Odorless disinfectants for spa and wellness

Nowadays, sterility plays an important role not only in medical areas. People also want to feel safe and protected in their own homes. Regular cleaning with appropriate disinfectants can radically reduce the number of bacteria, viruses and fungi, thereby lowering the risk of an infection. At Kurland, we have developed products for this purpose that are proven to reduce viruses, but are gentle on the skin. In addition to our disinfectants, these also include our antiviral essential oils. As our disinfectants are based on water and odorless, they are particularly suitable for spa and wellness areas and for all shops with customer visits.

Kurland® disinfectant

viraPROTECT hand disinfection

  • Effects: Effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses – including Sars-CoV-2, also effective against heavy organic contamination.
  • Suitable for: hands
  • Contents: water-based, without alcohol and aldehydes.
  • Special features: Odorless, particularly skin-friendly, no irritation of the respiratory tract, economical in use, short time to take effect, effective at all water conditions.
  • Application: Rub hands with sufficient disinfectant for at least 30 seconds and allow to absorb for another 30 seconds.

Fog It IQ surface disinfection

  • Effects: effective against bacteria, yeasts and viruses / coronaviruses.
  • Suitable for: most surfaces (e.g. metal, wood, glass and plastics) and for disinfection of walls and floors.
  • Contents: water-based, without alcohol and aldehydes.
  • Special features: Disinfects without abrasion, bleaching or residues, odorless, no irritation of the respiratory tract, economical in use.
  • Application: The treated surface must remain wet for at least 5 minutes.

Skin friendly hand disinfection without alcohol


hand disinfectant is a high-performance hand disinfectant with excellent microbiocidal performance and broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi, viruses and Clostridium difficile spores, including SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). As it contains neither alcohol nor aldehydes, it is particularly kind to the skin. In addition, the aqueous solution does not release any vapors, aerosols or odors that could irritate the respiratory tract. Due to this and its high efficacy against C. difficile spores and viruses, the disinfectant is ideal for a wide variety of areas. This includes hospitals and medical practices, long-term care facilities, restaurants, spa and wellness businesses, food processing plants, schools, private homes, physiotherapy and massage practices, etc.

Application: Apply the Kurland® hand disinfectant always at room temperature (20-30 degrees). Rub hands with sufficient liquid disinfectant for at least 30 seconds and wait at least another 30 seconds before drying.

Alcohol-free surface disinfection - strong against viruses, gentle to the surface

Fog It IQ Surface Disinfection is an alcohol and aldehyde-free disinfectant for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. It has excellent microbiocidal performance and a broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts and viruses – including human coronaviruses. Since the surface disinfectant does not contain alcohol, aldehydes or acid, it is suitable for most washable surfaces. In addition, the aqueous solution does not release any vapors, aerosols or odors that could irritate the respiratory tract. The highly effective Fog It IQ Disinfectant is suitable for regular use on a wide range of surfaces and for a wide range of areas. This includes, for example, hospitals, medical and laboratory areas, retirement homes, schools, restaurants, spa and wellness facilities, office and household hygiene, etc.

Application: The surface disinfectant is already ready for use, do not dilute! For optimum effectiveness, you must keep the treated surfaces wet for at least 5 minutes.

Reduce germs by room scenting with antiviral essential oils

However, bacteria, viruses and fungi cannot be combated only with the help of disinfectants. A recent study by the University of Milan shows: Atomizing antiviral essential oils can also reduce germs by up to 100% and even reduce taking respiratory infection medication by up to 100%, and all this without side effects. With the Raindrop Fragrance Lamp and the right essential oils, you too can radically reduce the risk of infection and contagion in your own rooms. Simply add about 20 drops of an antiviral essential oil to the Raindrop Fragrance Lamp, atomize and the room air and surfaces are cleaned. Essential oils with proven antiviral properties include, for example, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lemon balm and all coniferous oils: Silver fir, spruce needle, cedarwood Virginia, Swiss Pine.

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Hygiene in the spa: Underlays, films and towels

Films and towels are hygienic companions for all applications in spa and wellness businesses.  We have a wide range of high-quality underlays for all purposes on stock for you. Especially practical: our pre-cut films and fleece cloths. They protect massage tables and are ideal for applications in the Soft-Pack® system or as underlays for cosmetic treatments. Linings delivered on the roll can be cut to the size you need. Discover the whole world of our films, linings, fleeces, pre-cut materials, etc.

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Goat Butter Hand Cream / Hygiene Gel in the practical double tube

With our new double tube you get two powerful products in one: fast drying Hygiene Hand Gel and intensive nourishing Goat Butter Hand Cream. The perfect combination for protected and nourished hands – also perfect if you are on the road. The hygiene hand gel contains 70% alcohol and therefore dries extremely quickly. A small amount of gel is sufficient to effectively protect hands from viruses and bacteria. Simply apply and let dry. Goat butter provides optimal care for stressed hands: Valuable ingredients such as mango seed butter, allantoin, calendula extract and vitamins nourish the skin, protect it and help to regenerate. The hand cream is quickly absorbed and, of course, it is free of parabens, paraffin oils and PEGs. Apply the Hygiene Hand Gel to cleansed hands. Distribute it carefully and let it dry for about 30 seconds. After that, apply the goat butter hand cream to your hands. This nourishes stressed skin and leaves a wonderful fresh scent.


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