Graduation house

Clears the respiratory tract, perfect for the skin

Originally, the graduation house was a facility for salt extraction, but nowadays it is mainly used to support health and as a highlight in relaxation rooms. The brine, which is slowly trickling down the brushwood, enriches the air with valuable salt and guarantees the guests additional benefits to the health through brine inhalation. A kind of salt mist is formed, which has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract when inhaled and helps with skin irritations. A fresh and slightly woody scent fills the salt room, creating a particularly pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Everything at a glance

  • Wooden frame with brushwood filling and brine trickling down
  • Inhalation of the air enriched with brine
  • Beneficial for respiratory tract and skin
  • Filled with brushwood (hawthorn or blackthorn) from the region
  • Facility with added value for guests and health
  • Provides a relaxing atmosphere in the relaxation room
  • Eye-catcher
  • Perfect in combination with our relax loungers

Graduation house in the relaxation room or reception area

Our graduation house enriches every relaxation room or is an eye-catcher in the reception area. The wooden support frame of the graduation house is filled with brushwood (hawthorn or blackthorn). Of course, we obtain the brushwood from the region. Over time, a beautiful white hanging crystal can form on the brushwood, which is particularly wonderful to look at. The graduation house therefore not only provides a particularly relaxing atmosphere with additional benefits to health, but also represents a visual highlight.

Graduation house in individual design

Of course, we adapt the design of the graduation house to individual wishes and needs. For relaxation rooms we recommend a combination with our high quality resting couches. Thus, guests can comfortably relax in the beads and breathe the fresh air of the graduation house.

To our relax loungers

Technical Specifications

Are you interested in a graduation tower? Here you can download the specification sheet with all technical details.

Suitable products

Here you can find the appropriate products for your relaxation room with graduation tower such as salt products.

Suitable treatments

Discover suitable wellness treatments with salt and brine products.

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