Mill wheel shower

Splash shower with warm and cold water

The large wooden mill wheel turns without haste, giving the appearance of continuously drawing water from the trough. The quiet splashing of the water and the slow turning of the wheel have a particularly calming effect on spa guests. But this is not the only reason why the pleasant mill wheel shower is an absolute highlight in every spa, it also guarantees an extraordinary and health-promoting shower. With one single pull on the chain, first a cold and shortly afterwards a warm splash of water is poured over the guest. This creates the impression that the refreshment comes directly from the rotating shovels of the mill wheel. Instead, the fresh cold and hot water comes from the mill’s own hygienically clean pipes behind the mill wheel.

Everything at a glance

  • Mill wheel shower with Kneipp effect
  • The splashing of the water and the turning of the wheel have a calming effect
  • By pulling the chain, a gush of hot or cold water pours down
  • Showers with changing temperature have a beneficial effect on health and the immune system
  • The guests themselves trigger the unique refreshment
  • Possiblity of varying temperatures and shower intervals
  • Eye-catcher in every spa
  • Various design options
  • The catch basin can be designed individually: Tiling, stone cladding, wood cladding etc.

Contrasting hot and cold  showers in the spa to support health

This contrasting application of hot and cold water is comparable to the effect of a soothing Kneipp treatment. Alternating showers are considered to be a particularly proven method to stimulate circulation. Showers with contrasting hot and cold water stimulate the immune system and harden the body so that infectious substances have less chance. Pamper your guests with a wonderful, unique refreshing experience which has also positive effects on their health.

Mill wheel made of solid larch wood

The mill wheel is made of solid larch wood with a surface that reminds of old wood. It has a pump in the basin and is powered by water. The different temperatures and the duration of the shower can be set individually. The catch basin can be customized, too: from tiling to stone or wood cladding.


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