Salt and brine

Salt - the valuable essence of the sea

For psoriasis, neurodermatitis or acne, the doctor usually recommends a vacation or a cure at the seaside. But if no beach holiday is in sight and the sea is too far away, we deliver the sea salt and brine directly to you for your treatments. Pamper yourself or your guests with natural healing power from the sea. Regardless of your geographical location, the weather or sunshine, with our salt and brine products you can offer your guests the sea in the bathtub or pamper them with a natural salt peeling.

Sea salt and brine

  • Ingredients: valuable minerals, important trace elements.
  • Effects: Helps to maintain pH balance, supports circulation, soothes skin irritations, gently removes dead skin particles, binds moisture in the skin, has detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.
  • Suitable for: dry skin, for peelings, body treatments and baths.
  • Advantages of the Kurland® sea salt products: easy to use, natural ingredients, valuable minerals, important trace elements and multiple possibilities of treatments.
  • All products: Organic Sea Salt fine grain, Organic Sea Salt coarse grain, 6% Brine Sheet, 12% Brine Sheet, 24% Brine Sheet, 24% Brine in canister.

Salt baths for dry skin

During a salt bath, the sea salt is deposited in the outer horny layer of the skin to bind moisture. The skin’s natural protective layer is thus preserved and the skin does not dry out. Therefore, salt baths are particularly recommended for dry skin. Salt baths also have a detoxifying effect. “Osmosis” is the magic word. Toxins from the body are released into the bath water, while minerals from the brine are absorbed through the skin. A brine bath supports the deacidification of our body and leads to a balanced and natural pH value of the skin. It can support healing of psoriasis, neurodermatitis and acne. In combination with high-quality oils, salt baths have a particularly nourishing effect.

All ready-to-use salt oil baths:

  • Salt and Oil Bath with lavender blossoms
  • Salt and Oil Bath Classic
  • Salt and Oil Bath with rose petals

Sea Salt – to mineralize in the bathtub or for stimulating peelings

Salt treatments mineralize and help to balance the pH value of the skin. All our peels can be combined with salt. With a spoonful of sea salt you can turn a fine and gentle peeling into a coarse one. Or discover our prepared salt-herb peelings, mixed and ready to use. They contain valuable minerals and important trace elements.

All sea salt and salt peeling products:

  • Organic Sea Salt – fine grain
  • Organic Sea Salt – coarse grain
  • Salt-herb peelings: Lavender, mallow, lemon balm, orange blossom, rose and lemon.

Salt-herb peelings: Lavender, mallow, lemon balm, orange blossom, rose and lemon

Brine sheets are a valuable supplement to body treatments. Together with creams and body wraps they form a highly effective team, as brine sheets are wonderful moisture carrier, increase the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and thus optimize the effect of the treatment. Simply bed the guest between two warmed brine sheets. Preparation units for heating the sheets can also be found in the Kurland product range. High-percentage brine sheets also help to detoxify. They are ideal for Detox Treatments.

What is a brine sheet?

It is a soft, absorbent, skin-friendly and ready-to-use fleece sheet soaked in brine.

6, 12 or 24% brine?

6% brine sheets facilitate the transfer of active ingredients of creams into the skin. 12% or 24% brine sheets support the removal of toxins from the top layer of the skin. This is particularly effective as a treatment prior to firming and detoxifying treatments.

All brine products

  • 6% Brine Sheet, 2 pieces,
  • 12% Brine Sheet, 2 pieces,
  • 24% Brine Sheet, 2 pieces,
  • 24% Brine, ready-to-use brine in canisters.

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