Saltwater Light Room

Salt room with saltwater cascade

The Saltwater Light Room is a unique relaxation room with additional health benefits for your guests. As they breathe in the air rich in minerals, they enjoy the atmospheric play of colors and watch closely how the brine falls down the cascade. The saltwater cascade is one of the highlights in this salt room. It is a waterfall fountain arranged in steps, which is operated with saltwater instead of water. It enriches the air with valuable minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium, bromine and iron. Inhalation of this valuable air is especially recommended to those people who suffer from respiratory problems, a weakened immune system, allergies or cardiovascular diseases. However, the mineral-rich air has also a strengthening effect on the immune system and the respiratory tract of healthy people.

Everything at a glance

  • Relaxation room with minerals in the air and magical color effects
  • Highlight: saltwater cascade, a waterfall fountain arranged in steps with saltwater
  • Saltwater cascades enrich the air with valuable minerals
  • Atmospheric play of colors due to changing LEDs
  • Selection of particularly relaxing colors
  • Additional benefit for the health of guests
  • Ideal for those who suffer from respiratory problems, a weakened immune system, allergies or cardiovascular diseases
  • Saltwater cascade also available separately
  • Can be used as a relaxing room or treatment room

Saltwater cascade as a visual highlight in the spa

Intermittent operation causes white, glittering salt crystals to form on the saltwater cascade, which remind of a frozen waterfall and are wonderful to look at. While the saltwater splashes over the cascade, a fascinating, atmospheric play of colored light with changing LEDs takes place. When the light effects hit the salt crystals, magical light reflections are created in the room. This combination of colorful effects, mineral-rich air and the gentle splashing of the brine fountain leads to absolute deep relaxation.

Saltwater Light Room as a treatment or relaxation room

The Saltwater Light Room can be used as an inhalation and relaxation room, but also as a treatment room for smaller treatments such as foot baths, singing bowl massages, manicures or pedicures. There are no limits to your design wishes: Simply ask us.


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