Stone bath (Steinbad®)

Sauna with spectacular ceremony

The Kurland stone bath (Steinbad®) offers more than just dull sweating. Guests will experience a spectacular ceremony while wetting the stones, which reminds of the forces of nature inside the earth: 400° C hot stones plunge into ice-cold water, discharge with a loud hiss, and a blast of steam fills the room. A unique experience that can be seen heard and felt by the guests. Due to the noisy hissing of the stones and the rising steam, the stone bath (Steinbad®) is often referred to as a volcano sauna.

Everything at a glance

  • Spectacular sauna experience instead of dull sweating
  • Dramatic ceremony without sauna master
  • Visible, audible and perceptible show effect
  • Releases minerals that are beneficial for the health
  • Mild room temperature from 50 to 75° C
  • Ideal for heat sensitive sauna guests, elderly people and children
  • Controllable heat / steam injection
  • Even heat distribution due to interval controlled ceiling fan
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • A Kurland patent

The Stone bath (Steinbad®), a unique ceremony without sauna master

While guests relax on the warm benches in the stone bath (Steinbad®) they experience a unique ceremony and this without a sauna master: The sauna stones are in a basket, heated up to 400 °C in the stone bath oven and then automatically moved into a tub with ice-cold water. As soon as the hot stones touch the cold water, hissing steam rises and a perceptible burst of heat fills the room. During this entertaining ceremony, the stones release valuable active agents containing minerals. The lifting and lowering of the stone basket is automatically repeated at regular intervals, so that no additional staff is required.

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More Information

Pleasant temperatures in the adventure sauna

The repetitive lifting and lowering process causes a gentle but continuous increase of humidity and room temperature. Guests relax at a room temperature of 50 to 75° C, which is gentle on the circulation. This mild temperature also appeals to guests who, for example, avoid a typical Finnish sauna (90° C) because of the high temperature. Even heat distribution in the room is ensured due to the ceiling fan, which can be operated by the guests themselves. A targeted heat supply in the seat area reinforces the gentle overheating of the body.

Kurland Stone Bath (Steinbad®) with energy saving mode

This sauna is also available with integrated energy saving mode. You can switch easily from continuous operation to energy-saving mode. Before entering the stone bath, you activate the system with a switch, which is quite convenient.


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