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Clay, fango, mud and Rügen healing chalk are tried and tested therapeutic agents with very special effects and they are among the classic treatments in the spa, wellness and therapeutic sectors. They are economical, versatile, and their effects are tried and tested. As they are purely natural products, they can be used without a prescription and they have no side effects at all. They are effective with the mere power of nature. The possible combinations with each other and with other Kurland®products are manifold. Whether for massages, cosmetic treatments, body wraps or peelings – you will find the right product for every application.

Clay, fango, mud, healing chalk


  • Active agents: minerals.
  • Effects: Extracts heat caused by inflammation, absorbs toxins, supports blood circulation, stimulates the immune system, cools and refreshes effectively, boosts metabolism.
  • Suitable for: swellings, inflammations, cellulite, pain, venous diseases, bruises, contusions, sprains and tendonitis.


  • Active agents: silica, alumina, iron oxide and magnesium.
  • Effects: Stimulates blood circulation, boosts metabolism, has a regenerating effect on joints, muscles and ligaments, relieves pain.
  • Suitable for: Fango packs.


  • Active agents: minerals.
  • Effects: detoxifying, firming, smoothing, stimulates metabolism, can balance the pH value, exfoliating, mineralizing.
  • Suitable for: Soft-Pack®system, Rasul®, peelings, wraps and steam baths.

Rügen Healing Chalk:

  • Active agents: calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, minerals and trace elements.
  • Effects: detoxifying, stimulates circulation and metabolism, relaxing, de-acidifying and anti-inflammatory.
  • Suitable for: Rheumatism, muscle tensions, intervertebral disc problems, sciatic attacks, asthma and headaches.

Clay cools swollen joints

A cold clay wrap quickly withdraws the heat of inflammations from the skin and the release of moisture leads to evaporation. This refreshes tired legs and joints again and reduces swelling and inflammation. Clay also seems helpful in the fight against cellulite, because slack tissue is reactivated. In addition, clay can provide relief from pain, venous diseases, haematoma, sprains and tendonitis.

Effects of clay:

  • Extracts heat caused by inflammation,
  • absorbs toxins,
  • supports blood circulation,
  • stimulates the immune system,
  • cools and refreshes sustainably,
  • boosts metabolism.

Firming care muds for the Soft-Pack® system, Rasul®, peelings, wraps and steam baths

The knowledge of the beneficial and skin-caring properties of muds dates back to more than thousand years. They contain valuable minerals that work best in combination with warm steam and become a sensual experience. Our inorganic muds are completely natural. They are extracted in Germany and consist of pure mineral powder and water. They remove harmful substances and waste products from the body, mineralize and tighten the skin. They also can balance the pH value. Rubbing damp mud onto the skin creates a gentle peeling effect. This stimulates blood circulation, boosts the metabolism, removes dead skin cells, and makes the skin smooth and soft.

Properties of the Kurland® muds:

  • Peeling,
  • detoxifying,
  • tightening and smoothing,
  • mineralizing,
  • stimulate metabolism,
  • can balance the pH value.

Rasul treatments, the oriental mud cure

The Rasul® from Kurland is a soothing, cleansing and nourishing ceremony from the Middle East and Central Asia. Our muds are most effective with this ritual. After a short shower to clean the skin, the muds are applied to the body to let them dry slowly. After the first steam burst warming starts. Pleasant herbal scents and soft music fill the room. Due to the moisture, the mud can be gently rubbed onto the body. The effect: gentle peeling that removes dead skin cells and stimulates metabolism. The stay in the Rasul® ends with a warm tropical rain that washes the mud from the body. The result is a nourished, extremely soft skin.

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Classical fango treatment

Fango means “healing mud” and, among other substances, it consists of silicic acid, clay, iron oxide and magnesium.. It contains many minerals and it can relieve pain and tensions in combination with heat. In the wellness sector, this treatment is usually combined with a massage. Fango treatments are particularly popular for back and neck pain, as a therapy against rheumatism, lumbago, muscle hardening, neurodermatitis or menstruation problems.

Effects of fango:

  • Stimulates blood circulation,
  • boosts metabolism,
  • has a regenerating effect on joints, muscles and ligaments,
  • analgesic.

Stimulating Rügen Healing Chalk

Our healing chalk is a pure and allergen-free natural product, which is extracted from the natural chalk deposits of the island of Rügen. When mixed with water, the white powder becomes a silky, smooth paste that is perfect for baths, wraps, masks and peelings. Rügen Healing Chalk can bring relief for rheumatism and muscle tensions, discopathies, sciatic pain, asthma and headaches.

Effects of Rügen Healing Chalk:

  • Detoxifying,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • stimulates metabolism,
  • relaxing,
  • deacidifying,
  • anti-inflammatory.

Cream Peel Mix - gentle peeling for face and body

Our Cream Peel Mix is the all-rounder among the peeling muds. Supplied as a powder, it has a long shelf life and you can create a vast number of nourishing packs for face and body or peelings from fine to coarse.

Effects of the Cream Peel Mix:

  • Frees the skin from excess cell particles,
  • cleanses intensively,
  • supports blood circulation,
  • stimulates cell production,
  • nourishing.

This combination of effects leads to an instantaneous treatment success with little effort and great results: radiantly fresh, noticeably smoother and perfectly nourished skin. Simply combine your cream peeling with any desired Kurland®base oil or one of our popular ready-to-use oil blends for a different exfoliating experience. Depending on how it fits into your treatment program, you can add your own personal touch to the cream peeling – in just a few steps to integrate it into your current spa program.

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