What is a mask?

A mask is a cosmetic product with intensive care effect. Especially popular is the face mask. In cosmetic facial treatments, the mask comes after cleansing and peeling. It soothes the skin and provides essential nutrients. Masks come in various forms such as a gel, paste, cream or foam. It is applied with a brush and gently washed off or dabbed off after a certain time to take effect. Besides the classic face masks, there are also masks for the entire body or for hands and feet. The ingredients should be adjusted to individual needs, for example, for dry or inflamed skin. A mask with Aloe Vera, for example, provides an extra moisture boost. We have both, ready-to-use masks as well as all products for DIY masks in our product range.

Kurland® masks

  • Active agents: Depending on the mask, vitamins, proteins, antihistamines, amino acids, enzymes, tocopherol, minerals, Urea Pura, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium carbonate, terpenes, gamma linoleic acids etc.
  • Effects: Depending on the mask it can soothe the skin, provide intensive care, detoxify, refresh, or be anti-inflammatory, smoothing, hydrating.
  • Suitable for: face and body, any skin type.

Classic Mask with goat butter and jojoba oil

Our Classic Mask is the most classic among the masks and the perfect product for professional facial treatments. A rich mask that moisturizes and revitalizes tired, dull facial skin. It contains shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, panthenol and goat butter. These ingredients provide the skin with elasticity and smoothness. It is ideal for stressed and irritated skin. The result is a nourished, refreshed and smoothened skin.

Other products of the Classic line

Algae mask: Thalasso Mare Basic Sculpting

Firm skin through the power of algae that is what Thalasso Mare Basic Sculpting promises. The mask contains the valuable extracts of brown and spirulina algae. They have a tissue-tightening and moisturizing effect. For the treatment simply mix the powder with cold water to form a paste and apply immediately with a spatula. As soon as the mask has solidified, it can be pulled off from the chin upwards without leaving any residue. The firming and refreshing result is immediately visible and noticeable.

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Products for customized masks

We have all the products you need to mix your own masks: intensive nourishing creams, nourishing oils and fragrant additives. Especially rich are our creams with goat butter. For people who suffer from allergies or with impure skin, we recommend a mask with Rügen Healing Chalk as well as our evening primrose oil or tea tree oil. Simply mix the desired base cream with a specific nourishing oil and scent the mask with an essential or perfume oil. We will be happy to provide you with complete recipes or put together a suitable treatment concept for you upon request.

Ideal products for masks: Goat butter care line, Classic care line, base creams and cream bases, Cell Cream, Rügen Healing Chalk, base oils and oil blends, essential oils and perfume oils, Urea Pura, plant sera …

Sheet masks: masks with soaked cloth

Currently, the so-called sheet masks or cloth masks are in vogue. These are face masks made of a fleece or cotton fabric – the so called “sheet”. This is soaked with nourishing ingredients such as an oil or plant serum. Cloth masks have openings for eyes, nose and mouth, are simply placed on the face and removed after the time necessary to take effect. With our products you can make your own cloth mask. Use for example our Aloe Vera Oil, Cell Cream Apple (about a knife tip) and the mask from our Classic care line. Simply mix it with 30 ml of warm water, soak the face fleece mask, unfold and apply. Let it take effect for about 10 to 15 minutes and remove.

Ideal products for cloth masks: Face fleece masks for face and neck area, Goat butter care line, Classic care line, base creams and cream bases, Cell Cream, Rügen Healing Chalk, base oils and oil mixtures, essential oils and perfume oils, Urea Pura, Plant sera.


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