Story of my nature

The best ingredients and the power of nature form the basis for our products. More than 50 years of experience as well as knowledge from naturopathy and monastic medicine are integrated in the development of Kurland® products. The result is a product range that can make a big difference: Increase well-being, care for the body gently but intensively, alleviate everyday ailments, support relaxation, make life easier and simply do you good. The products inspire all, the spa and wellness industry as well as doctors, spa operations and therapists, and private customers.

With Kurland® you choose a brand that stands behind its products. We do not attach importance to cost-intensive official certifications. This would only make our products more expensive. But we remain 100% true to our own standards: natural ingredients of highest quality. And you read this easily from our ingredients.

Skin care products

Discover the natural skin care products from Kurland® with ingredients of highest quality. Of course, they are without artificial preservatives, parabens, paraffins, PEGs and without animal testing. Various cosmetic lines cover the needs of different skin types.

Oils, oil blends and essential oils

With careful handwork and decades of expertise, we create oil blends and bottle them in our own production. At Kurland you find a particularly wide product range from massage oils to nourishing oils to fragrant perfume oils and essential oils. They are ideal for skin care, as an ingredient for creams or for room scenting.

Peelings & Masks

By gently removing dead skin cells, peelings stimulate cell renewal and thus refine the skin’s complexion. Kurland® peelings contain only natural peeling particles for a particularly gentle application with great effects. Discover the different facial peels, body peels and many other peeling types. During cosmetic facial treatments, the peeling is usually followed by a mask. It soothes the skin and provides essential nutrients. Apart from the classic face masks, we also have masks for the entire body or for hands and feet. We have both, ready-to-use masks as well as all products for DIY masks in our product range.

Body wraps

Gently wrapped and covered by nourishing creams and nourishing oils – a body wrap is one of the standard applications in spas, wellness hotels, beauty salons and massage practices. We have both, ready-to-use body wraps and all products for mixing in our product range. Body wraps with firming algae, pain-relieving moor mud, nourishing creams or fango are particularly popular.

Shower and bath additives

A warming, relaxing bath is a real blessing for body and soul, and this not only on cold days. For a particularly sensual and relaxing bathing experience, Kurland® offers a variety of additives that intensively nourish and gently cares the soul: Foam oil shower baths, salt oil baths, Goat Butter Milk Bath, Moor Mud Bath Milk, Beer Bath and Summer Feeling. Just immerse and enjoy …

Sauna essences

Surrounded by warm steam and pleasant scents, the body finds pure relaxation and also strengthens its own defenses. Besides the Finns, many people are convinced that sitting in overheated rooms is beneficial for their body and health, and this for more than 2,000 years. The beneficial effects of the sauna can be strengthened by sauna infusions with appropriate fragrances.

Spa accessories for treatments and massages

At Kurland®, you can get all necessary products and professional equipment you need for your spa treatments from herbal stamps to massage stones to devices and films. We offer special accessories for the following treatments: Herbal stamp massages (modern and traditional), soap foam massages, hot stone massages, singing bowl treatments, Lomi Lomi massages, Ayurvedic treatments, classic and aromatic oil massages, cupping and cup massages, sports massages, cosmetic treatments and many more.

Sea salt and algae products

For psoriasis, neurodermatitis or acne, doctors like to recommend a vacation or a cure at the seaside. But if there is no vacation at the beach in sight and the ocean is too far away, we deliver sea salt, brine and algae to be used directly in your spa or at home.

Moor, clay, moor mud, fango, chalk

More often, when we have ailments, we turn to remedies that nature has had in store for us for centuries. These include moor mud, clay, mud, healing chalk or fango – precious treasures from Mother Earth with amazing healing powers. Learn more about these natural remedies:

Swiss Pine, herbs, hay

Wonderfully fragrant, soothing and with special effects – sometimes stimulating, sometimes calming: The hay, herb and Swiss Pine products from Kurland® are little feel-good wonders provided by nature, they just wait to be discovered by you.

Hygiene products

Hygiene has always played a major role in the spa area not only due to Corona. Regular cleaning with appropriate disinfectants can radically reduce the number of bacteria, viruses and fungi, thereby lowering the risk of an infection. We at Kurland® have developed products for this purpose that are proven to reduce viruses but are gentle on the skin. In addition to our disinfectants, these include antiviral essential oils and hygienic linings, sheets and towels.

Room fragrancing with essential oils

Fragrances awaken memories and emotions faster than any other stimulus, because they flow directly through the nose into the limbic system and have an effect even before we are aware of them. With just one breath, they evoke memories of the past summer, grandma’s pear pie, the garden from your childhood, the last vacation or the first great love. Discover the high quality Raindrop Fragrance Lamp and the effective room fragrances of Kurland®.

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