From the non-binding initial consultation to the finished spa

A tireless spirit of research, the courage to try new things, the ability to think outside the box and unconventional ideas: These are the foundations for spa and wellness facilities of the future. With extraordinary worlds of emotions and our patented systems such as the Soft-Pack® System, Sabbia Med®, Salve-in-terra®, SnowBliss or Rasul® we have already taken a pioneering role in spa innovations for decades – with a special focus on health-promoting and holistic solutions. As a competent full-service partner, we assist you from the initial idea to the finished spa. You want a detailed consultation? Our experts will be happy to take care of that as well. Whether it is the redesign of a large wellness oasis or just the equipment of individual, very small areas: Rely on our consulting team with more than 50 years of experience. We have already received several awards for our commitment, for example, the European Health & Spa Award for the best technological spa innovation. Take a look at our services: from an initial consultation free of charge to the presentation of a draft to 3D renderings and profitability calculations.

Our services at a glance

  • Non-binding initial consultation free of charge
  • Creation of a customized spa concept
  • Development of a customized plan of the spa
  • Professional presentation of the plan
  • Up-to-date functional design
  • Preparation of a cost estimate
  • Illustration by a mood board
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Compilation of the energy consumption
  • Schemes for plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical installations
  • Realistic 3D rendering
  • Assistance in material selection
  • Delivery and installation of the entire equipment
  • Repair service and technical support
  • Multi-award-winning design team (e.g. with the European Health & Spa Award for the best technological spa innovation)

Initial consultation free of charge & draft of the design

After a first phone conversation without any commitment you will receive a consultation in writing and an in-depth description and the detailed design at a scale 1:100. This all is completely customized to your individual wishes and needs. If so required, we include close-up views at a scale of 1:75 or 1:50 and with mood images to show a possible design. If the design plan is implemented, the costs incurred during planning will be reimbursed or deducted from the total.

Presentation of the design

The design will be presented to you during a professional presentation. You will obtain it in written and in the form of designs and plans. In addition, we provide planning suggestions with matching pictures of our facilities and equipment, supplemented with pictures of design examples and an explanatory text. On the left you can see some examples of how this presentation could look like. Please note that these are only excerpts, not an entire plan.

Mood board for simple illustration

You will receive a mood board from us with an appealing set of images, texts and examples. In this way will give you a first, general idea of how your future spa area could look like. The mood board is, of course, tailored to your needs and includes different design versions, products, possible materials, surfaces and colors. The mood board will show you what is or could be part of our offer.

Compilation of the energy consumption for an energy-efficient spa area

But innovation is not the only thing that counts in this industry. It is also about energy-efficient, economical products and facilities that foster sustainability. These essential aspects are also at the forefront while planning, designing and implementing of our offers. This is why we provide you with a detailed compilation of the energy consumption for the entire spa equipment. In this way you can see how much energy or power the Kurland plants will need. Energy costs may vary slightly depending on local prices and hours of operation, but you will get a rough estimate.

Preparation of a connection scheme for all electrical and mechanical installations

In the next step, we will provide you with a detailed connection scheme for the required equipment. This includes both, the mechanical and electrical devices. Mechanical systems include, for example, components for the infrastructure, facilities and machinery, heating, ventilation, plumbing, etc. Electrical systems include power supply and distribution, telecommunications, computing systems, control systems, etc. We will draw you a layout scheme including all connections.

Up-to-date functional spa design: Assistance in the selection of materials

In the spa and wellness industry, design should not only be nice and convey a pleasant atmosphere, it must also be practical. Functionality, easy cleaning, simple maintenance and durability go hand in hand with an appealing design. To realize these high demands in your premises, our spa design department with its decades of experience is a strong partner to support you. We support you in the selection of surface materials, check them for suitability and functionality as well as for operational and hygiene standards. In addition, we recommend suitable materials and surface finishes depending on the area of application. We will provide you with different samples. Close cooperation with architects, constant trend and market research, and an eye for unusual furnishings and installations are at the forefront of our work for you.

Preparation of a cost estimate and a calculation of profitability

We will provide you with an estimate of the total budget cost as well as with a detailed calculation of profitability for the entire equipment and the treatment rooms. In addition to the satisfaction of the guests, the economic efficiency of the facilities is of course in our focus, too. With a calculation of profitability for the proposed equipment, it is easier for you to convince customers.

Realistic visualization by means of 3D renderings

With professional 3D renderings, you can see a realistic picture of the finished space even before construction begins. These architectural renderings are an automated process that uses a computer program to convert a 2D plan into a photorealistic 3D image. The examples on the left show you how this might look like.

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