milk gently cleanses, relaxes and caters for a silky and elastic skin. It is ideal for dry, irritated, stressed problem skin or for sensitive children’s skin. It contains valuable goat butter, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and E and nourishing lipids from mango and avocado. The antihistamines contained in goat butter are especially beneficial for sensitive skin. They prevent irritation and make the milk bath particularly well tolerated. Active ingredient-rich extracts from goat butter are rich in active ingredients, and nourishing oils, vitamins and minerals support the self-healing of the skin and support cell regeneration. Of course, it is free of parabens, paraffin oils and PEGs. It is not suitable as a bath additive for whirlpools.

Fragrant bathing experience with Foam Oil Shower Baths

The valuable ingredients of the Foam Oil Shower Baths Pine, Lavender and Lemon Balm provide to you or your guests exactly what they need: Energy when they feel tired. Peace when everything is too much or relaxation after a stressful day. The three new foam oil shower baths pamper the skin, have natural fragrances and they are colored with eco-dyes – for a relaxing bath or shower experience. They are the ideal complement to your spa program and also suitable as amenity for the hotel room.

Advantages of the Foam Oil Shower Baths:

  • cost-effective and economical (only 25 ml / bath)
  • complete every treatment package
  • available in hotel room size
  • economical in consumption
  • highly effective ingredients
  • naturally scented
  • without alcohol
  • well-tolerated by the skin
  • do not dry out the skin.

All Foam Oil Shower Baths:

  • Melissa: Let go and decelerate with the essential oil of melissa.
  • Lavender: The essential oil Lavender is the perfect additive for a balancing, soothing and relaxing bath.
  • Swiss Pine: The essential oil Swiss Pine allows deep relaxation, strengthens body and mind and relieves strain on the circulation.

Moor mud bath against rheumatism, stress or tense muscles

Whether in packs, bath additives or creams – moor mud contains a particularly large number of valuable active agents that have a positive influence on our body and our health. Over 400 different species of plants, medicinal herbs, seeds and leaves are found in the fresh Kurland® moor in Leopoldskron-Moos. Especially popular is using it in the bath tub. A moor mud bath has an anti-inflammatory effect, relaxes muscles, relieves pain, can alleviate musculoskeletal complaints and helps with menopausal symptoms. We also provide you with all the necessary products for this purpose: Our undiluted Moor mud is perfect for partial or full body baths in the tub. For this purpose, mix 1 liter of moor mud with 100 liters of water. The moor mud contains 100% natural, finely ground moor mud and natural moor mud water from the Leopoldskron-Moos in Salzburg. In addition, we also supply thick pasty moor mud for a classic moor mud bath.

All moor mud baths:

  • Moor mud, undiluted
  • Thick pasty mud

Salt and Oil Baths: Sea salt and oil for a soft skin

Our salt oil baths not only provide a wonderfully fragrant experience, they also make the skin soft and silky. In combination with valuable sea salt, they are also ideally suited for peelings. Whether with lavender or rose for a sensually scented bath or as a small practical bag for showering – the choice is yours.

All Salt and Oil Baths:

  • Salt and Oil Bath with lavender blossoms
  • Classic, Salt and Oil Bath
  • Salt and Oil Bath with rose petals
  • Salt and Oil Shower Bag

Beer Bath – the pleasure of beer without hangover

The beer bath was invented in the Middle Ages. Even at that time, the monks appreciated the health-promoting and skin-caring properties of hops and malt. Today, it is very popular again – the name alone makes men’s hearts beat faster. And, of course, women enjoy it as much! Here is how it is done: Put one of the fleece bags into the enclosed jute bag and place it in two liters of warm water (50° C) for about 30 minutes. Then pour the decoction along with jute bag into the warm bath water. Then dip the jute bag in a little bit of Classic Bath Oil and rub it onto the wet body. Relax for 20-30 minutes and let the oil work on the skin.


  • skin nourishing,
  • skin refining,
  • enhances the mood,
  • tightens the tissue,
  • activates cells,
  • relaxing.

Bathing pleasure in the spa

Baths are the perfect complement for you spa programs. The warm bath opens the pores and the skin can absorb care substances far easier. Start your program with a warm bath, followed by a cream peeling and a feel-good massage with our nourishing oils. In this way, a complete treatment plan can be created with low material costs.

Possible Applications:

  • Bath in a tub before massages,
  • before skin care treatments,
  • to stimulate metabolism,
  • for relaxation,
  • after sport activities.

Luxurious bathing experience in the magnificent King's Bath

The King’s Bath has got its special name for a good reason. The nostalgic design, the size and the special shape of the tub convert the bath in a sensual experience that is best enjoyed as a couple. In combination with our bath additives, precious dried herbs, selected blossoms and special salt-oil compositions, your guests can bathe like emperors and kings once did – splendidly and in grand style.
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