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Kurland® recipes

22. November 2022, 8:30 - 16:30

Inspirations for individual treatments

More than 50 years ago, we invented the Soft-Pack®-System and revolutionized the spa world. With our patented floating bed, you offer your guests an extraordinary, unforgettable wellness experience. Because your guests expect a treatment individually customized for them, on the massage couch as well as in the Soft-Pack®-System. A satisfied and completely pampered guest is your key to success. We support you in the development as well as the deepening of your Signature Treatments and gladly train the treatments at your location. Whether for the onboarding of new employees as well as for the advanced training of a long-standing spa team. In this course, we will introduce you to numerous body treatments, wraps and scrubs that can be easily customized and are guaranteed to delight your guests. You’ll be able to perform exceptional treatments quickly, efficiently, and with minimal materials.

Course: Treatments in the Soft-Pack®-System

  • Course dates and costs:on request
  • The price includes the following: Working documents, certificate
  • Qualification: Certificate “Kurland® Soft-Pack®-System”
  • Information material and personal consultation: +49 86 54 / 48 87-43 or ausbildung@kurland.de
  • Training program: Download PDF

Training: Treatments in the Soft-Pack®-System

Treatments and recipes for the massage table

In this course we present numerous body treatments, wraps and peelings that can be easily customized and will, for sure, delight your guests.

Course content:

  • Inspiration for new treatments in the Soft-Pack® system and on the treatment table
  • Creating individual treatments and recipes according to current trends, target group oriented, seasonal and according to regional characteristics: Wine, herbs, fruit, forest, meadows, mountains, lakes etc.
  • Efficient handling of your plants, equipment and products
  • The right way to treat your guests

Your key to success

In this course we will work with you to learn the following:

  • How to use your products and equipment profitably;
  • what makes your business so unique;
  • how to create individual sales packages with sales rationales and price calculations;
  • how you can get the most out of retail sales;
  • how to formulate customer recommendations;
  • how to make the characteristics of your house visible and perceptible;
  • how to generate enthusiasm in your employees.

Treatments in the innovative Soft-Pack® system

Wrapped in comforting warmth and in an almost weightless state, your guests relax in the Kurland Soft-Pack® system. Due to the special film, the guest does not come into contact with water. The unique feel-good experience and the positive effect on skin and muscles make our Soft-Pack® system an absolute essential component for practices, therapists and wellness areas. The special features are:

  • Therapeutic and ergonomic effect (weightlessness).
  • The absorption of active substances by the skin is increased up to 10 times
  • Low and efficiently calculable cost of goods per application
  • Unique feel-good experience
  • Various treatment concepts

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22. November 2022
8:30 - 16:30