Kraxenofen - what exactly is it?

Our Kraxenofen® combines the long-standing tradition of hay bathing with state-of-the-art medical wellness. While guests snuggle into the cozy seating niches, warm steam penetrates the Alpine hay, spreading a delightful aroma. This steam, enriched with the active ingredients of the hay, gently strokes the back and warms the pelvic muscles. The combination of a pleasant temperature (physical effect) with the inhalation of herbal steam (mental effect) makes the Kraxenofen® a therapeutically valuable spa facility focused on holistic wellness. Since the heat is not concentrated on the head and feet, but on the back, the application is also suitable for people who do not tolerate heat or have vein problems. It is a mild form of heat therapy that is particularly gentle to the circulatory system. By slowly warming up the muscles, the guest is ideally prepared for subsequent massages. It is excellent for spa suites, hotel rooms and day spas, as well as for use at home. Create an effective treatment package with 20 minutes of warming up with herbs in the Kraxenofen® followed by a massage. The longer duration for the treatment package allows you to increase the price and thus generate additional revenue.

Everything at a glance

  • Therapeutic steam bath with the scent of the Alps
  • Steamed hay releases valuable active agents
  • Mild heat therapy and ideal preparation for massages
  • It is also possible to use Swiss Pine (pine curls)
  • Costs covered with as little as 2 applications per day
  • Turnover of 9,000 € with a degree of utilization of 25 %
  • An automatic light barrier saves staff and energy costs
  • Minimum cleaning effort due to hay filling sewn into fleece
  • Easy-to-clean seats with a glass-fiber reinforced surface
  • German top quality and craftsmanship perfection
  • We guarantee suitability for commercial use
  • High profitability
  • Short installation time due to prefabrication in our factory
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • Safety for your guests and staff

Hay bath – relaxation with a therapeutic effect

The hay bath is a long-standing tradition from the Alpine region. The term Kraxenofen® is derived from the baskets that used to be worn on the back, which were called “Kraxen”. In the backrests of the cozy seating niches there is hay filling, similar to hay in a “Kraxe”. Warm steam is directed through this filling. This releases essential oils and coumarin, which are calming and relaxing, and they have as well a positive effect on the back and neck muscles. An application in the Kraxenofen® lasts about 20 minutes and offers a unique experience for the guest: As soon as the guest takes a seat in the comfortable seats, warmth rises through the hay cushions and the scent of Alpine hay spreads through the room. The essential oils released in the hay have a calming, detoxifying, sleep-inducing, relaxing effect and can relieve rheumatic complaints. By gently warming the back and neck muscles, the guest is ideally prepared for a subsequent massage. In order to direct the effect of the Alpine hay specifically to the back and neck region, the guest receives a kind of “cape”. The Kraxenofen® is considered to be the mildest form of heat therapy and therefore it is very gentle to the circulation.

Alternative: Steam bath with Swiss Pine instead of hay

Instead of hay, the Kraxenofen® can also be filled with Swiss pine curls. Swiss Pine wood also releases valuable essential oils when being vaporized and emit a wonderful woody scent. A stay in the Zirben-Kraxenofen® can have a calming effect and support concentration, improve physical and mental resilience, relieve tension and support a restful sleep.

Kraxenofen®: Design and finish alternatives

The Kraxenofen® consists of a GRP body (glass-fiber reinforced plastic, GRP for short) with steam-resistant, heated, ergonomically shaped surfaces for seating. Due to the prefabricated hay bags or pine cushions and the easy-to-clean seats with GRP surface, the cleaning effort remains at a minimum. In addition, a light barrier ensures that the application operates independently, which results in low personnel costs and low energy consumption. The Kraxenofen® is suitable for installation in a wall lining on site. It can be covered with wood (modern or rustic style), tile or even stone, depending on the design specifications.

Spa products with therapeutic hay

In the Kurland product range you will find numerous hay products for therapy, spa and wellness. Please, note that it is important to moisten therapy hay to be able to extract the valuable coumarins. In the Kraxenofen® this is done by the warm steam that passes through the hay. We offer untreated hay sewn into fleece, which you can put dry into the hayrack (wooden insert on the back) as a practical hay filling. When using hay for a subsequent treatment on the massage table or in the Soft-Pack® system, it should, however, be moistened before use. Simply put the hay in the treatment bag and spray warm water onto the hay with a hand-held shower. Close the bag and shake it gently so that the hay is well moistened. Now the treatment can start.

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