Hamam Experience Room

The Turkish Hamam - more than just a steam bath

From a cold icy mist to a warm tropical shower, from a traditional soap foam massage to a classic Rasul treatment, guests can expect more than a simple steam bath in the Hamam Experience Room. This innovative Kurland facility is the combination of a Turkish bath, a bath for all senses, a Rasul treatment and a regular steam bath, as well as numerous other functions. The spa employee selects the desired program via a touch screen. Decorative marble basins, a sparkling ceiling of stars, changing light effects, relaxing music and wonderful herbal scents characterize the extraordinary atmosphere in the room. Your big economic advantage: While a conventional steam bath only causes operating costs, the Hamam Experience Room generates revenue through its many treatment options.

Everything at a glance

  • Steam bath for all senses with various functions and treatment sequences
  • All-in-one: Hamam, Turkish bath, adventure bath, steam bath, Rasul and much more.
  • With shower and light effects: tropical rain, freezing fog, freezing rain
  • Economic advantage: treatments generate revenue
  • High-quality equipment with marble basins, underfloor heating, LED stars on the ceiling, etc.
  • Programs can be selected conveniently via touchscreen
  • Pleasant room temperature from 32 to 50° C
  • Individually adjustable humidity from 30 to 100 %
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • Water treatment without building-up of scale
  • Unlimited design options

Turkish Hamam - what exactly is it?

Relaxing in an atmosphere taken from Arabian nights: A Hamam is a bathhouse with steam bath and it is an important part of the oriental bathing and body culture. It is also known under the names “Turkish bath” or “Oriental bath”. Turkish bathing culture dates back around 800 years and originated in Central Anatolia and Istanbul. In Anatolia you can still find the most beautiful and oldest bathhouses. A stay in the Hamam relaxes body and soul and it is said to be a sort of an oriental fountain of youth. Fabulous scents, warm light and a pleasant atmosphere let you forget about all the stress. For Turkish people, the bath is more than a place to cleanse the skin. It is interlinked with daily life and is a meeting place for people notwithstanding their position in society. A stay in the Kurland Hamam guarantees your guests an unforgettable ceremony with ritual ablution, relaxing steam bath and nourishing soap foam massage – in an incomparable, oriental atmosphere.

All in one: Turkish bath, Rasul, steam bath, a bath for all senses

The Hamam Experience Room is a steam bath with numerous additional functions. A control unit with touch screen allows for selecting the steam intensity and many other parameters for different treatment sequences: Adventure bath, Turkish bath, steam room, Rasul. At the touch of a button, a warm tropical rain falls down on your guests or a cold icy mist streams through the room. Both, temperature and humidity can be controlled in a flexible manner.

Equipment for the multifunctional steam bath

The multifunctional steam bath captivates through its unique atmosphere: About 200 light points and 8 LED spots with color changing mode are integrated into the impressive dome-shaped ceiling. For the guests, it looks as if a sky full of stars would be extending above them. Underfloor heating provides pleasant temperature. Both, the ergonomically shaped seats with backrests and the massage tables in the center of the room are covered with tiles and they are electronically heated. Traditional marble water basins adorn the room. There are shower jets at the end of each bench and in the ceiling above the massage tables. No matter whether tropical rain or ice mist, guests can manually control the desired shower effect at the touch of a button. As an alternative, the tropical rain starts automatically after a programmed time. Real herbs placed on a metal grid above the steam outlet provide a wonderful herbal scent.

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More Information

Hamam treatments: Soap foam massage

At Kurland, you not only receive innovative spa facilities, but also the matching products, treatments and treatment programs. The treatment options in the Hamam are manifold: Peeling, brush massage, soap foam massage, hot stone, etc. The combination of heat, high humidity and manual treatment stimulates the skin and blood circulation, prevents skin aging and strengthens the vascular and nervous systems. The Hamam soap foam massage is particularly popular. In the traditional version, a silk or fleece pouch generates the foam, while in the modern version, this is done by our Permanent Contour® Soap Foam Unit. The soap foam massage has a detoxifying, cleansing effect and provides new vitality. We offer trainings to teach the professional application of a soap foam massage. You will find everything about the procedure and appropriate products below.

Go to the Hamam Soap Foam Massage

Design options of a Hamam Experience Room

A ceiling full of stars, colorful tiles, marble basins, light effects – we customize the design in accordance with your wishes. We deliver customized spa facilities that fit perfectly into your overall concept. They are made in the highest German quality and craftsmanship perfection. Our trained specialists take care of the installation on site and are also there for you afterwards with a professional maintenance and repair service.


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Discover suitable wellness treatments for your Hamam Experience Room such as our soap foam massage.


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