Goat butter

Superfood for all skin types

Goat butter is a small miracle of nature. It is particularly well tolerated, intensively nourishing and makes the skin very smooth and dazzlingly beautiful – in a completely natural way. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports cell regeneration and leads to a healthy skin texture. Goat butter contains antihistamines by nature; this makes it excellent for people who suffer from an allergy and for extremely sensitive skin. Our goat butter care series pampers the skin from head to toe: in addition to various face and body creams, we also have a hand and foot cream, a massage lotion and a bath milk in our product range.

Goat butter care line:

  • Ingredients: goat butter, mango seed butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, allantoin, macadamia nut oil, urea pura, calendula extract, microsilver, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, antioxidants and many more.
  • Effects: Goat butter provides essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the skin and supports self-healing. For a healthy and soft skin.
  • Characteristics: Goat butter contains antihistamines by nature and is therefore particularly kind to the skin
  • Suitable for: all skin types, also for extremely sensitive and children’s skin.
  • Products: Goat butter cream, body lotion, foot cream, hand cream, massage lotion, energizing body balms hot and cool, Aloe vera gel, milk bath, Creme pure, Creme med, Q10 Day & Night Cream, Q10 Cream + SPF 15, hand cream / hand hygiene gel.

Goat butter promotes healthy skin

Healthy skin has more radiance, is more resistant and permanently regenerates itself. Our goat butter series contains the most valuable ingredients that help the skin to become and stay healthy – for a lasting more beautiful and healthy skin texture. Since the melting point of goat butter is around 36° C, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. The special combination of agents is particularly well tolerated. The high content of vitamins A, B, C and D, minerals, trace elements and moisturizing factors converts goat butter products into valuable, protective and regenerating skin care products. By the way: Goat butter does not smell like goats as cow milk does not smell like a cow. Therefore, our goat butter line simply has a restrained, natural and fresh scent.

Skin care with goat butter: Creams, lotions and bath additives

Kurland® goat butter products provide the optimum amount of nutrients from head to toe and they are suitable for all skin types. How does this work? All skin types need moisture, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins. It does not matter if it is irritated, sensitive, mature, dry, oily or children’s skin. The goat butter care series from Kurland® includes various products for daily skin care and for all skin types: Goat butter cream for face and body, Q10 Day & Night Cream for mature skin, hand cream with calendula, a fragrant body lotion, soothing Aloe Vera gel, a refreshing foot cream, massage lotion, strongly cooling vital balm cool, strongly warming vital balm hot and the gentle goat butter bath milk.

Goat butter against skin problems: Creams for neurodermatitis and psoriasis

Creme pure and Creme med are brand new in the goat butter product range. Both are completely free of fragrances and therefore ideal for problem skin and for people suffering from allergies. In addition, creme med also contains valuable microsilver. This has been proven to remain on the skin, where it has a purely external disinfecting effect, slows down bacterial growth and can thus promote healing. It offers the ideal daily care for easily inflamed, dry or chapped skin as well as for neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Goat butter in the spa - intensive care

The valuable and skin nourishing ingredients make our goat butter series the perfect product for spa applications or cosmetic facial treatments. From the moisturizing cream pack to the pampering bath milk to the refreshing foot mask – the treatment options are manifold. Due to its unique active agents, goat butter is also suitable as part of medical wellness applications. You want to incorporate goat butter into your spa menu? We are happy to supply you with ready-to-use formulations and complete treatment programs. Simply ask us.

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