Active Agent

The secret formula for successful training

Skin, muscles and joints need protection and care before and after sports. Sore muscles after training sessions are not uncommon, but unpleasant for sportspeople. Our Active Agent Gel can reduce soreness and bring benefits for strained muscles and joints. Simply apply to the painful areas, massage in gently and allow unfolding its effect. Natural ingredients support to achieve athletic goals and nourish at the same time. The Kurland® Active Agent sportsgel is available in two versions: with strong cooling and with strong warming effect. Both contain goat butter with its skin nourishing properties and taurine, a metabolic product that supports essential body functions.

Active Agent sportsgel

Active Agent RED

  • Ingredients: Goat butter, taurine, guarana, ginger, juniper, gentian, arnica, lemon balm, horse chestnut.
  • Effects: strongly warming, stimulates blood circulation, relieves cramps and relaxes.
  • Suitable for: sportspeople, against cramps, for sore muscles.

Active Agent BLUE

  • Ingredients: Goat butter, taurine, camphor, menthol, hay flower, spruce needle, St. John’s wort, juniper, gentian, arnica, lemon balm, horse chestnut.
  • Effects: Intensely cooling, analgesic, invigorates and refreshes, anti-inflammatory.
  • Suitable for: Sports injuries.

Successful sportspeople prepare themselves

The importance of preparation and warming up should never be underestimated. Excessive training with cold muscles can result in stress fractures, muscle strains and other injuries. If you do not take time to warm up before your workout, you can damage yourself in the long run. Pain is the body’s way of indicating that something is wrong. With our two Kurland® products – Active Agent BLUE sportsgel and Active Agent RED sportsgel you support effective training and accelerate the recovery after sports.

Protection and care thanks to goat butter and taurine

What makes our sportsgels special is the combination of goat butter and taurine. While other gels with cooling or warming effect often cause skin irritation when used, Active Agent nourishes the skin without drying it out. The valuable ingredient goat butter promotes skin health, because it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it supports cell regeneration, provides moisture, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins. Thanks to the antihistamines, which are a natural ingredient, goat butter is particularly well-tolerated by the skin. But also taurine has numerous health-supporting properties. The human body itself produces taurine. It ensures proper moisture and electrolyte balance in our cells and the formation of bile salts, which play an important role in our digestion.

Active Agent RED relaxes muscles and joints

We have developed Active Agent RED sportsgel with warming effect to warm up muscles faster or accelerate relaxation after sports. By stimulating the heat receptors in the skin, muscles can be better supplied with blood, cramps can be relieved, pain can be eased and sore muscles can be reduced more quickly. In addition, the goat butter it contains sustainably nourishes the skin.

Effects of Active Agent RED:

  • strongly warming,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • relieves cramps and relaxes,
  • ideal for sore muscles.

Active Agent BLUE helps to reduce pain

Camphor and menthol are the cooling components contained in Active Agent BLUE sportsgel. Menthol can relieve pain due to its cooling effect – especially effective for back pain and aching muscle, but also pleasant for heavy legs and against hot temperatures.


Effects of Active Agent BLUE:

  • strongly cooling,
  • analgesic,
  • stimulates and refreshes,
  • anti-inflammatory.

Fit with Active Agent - the supplement for your spa program

The perfect mixture of muscle-relaxing and nourishing ingredients is what makes the Active Agent series so effective – not only for sportspeople, but also in spa and therapy settings, no matter whether before or after massages, as an addition to your treatment offers or as a special additional treatment. You offer guided hikes in your hotel or your premises are located in a hiking area? Then complement your range of treatments with the Active Agent series. Application Tip: Combine cooling, anti-inflammatory Rügen Healing Chalk with Active Agent BLUE – a power duo for tired legs. Further sports massage recipes are available upon request at any time.

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