Swiss pine

Swiss pine – the queen of the Alps

Swiss Pine has a long tradition and is highly valued not only in the Alpine region. The incomparable resin fragrance, the warm, yellow-reddish wood and the distinctive annual rings are characteristic for the Swiss Pine, the so-called “Queen of the Alps”. It has a very special effect on people and their health. Swiss Pine wood contains valuable active agents such as limosone, various flavonoids and essential oils and therefore has a positive influence on health, the organism and a good, healthy sleep. At Kurland you will find a variety of handmade Swiss Pine products – from oils to Swiss pine pillows.

Swiss Pine products from Kurland®:

  • Active agents: Essential oils of Swiss Pine.
  • Effects: relaxing, supports healthy and restful sleep, promotes concentration, stimulating, calming, lowers the heartbeat rate.
  • Suitable for: Relax and come to a rest, for a restful sleep.
  • Products: Essential Oil Swiss Pine, Oil Blend Swiss Pine, Swiss Pine Curl Pillow, Swiss Pine Curl Pack for Permanent Contour®, Swiss Pine Curls in an organza bag, hand planed Swiss Pine Curls for the Brechelbad®.

Why is Swiss Pine very healthy?

Swiss Pine has been appreciated for centuries due to its beneficial and health-supporting properties. It contains valuable active agents such as limosone, various flavonoids and essential oils. Swiss Pines are very special trees. They belong to the pine family and only grow in the high mountains above 1,500 meters altitude. Originally, they come from the Alps and the Carpathian mountains. Swiss Pine trees can become as old as 1,000 years and grow to a height of 30 meters. They only blossom every 6 to 10 years and they grow very slowly. Maybe this is the reason why their extracts are so powerful?

Study outcome: Swiss Pine lowers the heartbeat rate

The Johanneum Research Institute in Weiz (Styria) examined the effects of Swiss Pine on circulation, sleep and general well-being. The result of the study shows that Swiss Pine stimulates the brain, but still reduces the heartbeat rate per day by 3,500 beats – a relief for the heart and properties that predestine Swiss pine for spa and wellness areas, seminar rooms, hotel rooms or treatment rooms.

Breathe deeply thanks to the scent of Swiss Pine

For massage treatments, as a bath additive, for scenting rooms or as a gift in an organza bag – Swiss Pine products are always an asset. They emit a pleasant woody fragrance that fills your room with a fresh and pure atmosphere. Since studies have shown that Swiss Pine reduces the heartbeat rate and thus has a calming effect, it is the perfect addition to your spa, treatment room, or hotel room, as well as for offices and business premises. For this purpose, discover our fragrance lamp Raindrop for gentle atomization of our essential oil Swiss Pine.

Room scenting with essential oil Swiss Pine

Spa treatments with Swiss Pine

The warm, woody fragrance of Swiss Pine has a calming, relaxing effect, but it also supports concentration. Our Swiss Pine products are therefore ideally suited for relaxing spa treatments and can also be perfectly combined with each other. For example, drip some of the ‘Swiss Pine essential oil onto the Swiss Pine curl pillow to create a particularly intense fragrance experience. Or combine our Swiss Pine pack with Permanent Contour® for a particularly great effect.

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