Sabbia Med®

Summer, sun, beach - holiday feelings in the spa

When entering our Sabbia Med®, guests feel the fine, warm sand under their feet while gentle rays of light warm the body. The stay guarantees pure feeling of vacation – at any time of the year, even if there is bad weather. In the Sabbia Med®, a splendid summer day is simulated, from sunrise to sunset. The uniform brightness similar to daylight and the gentle UV radiation stimulate the metabolism and have a positive effect on the mood. This immediately makes you forget dull everyday life and the dark sides of winter. A stay in the sand room with its light-therapeutic effect is particularly recommended for people suffering from winter depression or vitamin D deficiency.

Everything at a glance

  • Relaxation room with light-therapeutic effect
  • Light, warm temperatures and holiday feeling at any time
  • Clean, warm sand and discreet music add to the vacation feeling
  • May stimulate metabolism, helps agaisnt depression and vitamin D deficiency
  • A UVC disinfection lamp caters for a hygienic sand surface
  • State-of-the-art LED technology: no light irritation for the eyes
  • Light reflection through aluminum ceiling mirrors or a membrane ceiling
  • Individual wall design, e.g. with illusion painting or cladding with various materials
  • With color light module and individual program settings
  • Can be used as a rest room or treatment room
  • Also available without sand
  • Complementary equipment: Dry salt atomization and resting couches

Spa light therapy

The daylight feeling is provided by state-of-the-art LED technology and a ceiling mirror made of aluminum or a membrane ceiling that reflects the light coming from the floor. Due to this reflection, the light is gently distributed in the room and does not dazzle. An integrated UVC disinfection lamp ensures a hygienic sand surface. With its pleasant temperature and light-therapeutic effect, the Sabbia Med® is also ideal for special spa treatments such as massages with a special flair.

A sand room in individual design

There are no limits to your design requests: You can get the Sabbia Med® with or without sand, with illusion painting on the walls or simple wall covering, with aluminum ceiling or fabric membrane ceiling. We perfectly customize the unique relaxation room to your company and your wishes. As equipment we recommend relax loungers, for your guests to relax and enjoy the beach feeling. Our tip: Add to your Sabbia Med® our Dry Salt Technology which atomizes dry salt. This provides a scent of sea and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.


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