What is a Rasul? It is a bath ritual with nourishing muds

The oriental Rasul bath is closely related to the Turkish Hamam and carries on the idea of a relaxing, almost ceremonial beauty treatment. In the Rasul® you will experience the millennia-old knowledge of oriental culture and its beneficial effects on body and soul. The secret of the purification ritual is based on the interaction of different elements: fire, earth, air and water. While hot steam clouds pass through the room and nourishing healing muds pamper the skin, guests breathe in the wonderful herbal scent that fills the air. A warm tropical rain is the unforgettable conclusion of the bathing ritual. This Rasul ceremony developed by Kurland® is a worldwide protected brand and has become standard not only in European spas and wellness facilities. Due to its effective and skin-caring effect, the Rasul bath is used internationally – even on cruise ships and in day spa salons.

Everything at a glance

  • Sensuous care and cleansing ceremony instead of dull sweating
  • Skin nourishing with healing muds
  • Invented by Kurland and used worldwide
  • High profitability
  • Cost coverage with only one treatment (with two persons) per day
  • Revenues that can be achieved of about € 68,000 per year at approx. 25% utilization
  • Countless treatment options with low staff requirements
  • Can also be used as a conventional steam bath or Hamam
  • Automatic cleaning after each use
  • Slowly rising heat allows for long stays
  • Ergonomically shaped, seamless, heated and easy-to-clean seats
  • Integrated hand wash basins in the armrests of the seats
  • Water and vapor tight cabin
  • Unique experience with respect to steam from the very beginning due to interval controlled ceiling fan
  • Available in numerous finishes and designs

The ancient world & mythology: the history of Rasul

The sensuous experience during a steam bath with healing muds, as we know it today, is an invention from Kurland. However, this bathing ritual was very popular even in ancient times. And the detoxifying effect of healing clay can also be found in mythology: According to tradition, virgins had to roll out and cut out thalers of healing clay under the supervision of high priests. Subsequently, the thalers were placed in water jugs where they dissolved. The combination of the pure sweat of virgins and healing clay was supposed to protect against poisoning. Nowadays we cannot say whether this is how it really happened. However, one thing has now been scientifically proven: the cleansing and detoxifying effect of healing clay and muds.

Procedure of a Rasul bath

The effective Rasul ceremony starts with a short cleansing shower. Guests then apply various healing muds to the body. In a couple’s treatment, rubbing the muds on each other makes for a particularly sensual experience. As the muds slowly dry on the skin, the temperature and humidity in the Rasul increase. Steam clouds, accompanied by the gentle scent of herbs, fill the room. Soft music plays in the background. Guests take a seat in the heated seats, soak up the warmth and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the Rasul®. Due to the humidity in the room, the muds on the body become moist again and guests can gently rub them in. The effect: A pleasant peeling that stimulates the metabolism. The approximately 25-minutes stay in the Rasul ends with a warm tropical rain that washes the mud from the body. The result is a nourished, extremely soft skin.

Bath ritual with healing mud and healing clay

The knowledge about the beneficial and skin-caring properties of healing clay and muds dates back to more than thousand years. They contain valuable active agents that work best in combination with warm steam to convert the procedure into a sensual experience. Our Kurland® muds are extracted in Germany and consist of pure mineral powder and water. They remove harmful substances from the body, mineralize and tighten the skin. They also can balance the pH value. Rubbing damp mud onto the skin creates a gentle peeling effect. This stimulates blood circulation, boosts the metabolism, and removes dead skin cells. After the treatment, you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Nourishing muds support a perfect skin appearance and they are ideal to prepare the body for the subsequent absorption of other care products. Different types of mud are suitable for different parts of the body: we recommend the light muds for sensitive regions such as the face and décolleté, and the darker muds for arms, legs, elbows and soles of the feet.

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Rasul treatments and treatment options

The Kurland Rasul®, however, can do much more, it is multifunctional. Our facilities are not only suitable for applications with special Rasul® muds, but also for treatments with valuable cream and steam bath peelings, soap or chalk. Upon request, we can even equip your facility with a soap foam system for Hamam soap foam massages. You can also use the Rasul as a conventional steam bath or Hamam. The design of the facility can be completely tailored to your individual wishes: from the classic version with handmade ceramics, oriental colorfulness, opulent dome-shaped roof, fountain, carved wooden door and a sky full of sparkling stars, to a modern version in Zen look or natural design.

Rasul design options: 2-seater or 4-seater

Our Rasul® is available in different versions: with 2 or 4 seats. Other options and special designs are always possible upon request. For medium-sized and larger wellness areas we recommend four seats. In our 2-seat version, the Rasul bath can be enjoyed perfectly as a couple, in a private, intimate atmosphere. If you have limited space in your spa, this option is ideal. And it can even be integrated into a hotel suite. The layout can be round or rectangular and the bench can be straight, 2D ergonomically shaped or 3D ergonomically shaped. The ceiling may have different designs, too: dome-shaped, pyramid-shaped, barrel-shaped or flat design, made of fiberglass or tiles. All models can be produced in different designs.

Steam bath equipment with state-of-the-art technology

The Kurland Rasul® is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a smooth procedure. The features include steam interval injection, heated seats and seating niches with integrated tropical rain showers. We integrate a sky full of stars and LED spotlights as lights for cleaning into the midnight blue fiberglass dome. The seats can be heated and they can be cleaned quickly and easily. The armrests of the seats contain hand wash basins so that the guests can wash their hands after applying the muds. Intermittent circulation of heat creates an ideal indoor climate that allows for a long stay. As soon as the guests leave the Rasul®, a key switch starts the cleaning system integrated in the ceiling. The system sprays water onto the walls, seats and floor, thus reducing the cleaning effort of your staff to a minimum.


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