Hamam soap foam massage

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Hamam soap foam massage

1. January 2021, 8:30 - 16:30

Hamam soap foam massage - what exactly is it?

Surrounded by gloriously silky soap foam, your guests enjoy a gentle massage on the soft, warm wet massage table. The body will be cleansed, blood circulation will be stimulated and the skin is radiant with a new freshness. The result: Your guests feel cleansed inside and out. In the Hamam – with its origins in the Middle East and Central Asia – body, mind and soul find well-deserved relaxation and regeneration. A new body feeling awakens. The translation of Hamam means “Warming”.

Course: Hamam soap foam massage

  • Effects: detoxifying, stimulates blood circulation, prevents skin aging, strengthens the vascular and nervous systems and the immune system.
  • This course can only be provided at your premises. Dates and prices upon request.
  • Qualification: Certificate “Hamam Soap Foam Massage”
  • Trainer: Oliver Bauer
  • Information material and personal consultation: +49 86 54 / 48 87-43 or ausbildung@kurland.de
  • Training Program: Download PDF

Training: Hamam soap foam massage

A training offered by Kurland

IIn this course you will learn the main massage strokes, movements and techniques to successfully perform a soap foam massage. Upon termination you will receive a certificate that enables you to apply the Kurland® massage in your spa.

Course content:

  • Theoretical part about the bathing tradition, the treatment and the philosophy of Hamam
  • Indications, contraindications, effects
  • Various kinds of washing rituals, types of massage, body peelings and relaxation techniques
  • Creating soap foam: traditional technique with a silk bag
  • Warm anointment

The care ceremony from the Middle East and Central Asia

In the Turkish “Hamam”, the focus is not only on cleansing the body, but also on caring for soul and mind. The origin and development of this millennia-old bathing culture will be explained to the participants of our soap foam course. The seminar offers insights into the beneficial treatments and cleansing rituals of the Middle East and Central Asia. The goal is to learn soap lather massage techniques to be able to implement them in your own business.

Hamam - the traditional oriental massage

In Islamic tradition, still today it is still usual to perform the bathing ceremony of the Hamam at least once a week or at least before special holidays. This bathing culture has developed over thousands of years. In Anatolia you can still find the most beautiful and oldest bathhouses. A Hamam traditionally was not only used to cleanse the body and relax, but above all it served as a meeting place for communication. News were exchanged in a relaxed atmosphere. In Central Europe we have adopted only parts of this culture, which serve for purification and relaxation. Fabulous scents, warm light and a pleasant atmosphere let you forget about all the stress. Discover also the customized Hamam steam baths from Kurland.

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Hamam accessories: Foam unit, soaps and silk bags

With our Hamam soaps, the fleece or silk bag as well as our Hamam soap foam unit you have the perfect accessories for your individual Hamam ritual with a rich foam result.

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1. January 2021
8:30 - 16:30