Massage accessories

Oils, equipment and special accessories for treatments and massages

In the Kurland product range you will find numerous natural cosmetics and health products, as well as all consumables for massages and treatments. We have developed many of them especially for professional use and they are handmade by Kurland with loving care. For example, the hand-bound Pantai Luar® herbal stamps or the wonderfully fragrant oil blends. If you are not sure which products you need for your treatment, we will be happy to advise you personally – on the phone or by e-mail. If desired, we can even provide you with a complete treatment program including all consumables. Perfect for beginners. We provide training for many of our treatments in our in-house training center. Among them for example Classic Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Permanent Contour®, Pantai Luar® or cupping. Simply ask as and make sure you get a seat in one of our seminars which are highly demanded. Upon successful completion, you will receive a professional certificate.

We offer special accessories for

  • Permanent Contour® herbal stamp massages (only at Kurland)
  • Pantai Luar® herbal stamp massages (only at Kurland)
  • Pantai Herbal Belle Visage® herbal stamp massages (only at Kurland)
  • Classical herbal stamp massages
  • Classical massages
  • Aroma oil massages
  • Hamam treatments
  • Soap foam massages
  • Rasul® treatments
  • Lomi Lomi massages
  • Cupping and cup massages
  • Singing bowl treatment
  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Cosmetic facial treatments
  • and many more.

Accessories for Permanent Contour®

Our patented Permanent Contour® herbal stamp treatment guarantees faster muscle relaxation than conventional massages through continuous heat, steam and touches with the stamp. To carry out the treatment, you will need our patented Permanent Contour® device, herbal stamps and special oils. In our product range you will find a wide variety of different stamps and oils. In addition, we offer a special hose and smaller stamps for facial treatments, as well as a soap foam unit and a special hose for body wraps. Our Permanent Contour® Swiss Pine curl pack and our herbal pack can be easily combined with the Permanent Contour® unit. Due to the continuous release of steam essential oils from Swiss Pine and herbs are set free, acting through the limbic system.

All units and attachments for Permanent Contour®Permanent Contour® unit, special hose for facial treatments, special hose for body wraps, Lexan pad holder, extending hose holder, Hamam soap foam unit (attachment for soap foam massages), container on wheels with two or 3 compartments.

All oils for Permanent Contour®: Permanent Contour® special oil, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Coconut, Mango-Lemon, Orange, Pantai Luar® Old India Special Oil, Base Oil Blend, Relax Emotion Oil Fire, Relax Emotion Oil Water, Relax Emotion Oil Earth, Relax Emotion Oil Air.

All stamps for Permanent Contour®:

  • Single stamps: Allrounder, Menthol, Moss, Coconut, Salt, Alpine Herbs, Algae, Moor, Grape Pomace, Wheat Bran, Old India, Olive, Apple, Relax Emotion Fire, Relax Emotion Water, Relax Emotion Earth, Relax Emotion Air.
  • Body stamp set, mixed: 2 stamps each Alpine Herbs, Algae, Apple, Salt, Old India
  • Face stamp set, mixed: 2 stamps each Alpine Herbs, Wheat Bran, Apple, Rose, Lavender
  • Relax Emotion stamp set, mixed: 3 x fire, 3 x earth, 2 x water, 2 x air

All packs for Permanent Contour®:Permanent Contour® Swiss Pine curl pack or herbal pack

Starter sets at reduced prices:

  • “Basic” Permanent Contour® package: 1 Permanent Contour® unit incl. special hose for body treatments, 1 box Permanent Contour® body stamp mixed, 1 liter Permanent Contour® special oil.
  • “Relax Emotion” Permanent Contour® package: 1 Permanent Contour® device incl. special hose for body treatments, 1 box Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion stamps mixed, 4 x 200 ml Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion oils water, earth, fire, air.

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Accessories for Pantai Luar®

Pantai Luar® is a special East Asian massage technique with fragrant fruit herb stamps and hot vegetable oil. The quick change of heat activates a self-healing process via the thermo-receptors of the skin. This results in an effective cell renewal and revitalisation. The precious herbs and essences nourish the skin. Exotic scents relax and inspire to dream journeys. For the treatment you need Pantai Luar® stamp as well as special oil.
All Pantai Luar® stamps:

  • Old India, Pantai Luar® ready-to-use stamps
  • Alpin, Pantai Luar® ready-to-use stamps

All Pantai Luar® oils:

  • Old India, Pantai Luar® special oil
  • Alpin, Pantai Luar® special oil

Other accessories for Pantai Luar®:

  • Special spice mixture Pantai Luar® for own stamp fillings
  • Preparation unit for stamps

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Accessories for Pantai Herbal Belle Visage

Pantai Herbal Belle Visage is a traditional stamp massage for face and décolleté. In contrast to the common Pantai Luar®, the stamps are smaller and are not dipped into hot oil. The treatment is not only relaxing, but also has a skin-care effect thanks to high-quality oil blends.
All Pantai HerbalTM balls (small herbal stamps):

  • Belle Visage, Pantai Herbal Ball
  • Red Roses, Pantai Herbal Ball
  • Calmer, Pantai Herbal Ball (ffor face and body)
  • Pantai preparation unit for stamps

All Pantai HerbalTM Belle Visage oils:

  • Belle Visage, Pantai Herbal Special Oil
  • Calmer, Pantai Herbal Special Oil

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Accessories for hot stone massages

The massage of the body with warm basalt and cold marble stones has a long-standing tradition. As early as 2000 BC, this technique was used to cause a positive effect on the body and to relieve tensions in the muscles. The intense warmth of the stones penetrates through the skin into deeper layers of the tissue, right into the muscles and the connective tissue. This increases the elasticity of tendons and connective tissue as well as the mobility of joints and dilates blood vessels. At Kurland you will find all the products you need for this treatment.

All products for hot stone massages:

  • Black basalt stones (set of 50 stones)
  • White marble massage stones (set of 2 stones)
  • Hot Stone Massage Oil
  • Warming unit for stones

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Accessories for cupping and cup massages

A cup massage, unlike conventional massage, reaches the deeper layers of tissue. As a result, it is particularly effective in case of muscle tensions. The practitioner creates negative pressure via so-called cupping glasses or cupping heads. The aim is to achieve a removal or discharge of harmful substances through the skin by means of negative pressure. We have all the products for a successful cup massage:

  • Tension, cupping oil for muscle tensions
  • Anti-aging, cupping oil for fresher skin
  • Relax, cupping oil for relaxation of body and soul
  • Head & Neck, cupping oil that frees the head and relaxes the neck
  • Cupping oil test set: 50 ml each of the four cupping oils Tension, Relax, Head & Neck and Anti-Aging
  • Cupping glasses set in case with 10 glasses, 4 cupping oils and pump

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Accessories for singing bowl treatments

During the treatment with the singing bowl, sounds, sound waves and vibrations are created which are transferred to the body and bring positive energies into flow. Inner blockages are released and relaxation increases from vibration to vibration. A very special benefit for body and soul and an extraordinary wellness experience for the guest. The Kurland®Singing Bowl was developed by a Tibetan monk especially for Kurland and made in traditional, Nepalese handwork. Every bowl is unique. It has a particularly round, full and deep sound that resonates for minutes. Thanks to its size (diameter about 38 cm, weight about 5.5 kg), it is suitable not only for massages or meditations, but also for hand and foot baths. It is made of 7 metals and comes with clapper and base ring.

All products for singing bowl treatments:

  • Kurland® singing bowl with clapper and base ring

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Accessories for Hamam soap foam massage

Surrounded by gloriously silky soap foam, your guests enjoy a gentle massage on the soft, warm wet massage table. The body will be cleansed, blood circulation will be stimulated and the skin is radiant with a new freshness. The result: Your guests feel cleansed inside and out. With our Hamam soap, the fleece or silk bag as well as our linings you have the perfect accessories for your individual Hamam ritual with a luscious foam result.

All products for Hamam soap foam massages:

  • Hamam soap
  • Hamam Rose Soap
  • Hamam Lavender Soap
  • Silk Bag for soap foam massage
  • Fleece Bag for soap foam massage
  • Lining for wet massage table
  • Neck pillow
  • Knee bolster
  • Sisal Nest

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Accessories for modern soap foam massages

In contrast to the classic soap foam massage, where the foam is generated with a silk or fleece bag, in the modern soap foam massage our Permanent Contour® unit generates the soap foam. This is not only easier for the practitioner, but can also be performed in rooms without wet areas. All you need is our Permanent Contour® unit, the Hamam Soap Foam Unit and Soap Inserts.

All products for modern soap foam massages:

  • The Permanent Contour® Unit
  • A Hamam Soap Foaming Unit (is connected to the Permanent Contour® Unit by means of a hose)
  • Soap Insert for the Hamam Soap Foam Unit

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Accessories for Lomi Lomi massages

Lomi Lomi or Lomi Lomi Nui is a holistic Hawaiian massage technique. It is derived from the traditional Hawaiian art of healing and it claims to be a treatment of both, body and soul. It relieves not only muscle tensions or back pain, but also internal blockages. Usually, the Lomi Lomi massage takes place on an oiled table. The therapist massages with hands and forearms, with different dynamics and intensity of pressure. The guest has the impression of a soft, flowing, supple and powerful treatment at the same time. With its Hawaiian fragrance and excellent massage properties, Lomi Hawaii is the perfect oil for Lomi Lomi massages.

All products for modern Lomi Lomi massages:

  • Lomi Hawaii, skin care and massage oil

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Accessories for Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda is based on the healing science of India and deals with the harmony of body, mind and soul. Translated, Ayurveda means “the knowledge of healthy living”. The aim of an Ayurveda treatment is to activate the body’s self-healing powers. From the Ayurvedic point of view, the origin of a disease lies in an imbalance of the doshas. These are three basic life forces: Vata – principle of movement, Pitta – principle of transformation and metabolism and Kapha – principle of stability and substance. Along the same lines, we have created three oil blends to rebalance the doshas and support Ayurveda treatments.

All products for Ayurveda treatments:

  • Kapha, Ayurveda oil blend
  • Pitta, Ayurveda oil blend
  • Vata, Ayurveda oil blend

Accessories for Rasul treatments

The Rasul® from Kurland is a soothing, cleansing and nourishing ceremony from the Middle East and Central Asia. Our muds are most effective with this ritual. After a short shower to clean the skin, the muds are applied to the body to let them dry slowly. After the first steam burst warming starts. Pleasant herbal scents and soft music fill the room. The moisture allows the muds to be rubbed on the body. The effect: Gentle peeling that removes dead skin cells and stimulates metabolism. The stay in the Rasul® ends with a warm tropical rain that washes the mud from the body. What remains is a well nourished and silky-soft skin.

All products for Rasul®treatments:

  • Bolus Alpha (white)
  • Bolus Beta (yellow)
  • Bolus Creta (pure white)
  • Bolus Delta (blue)
  • Bolus Epsilon (gray)
  • Bolus Gamma (red gold)

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Accessories for cosmetic facial treatments

Classical facial treatments start with a skin analysis, followed by cleansing, peeling, various masks, packs, relaxing massages and, as a finish, an intensive care with high-quality cosmetics. Effective cosmetic facial treatments require a lot of accessories. Therefore, a long lifespan and the highest quality is a must. Discover our wide range of brushes, jars, masks, jars, bowls and spoons – for the perfect preparation and attractive presentation of your individual formulations and treatments.

All products for cosmetic treatments:

  • Cosmetic products (e.g. Classic series or base creams)
  • Empty cream jars (30 ml and 50 ml)
  • PET pump bottle
  • Face fleece masks for face and neck
  • Crescent-shaped tub pillow
  • Measuring spoon set, four pieces
  • Fan brush
  • Face brush, acrylic

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Filling aids: from bottles to canisters

Do you make your own cosmetics or want to fill them into your own receptacles? Here you will find amber glass bottles, pump dispensers, dosing dispensers, canisters as well as numerous filling aids. In this way you can fill and store your creams and mixtures in attractive, practical and hygienic containers.

All filling aids:

  • Empty cream jars (30 ml and 50 ml)
  • Amber glass bottles
  • Pump dispenser for amber glass bottles
  • Dispenser pump for 5 and 10 liter oil canisters
  • Plastic wrench for 5 and 10 liter oil canisters
  • Screw-on tap for 5 and 10 liters oil canisters
  • Dispenser for 1 liter cans and for 5 liter canisters

Films, sheets and linings

Films and sheets are your hygienic companions for all treatments. Discover our wide range of high-quality films and linings for every purpose. Our pre-cut films and fleece towels are particularly practical.

All fleeces, films, cloths and linings:

  • Face rest cover for massage tables
  • Face fleece mask
  • Coated lining, pre-cut 160 x 210 cm
  • Coated lining, roll of 100 running meters
  • Stamped film, 160 x 210 cm
  • White film, 200 x 250 cm
  • HDPE film, perforated, 170 x 200 cm
  • Large film inserts, 250 x 300 cm
  • “Green” PE film, perforated to 170 x 200 cm
  • Towel wrap, 210 x 160 cm
  • Dermatvlies, pre-cut, 100 x 180 cm
  • Dermatvlies, roll, 100 cm wide
  • Disposable towel, 90 x 210 cm
  • Disposable sheets, 65 cm wide, 100 rm.
  • Sanitary paper, perforated, 59 cm wide, 50 rm.
  • Pre-cut fleece for the Kraxenofen®, 160 x 120 cm
  • Mat, 40 x 30 cm
  • Pre-cut fleece sections for Sabbia Med®, 75 x 200 cm
  • Insulating mat.

Processing equipment and cleaning agents

Do you need a device for heating and heat carriers, hay, moor mud, compresses, herbal packs, stamps, soap foam or hot stone or you want to keep them warm? Or do you need a cleaning agent for your bath tub applications? You certainly will find what you are looking for at Kurland.

The entire preparation equipment and all cleaning agents:

  • Water stabilizer Aqua Stabil
  • Micropur water stabilizer
  • Tub polish “Kupferfix” for the Emperor’s tub
  • Preparation Units Combi 200 & 400 for preparation and heating
  • Hot Towel Cabbi with UV light for warm compresses
  • Warming Unit, round
  • Table top preparation device, widened, size I
  • Preparation device Pantai for Pantai Luar® and Pantai Herbal Belle Visage treatments

Professional room scenting

The “Raindrop” fragrance lamp – the perfect solution for professional room scenting is brand new in the Kurland product range is. It is perfectly suited for small treatment rooms as well as for large practice rooms up to 80 m2, for a natural room fragrance with pure essential oils or perfume oils. One of our essential oils litsea cubeba or lavender is included.

All products for room scenting:

  • Raindrop Fragrance Lamp made of solid wood and glass
  • Wooden stand for 3 exchange glasses
  • Glass diffuser for exchanging
  • Wooden fragrance box for 6 essential oils
  • Essential oils for scenting
  • Perfume oils for scenting
  • Practical WLAN socket

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