Essential oils and perfume oils

Fragrance oils for every mood

Did you know that we can perceive around 10,000 different smells? And that some of them stay with us for decades? This shows what an important role smells play in our lives. With pleasant scents we can evoke memory and trigger positive sensations. Our essential oils are highly concentrated essences of leaves, blossoms and fruit with different actions: They can calm, balance, stimulate, evoke memories and create positive mood. Our perfume oils use nature entirely as a model and they are produced synthetically. They are ideal for all people allergic to pure essential oils for scenting homemade creams and massage oils or for fragrance lamps.

Essential oils and perfume oils

  • Effects: Essential oils can calm and balance, stimulate, bring back memories, create positive moods and support your treatment program.
  • Suitable for: Refining base and massage oils, as a scented additive for creams, as a room fragrance, to intensify the scent of an herbal bag, as a fragrance in flower potpourris.
  • Products: Natural essential oils and perfume oils.

Fragrance oils: with the scent of nature

Fragrances have an influence on our mood and well-being. They act unconsciously directly via the limbic system and trigger emotions immediately. As soon as we can smell a fragrance, it has already reached our brain and has had an impact. Therefore, fragrances play a major role in spa and wellness – and this is not only the case in aromatherapy. With pleasant fragrances you can penetrate unnoticed deep into the memory of your guest and trigger long-lasting positive sensations. In this way, well-being, harmony, inner balance and joy are always available in the form of wonderful scents. Whether for room scenting, as a cosmetic additive or for massage treatments, with Kurland® fragrance oils you take a decision in favor of the most natural way of scenting.

Essential oils and their effects

Essential oils are highly concentrated essences from leaves, blossoms and fruit with very special effects. They can have, for example, a positive effect on well-being and your inner balance. Kurland essential oils are perfectly suited for adding them to base creams, skin care oils and oil blends, as massage oil or bath additive and they are an ideal room fragrance. Some essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial effects, which can help reduce viruses indoors.

All essential oils at a glance: Bergamot, Blood Orange, Cassia (Cinnamon), Noble Fir, Eucalyptus, Spruce Needle Siberian, Grapefruit, Camphor, Cherry-Vanilla Natura, Coconut-Vanilla, Mountain Pine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Marjoram, Almond-Apple Natura, Melissa, Neroli, Oil Blend Summer, Oil Blend Winter, Orange, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage, Tea Tree (Tea Tree Oil), Vanilla Extract Natural, Vetiver, Juniper, Ylang-Ylang, Cedar wood Virginia, Swiss Pine, Lemon.

Perfume oils – based on the model of nature

Perfume oils are completely inspired by nature. The glorious fragrance combinations awaken pleasant sensations and memories, do the soul good, calm, relax or vitalize. They are perfectly suited to giving fragrances to your own creams, oils, peelings and for fragrance lamps. Those who are allergic to pure essential oils do not have to do without fragrances. The synthetically produced creations allow the most diverse flavors: fruity-fresh, floral-sweet, tart or exotic. Fragrance oils should always be used as an additive to our base oils or base creams, because essences can cause irritation when used pure.

All essential oils at a glance: Apple, Pear Caramel, Blackberry, Champagne, Coco Mango, Edelweiss, Flowerpower, Frangipani, Garden of Life, Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena, Guava & Papaya, Hayflower, Elderberry, Honey, Jasmine, Cocoa, Linden Blossom, Musk, Olive & Golden Hibiscus, Papaya, Rhubarb & Starfruit, Daphne, Sweet Sunset, Violet, Verbena, Woodruff.

Room scenting with the Raindrop Fragrance Lamp and essential oils

Our Raindrop Fragrance Lamp enchants with a unique, intense fragrance experience with essential oils. Simply add about 20 drops of the desired essential oil into the glass diffuser, turn it on and enjoy the instant fragrance. In combination with the practical WLAN socket, the fragrance lamp can also be conveniently operated on the go via app. Once at home, you will be welcomed directly by your favorite fragrance as soon as you walk through the door. With LED light, gentle nebulization, no need to add water and no formation of dangerous heat. It caters for a 100% natural and genuine fragrance experience. Use the power of essential oils for your own well-being. We offer the right essential oil for every type of fragrance and mood. If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide advice.

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