Cell Cream

Nature knows about the secret of regeneration

Our skin is able to renew and regenerate itself through its own stem cells. But over the years, our stem cells get tired. Environmental influences and the natural aging process impair regeneration. A stem cell cream simulates the body’s own stem cells: Kurland® Cell Cream is the rejuvenating cure for tired, stressed skin and wrinkles. It activates cell regeneration for more vitality and resistance to harmful environmental influences. Strengthened stem cells can renew our skin faster and make it look fresher, smoother and younger again. It is suitable for both, daily care as well as for effective anti-aging treatments in the spa or salon.

The result of a Cell Cream treatment:

  • vitalized cell production,
  • smoother skin surface,
  • luminous complexion,
  • regulated hydration,
  • noticeable rejuvenation effect,
  • resistant, healthy skin,
  • younger appearance.

Cell Cream care line

Cell Cream Apple

  • Ingredients: native plant oils (stem cell complex) from apple (Malus domestica), almond oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil.
  • Effects: intensively hydrating and regulating, cell activating, smoothing.
  • Suitable for: dry skin and in case of small wrinkles.


Cell Cream Caviar

  • Ingredients: Caviar extract, avocado oil, shea butter, rosemary extract, vitamin E.
  • Effects: vitalizing, hydrating, stimulates formation of new cells.
  • Suitable for: mature, stressed skin.

Cell Cream Apple: Anti-aging with apple stem cells

The Swiss apple variety “Uttwiler Spätlauber” is the elixir of youth in our Cell Cream Apple. It retains its exceptionally long-lasting freshness as a result of its tannin-rich cells. These tannins (polyphenols) also protect our skin from harmful environmental influences and act against wrinkles.

Cell Cream Caviar for tight, firm skin

Caviar has a high proportion of proteins that makes the skin smooth, is lipid replenishing and makes the skin particularly supple. Cell Cream Caviar provides the skin with minerals, trace elements and moisture, strengthens the natural protection system, stimulates the skin cells, revitalizes, tightens and firms the skin. Therefore, the cream is particularly suitable for mature, dry and stressed skin. Cell Cream Caviar has also been tried and tested in the spa. Guests are only too happy to indulge in luxury treatments such as a caviar cream wrap.

Effective anti-aging treatments with Cell Cream

Pamper your guests with a natural anti-aging treatment that stimulates the body’s own stem cells to counteract the aging process. The Kurland® Cell Cream provides new momentum to your stem cells and it is not only suitable for daily care of face and décolleté, it can also be used for cosmetic treatments or as a body wrap.

Possible applications:

  • for Soft-Pack® systems and massage tables,
  • for cosmetic treatments,
  • for body wraps,
  • for the production of own cream blends.

Upon request, we will be happy to supply you with complete recipes and treatment programs. By the way: All Cell Cream products are perfect for resale!

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