Oils and oil blends

High-quality massage and nourishing oils

Our skin deserves only the best. Therefore, we use only natural and high-quality ingredients for our oils and oil blends. This ensures that you and your guests obtain products with the best skin compatibility and healthy care. Kurland® base oils are high-quality natural products with very specific effects. Each individual drop contains the best from high-quality nuts, fruits, leaves, blossoms or seeds. Whether for skin care, massages, peelings, cosmetic treatments or aromatherapies – the base oils are absolute all-rounders. The Kurland® oil blends, on the other hand, consist of base oils and precious fragrance compositions, delicately matched to each other. These blends have their own effects and can therefore be used in a targeted way for special applications or as the theme for entire treatment packages. We have already developed our own oils for many treatments and treatment programs, which further enhance the success of treatments.

  • Base oils (green label)
  • Exclusive oils (golden label)
  • Oil blends  (yellow label)
  • Theme oils: Ayurveda, Forest, South Seas (each theme has its own label)
  • Treatment oils  (purple label)

Kurland® oils are:

  • from our manufacture in the Berchtesgadener Land
  • naturally pure and particularly skin friendly
  • nourishing, protective and regenerating
  • effective in their composition and versatile in use
  • rich in minerals, proteins and enzymes
  • of highest quality and without preservatives
  • also available in the convenient 75 ml retail size
  • Suitable for: skin care, massages, bath additive, as addition to creams or packs.
  • Products: Base oils, exclusive oils, oil blends, theme oils, treatment oils.

High quality base oils for all skin types

Our base oils – as we also refer to our Kurland® care oils – nourish, regenerate and protect the skin. We only use carefully produced oils of highest quality. You can use them for aromatic oil massages, pure, in mixtures, as a scrub with sea salt or as an addition to skin care creams. Base oils are the absolute all-rounders in skin care. Each oil has certain properties and achieves a very specific effect. If you want to know which oil is best for your skin type or treatment, just ask us, we will be happy to advise you. Tip: The best way is to apply the care oils directly to moist skin after showering or bathing. This is the best way for nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed into the skin and develop their full effect.

All base oils at a glance: Aloe Vera Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Calendula Oil, Hemp Oil, St. John’s Wort Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Linseed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Almond Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil.

Skin care oil blends for unforgettable pampering programs

We create oil blends and bottle them in our own production with careful handwork and decades of expertise. You can get them ready-to-use and perfectly harmonized – with valuable essential oils. All oil blends provide intensive care, leave a pleasant scent and they convince through to their individual effects. If you want to know which oil blend is best for your skin or treatment goal, just ask us. We will be happy to advise you. We also compose your own oil blend for you upon request.

All oil blends at a glance:

  • Alpenglühen with the scent of native herbs from the Alpine region
  • Base oil blend: High quality oil blend without addition of essential oils as a basis for your own fragrance blends.
  • Classic with gentle rose scent
  • Cucurbita Oleum with skin protecting pumpkin seed oil
  • Detox liver oil as support for detox treatments
  • Fresh Up with a fruity-fresh fragrance note
  • Elderflower: : fresh oil with sweet, warm, fruity fragrance
  • Ginger Lemon: summery, fresh oil with a fruity-spicy note
  • Montana with a tart fresh fragrance
  • Provence with an intense flowery fragrance
  • Red Roses with a sensual, light fragrance
  • Sparkling with a sparkling fresh fragrance
  • Summernight with a tropical-exotic scent
  • Time Together with a fruity, flowery fragrance
  • Toskani with sensuous aphrodisiac fragrance
  • Tropical with a tropical-exotic scent

Exclusive oil blends - as precious as liquid gold

Our exclusive oils are fragrant oil blends with particularly high-quality ingredients. Oil has a very special effect, thanks to exquisite ingredients, essential oils, fresh herbs and spices. No matter whether you need oils to relax, to stimulate and revive, to support concentration, against lack of energy or to boost metabolism – at Kurland you will find a particularly great selection.

All exclusive oils at a glance:

  • Adventure with a powerful fragrance from coffee bean oil
  • Delight with a fruity, fresh note and a touch of grapefruit and vanilla
  • Freeze – ideal for cooling applications
  • Sensation with a strong, fresh spicy fragrance

Theme oils: Ayurveda, Forest and South Sea

We have already created our own oil blends for special subject fields and treatment concepts. Discover, for example, oils that smell after holidays such as the South Sea oils Lomi Hawaii and Sunset or the three spicy Ayurveda oils. They are ideal for Lomi Lomi massages or Ayurveda treatments. Bring the power of the forest into your spa with our woody-herbaceous forest oils: Pamper your guests, for example, with an individual forest treatment in the Soft-Pack® system. We will be happy to advise you on which products suit best into your treatment program.

All theme oils at a glance:

  • South Sea Oils: Lomi Hawaii and Sunset
  • Ayurveda oils: Kapha, Pitta and Vata
  • Forest oils: Wood and Forest

Treatment oils for hot stone, cupping and herbal stamp massages

To achieve maximum treatment success, we also offer oils that match our treatments. This is the case with the exotic and spicy Old India oil blend for authentic herbal stamp massages or the four cupping oils with very special effects. We will be happy to advise you on which oils are suitable for your treatment and your desired effect.

All treatment oils at a glance:

  • Permanent Contour® Oils: Permanent Contour® special oil, Old India, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Coconut, Mango-Lemon, Orange.
  • Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion oils: fire, water, earth and air
  • Pantai Luar oils: Old India, Alpine
  • Pantai Herbal Bell Visage oils: Calmer, Belle Visage
  • Cupping oils: Tension, Anti-Aging, Relax, Head & Neck
  • Hot Stone Massage Oil: Hot Stone Oil

How can I recognize high quality oils? Through their active ingredients!

We also apply only the highest quality standards to our oils, so that all important nutrients and ingredients are naturally preserved. Our base oils are absorbed into the skin and provide it with important nutrients, without the addition of artificial fragrances or preservatives. If you are not sure about the quality of an oil, just take a look at the ingredients. Good oils should not contain paraffins, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or emulsifying agents. You can recognize harmful additives by the following INCI codes: Dimethicone, methicone, polysiloxane, cyclomethicone, cyclohexasiloxane, methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, isopropyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, minderal oil, petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum, cera microcristallina, microcrystalline wax, ozokerite, ceresin, vaseline, paraffin wax, paraffin oil, etc.

Why oils should be put in amber glass bottles

Our valuable oils are free of artificial preservatives. This is why they are filled in amber glass bottles. In this way, the oils are protected from light, have a longer shelf life and remain pure. This is because plastic contains harmful softeners that can be dissolved from the packaging into the oil. Only glass ensures the desired durability and quality – even without artificial preservatives. That is why Kurland® oils are exclusively filled in high-quality amber glass bottles: for purity and highest quality down to the last drop.

Personalized oils for your spa program

Our experts develop customized oil compositions for you – with your desired fragrance concept, intensively caring and with a strong effect. From as little as 10 liters purchase quantity we compose own mixtures for you or fill existing oil blends for you and provide them with your individual labels. We are only able to offer this special service as a manufacturer with our own production facilities, thus we manufacture and fill ourselves. You do not get mass produced goods from us but rather an exclusive oil quality – liquid gold in high-quality amber glass bottles. By the way, all our oil blends are also available in the convenient 75 ml retail size – for resale or as a customer / guest gift – for relaxation at home.


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