Historical herbal sauna from the Alpine region

Sweating like the peasants in the 16th century: When entering the Brechelbath, guests are welcomed by pleasant warmth and the fresh scent of herbs. Under their bare feet they feel rough fir branches or Swiss Pine curls and enjoy this soothing massage. The combination of mild heat, regular dispersions of steam, foot reflexology massage and effective herbal fragrances convert the stay in the historic Alpine sauna into an experience for all senses.

Everything at a glance

  • Fully automatic, eventful sauna ceremony with real herbs
  • Holistic sauna experience for all senses
  • Historical tradition from the Alpine region
  • With the scent of fresh fir branches and herbs
  • Haptic experience through massage of the soles of the feet
  • Releases essential oils to support health
  • Decorative oven housing with innovative air circulation technology
  • Ergonomically curved seat benches
  • Copper kettle as a visual highlight
  • Mild room temperature from 45 to 75 °C
  • Ideal for heat sensitive sauna guests, elderly people and children
  • Controllable heat / steam dispersion
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • A copper ceiling conducts heat
  • Water treatment without building-up of scale
  • You may also obtain individual components
  • A Kurland patent

Alpine sauna with the scent of fresh fir branches and herbs

Real herbs and innovative air circulation technology are the main features of the customizable oven. With each dispersion of steam the herbs release essential oils that have a soothing effect on body and mind. They either can have a calming and relaxing effect or a mentally stimulating and concentration-enhancing effect. While the guests lean back on the warm wooden benches, they breathe in this health-supporting scent that makes them fall into deep relaxation.

Brechelbath – the particularly mild herbal sauna

The temperature in the Brechelbath ranges from 45 to 75 °C. Initially, the sauna ceremony starts with a mild sauna climate and increases fully automatically to an effective sauna climate during the 15- to 20-minute stay. This slow increase guarantees guests a pleasant and effective sweating experience. Thus, the herbal sauna is also ideal for guests who do not tolerate a conventional sauna (approx. 90 °C). Both, temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to your needs. Due to the interval-controlled recirculation technology, the warm air is regularly blown upwards to then flow downwards along the walls. This provides a pleasant heat experience in the back area, which is repeated on a regular basis. A stay in the Brechelbath is a holistic ceremony and anything else but dull sweating.

The history of the farmer’s sauna

The stay in a Brechelbath has a long-standing tradition in the Alpine region, dating back at least to the 16th century. In former times, the stalks of hemp and flax used to be dried in the so-called Brechelstuben, the wooden huts of the farmhouses, in order to extract the fibers and make clothes. Then the fibers were vaporized several times and scented with herbs. During this procedure, the persons present enjoyed the pleasant sweating, which became established as a social tradition. In accordance with this tradition we have developed the Kurland-Brechelbad®. Even the wooden benches in our Brechelbath tell a story: We used the benches in front of farmhouses that hikers used to rest on as a model for our design.

Brechelbath with Swiss Pine instead of fir branches

The fir branches on the floor not only have a soothing massage effect, they also promote natural hygiene through their essential oils. As an alternative, the floor in the Brechelbath can also be covered with Swiss Pine curls. Swiss Pines have a pleasant woody scent; they have a calming effect, promote concentration and support a good and healthy sleep.

Unlimited design options

Every Kurland Brechelbath is unique! It can be made of old wood or with up-to-date, large wooden panels, it may have a high seat or traditional sauna benches, it can be designed with pressed hay or herb panels on the wall – there are no limits to your wishes. You may also obtain individual components of the Brechelbath. We deliver customized spa facilities that fit perfectly into your overall concept. They are made from domestic wood species, in highest German quality and craftsmanship perfection. Our trained specialists take care of the installation on site and are also there for you afterwards with a professional maintenance and repair service.


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