Sauna + Spa

Customized spa solutions for your wellness area

No matter whether it is a Finnish sauna, Russian Banya or Turkish Hamam – when you choose a Kurland®-system, you are choosing the highest level of quality, safety, economy and sustainability. You obtain extraordinary worlds for all senses that stand out from the competition and offer far more than conventional spa facilities. In addition, Kurland guarantees you an all-inclusive turnkey package including consultation, planning, installation, equipment, repair service and training of your staff. All our products and services are perfectly in tune with each other and can be individually adapted to your requirements. Rely on our decades of experience as a German manufacturer and supplier of saunas.

10 reasons that speak in favor of Kurland® facilities

  1. Unlimited design options
  2. We guarantee suitability for commercial use
  3. Building physics safety by means of the blower door test
  4. Environmentally friendly production
  5. German top quality & craftsmanship in perfection
  6. Safety for your guests and staff
  7. Low maintenance and staff costs
  8. Short installation time due to prefabrication in the factory
  9. More than 50 years of experience
  10. Everything from a single source: Equipment, products, training, repair, etc.

Kurland originals

Facilities in which you can relax almost weightlessly, spectacular effects during vaporization of scented water or facilities that let you experience togetherness in a completely new way. Guests appreciate extraordinary experiences in a spa. At Kurland, you get patented equipment and facilities that will transform your spa into a unique world of experiences to delight your guests. Immerse yourself in the unique emotional worlds of the original Kurland® facilities.


A Kurland® sauna offers your guests more than just dull sweating. It guarantees a unique, extraordinary experience that appeals to all senses. Discover our customized sauna solutions, perfectly adapted to your premises and your wishes.

Steam bath

Pleasant temperatures, high humidity, genuine herbal aroma, soft light and relaxing music: Your guests could not have a better experience in the steam bath. “Anything but conventional” is the focus for Kurland. We offer you steam baths that have more than common facilities. We offer, for example, integrated functions for all senses, Hamam couches for soap foam massages or a program for Rasul® treatments. Take a look at our numerous solutions for steam baths.


Rasul® dates back several millennia and it is a cleansing and care ceremony from the Middle East and Central Asia. Kurland has converted it into an up-to-date wellness facility that has become an indispensable part of many spa companies. No matter whether it is a 2-seater, 4-seater or a day spa design version, our Rasul will for sure fill you and your guest with enthusiasm.

Water & chilling

From the hot sauna under the ice-cold snow shower – Kurland® offers you extraordinary spa experiences that deviate from common standards. Discover our special facilities that guarantee unique water and chilling experiences for your guests. This is the case in our SnowBliss snow shower, the mill wheel shower, our ice fountains or the eventful Shower Walk.

Relaxation and break room

The name speaks for itself: The relaxation and break rooms made by Kurland® guarantee your guests pure relaxation. Equipped with refreshing foot baths, an atmospheric colored light show, comfortable loungers or with a graduation tower that provides soothing, fresh air. Discover the unique world of relaxation and rest made by Kurland.

Treatment equipment

From classic massage tables to the innovative Soft-Pack® system – at Kurland you will find high-quality spa equipment and accessories for your treatments. Of course, we also offer the corresponding products and training.

Soft-Pack® system

More than 30 years ago Kurland invented the Soft-Pack® system and revolutionized the spa world with this innovative floating bed. The unique feel-good experience and the positive effect on skin and muscles make our Soft-Pack® system an absolute essential component for practices, therapists and wellness areas. Wrapped up in cozy warmth, surrounded by high-quality nourishing products and in a nearly gravity-free state, the guests will relax on the treatment couch.

Make sure you get your initial consultation

free of charge & without any obligation

The Kurland® team will be happy to assist you with the conceptualization or implementation of new or existing spa areas. All of our equipment can be customized to meet your exact requirements and ideas with respect to design. Simply ask us free of charge and without any obligation.


    Discover the great variety of products that perfectly complement your spa facilities.


    Discover also our numerous treatments that can be perfectly combined with your spa facilities.

    Reference projects

    In addition to many customers in the German-speaking countries we serve an increasing number of internationally renowned companies. Take a look at our reference projects.