Kurland® Singing Bowl

With sound to deep relaxation

During the treatment with the Singing Bowl, sounds, sound waves and vibrations are created which are transferred to the body and bring positive energies into flow. Inner blockages are released and relaxation increases from vibration to vibration. A very special benefit for body and soul and an extraordinary wellness experience for the guest. The Kurland®Singing Bowl was developed by a Tibetan monk especially for Kurland and made in traditional, Nepalese handwork. Every bowl is unique. It has a particularly round, full and deep sound that resonates for minutes. Thanks to its size (diameter about 38 cm, weight about 5.5 kg), it is suitable not only for massages or meditations, but also for hand and foot baths. It is made of 7 metals and comes with clapper and a base ring.

Kurland Singing Bowl

  • Developed by a Tibetan monk particularly for Kurland
  • Made in traditional Nepalese handicraft
  • Each bowl is unique
  • Diameter: approx. 38 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5.5 kg
  • Consists of 7 metals and comes with clapper and base ring
  • Suitable for: meditation, singing bowl massages, spa equipment, hand and foot baths, autogenic training, yoga, welcome rituals
  • Effects: relaxing, calming, relieves tension and blockages, balances body, mind and soul, strengthens the body’s self-healing powers

Origin and history of sound massage

Sound massage has been used in Asian medical art for more than 5,000 years. It is mainly known from Japan, China, Nepal, Tibet and Thailand. In these countries, singing bowls and other sound instruments have been used for centuries for religious ceremonies, meditation and strengthening of self-healing powers. Singing bowls are made of different metals. According to the tradition, a bowl should consist of exactly seven metals, which are assigned to the different planets. Contemporary singing bowl massages go back to Peter Hess, who gathered his experiences in Nepal and Tibet.

Application and effects of the singing bowl

The sounds of a singing bowl unfold their beneficial effect in two ways: Our ears perceive them as very pleasant and the body feels the vibrations. When the therapist gently strikes the water-filled bowl with the clapper, the guest immediately feels finest vibrations as well as a slight, pleasant tickling sensation. At the same time, he listens to the slowly receding sound and comes to an inner rest. Since the body consists of about 80% water, the vibrations are transmitted to every single cell and the guest feels them as a gentle “inner massage”. The special thing about the singing bowl application is as follows: It stimulates all layers of the body, even those that would not be reached by a manual massage. When the singing bowl is placed on the guest’s body and struck, the vibrations gradually spread to the body. The clapper is used to gently strike the bowl until the sound waves have dissolved disturbed energy fields. This can release tensions, activate self-healing powers and release energy. Relaxation works on both the physical and mental levels. Sounds and vibrations bring guests back into harmony and increase well-being. Basically, the following applies: The larger the bowl, the deeper the tone, and the deeper the tone, the more relaxing the effect. The Kurland®Singing Bowl has a particularly round, full and deep sound that reverberates for minutes.

Therapeutic effect of a singing bowl

A singing bowl treatment not only increases well-being, but it can also help with physical complaints. A singing bowl treatment is particularly beneficial against stress and sleep disorders, lack of concentration, tensions and pain, high blood pressure, migraine, abdominal complaints, digestive disorders and joint problems.

All effects at a glance:

  • Calming
  • Relieves tensions and blockages
  • Balances body, mind and soul
  • Strengthens the self-healing power of the body
  • Helps to reach a state of deep relaxation and get rid of stress, problems, worries and fears
  • Has a positive influence on creativity and self-perception
  • Provides a sense of security and basic trust
  • Brings the positive energies of the body in a flow

How to create sound with the singing bowl

There are two ways to touch a singing bowl:

  1. You can rub the outer edge of the singing bowl with a wooden clapper by simply holding it upright and moving it along the outside of the bowl, always pushing towards the center of the bowl. Similar to rubbing a wine glass with a wet finger, this motion creates a singing, pervading sound. Depending on the amount of pressure, the distance of the clapper from the edge and the type of base on which the bowl is placed, different sounds are produced.
  2. You can hit the singing bowl with the clapper, ideally directly under the edge. The sound you produce can vary from dark to very bright, depending on the type of clapper, the shape of the singing bowl and its size.

You can tune the singing bowl by filling it with water. As the filling level increases, so does the pitch.

The singing bowl as an extraordinary wellness experience for your guests

The singing bowl can be integrated into your spa program in many ways. This can be done either in the form of a soothing sound application or as a welcoming and washing ritual. The singing bowl massage is a particularly gentle and relaxing method of releasing blockages in your guests and activating their inner self-healing powers. A cleansing hand or foot bath in the singing bowl with herbs or flowers is the perfect introduction to a wellness treatment. You can also combine the singing bowl with an application in the tub or pool. When the singing bowl is struck in the water, the water surface vibrates and guests can bathe in sounds.

Singing bowl application: Recipe for a treatment with lavender scent

Our treatment tip is a singing bowl ceremony with lavender scent. To do this, you must first soak lavender flowers in 1 liter of hot water for about 5 minutes and pour the decoction into the singing bowl. Add another 3 liters of warm water and 1 teaspoon of oil blend Provence. Then, guests can put their feet in the singing bowl and you perform a sound application for about 10 minutes. This treatment can still be supplemented with a foot peeling, pedicure or foot massage. More recipes are available upon request.


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