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Body lotion: convenient, rich, effective

Wonderfully refreshing, sweet and fruity or tart and woody – what makes the Comfort Spa care lotions special are the tempting fragrances and intensively caring ingredients. Each lotion is unique in its own way and offers special benefits – from the flowery Cleopatra to the soothing Evening Primrose, for an all-round cared for and soft skin. However, the body lotions are also excellent for professional spa treatments and they also offer economic advantages: Only one unit per application leads material costs that can be calculated precisely. Despite the small amount of cream, the skin has a particularly intensive and long-lasting fragrance and is pampered with high-quality ingredients.

Comfort Spa Body Lotions

  • Ingredients: depending on the type, vitamins, ginseng or algae extract, valuable oils, goat butter, Aloe Vera and much more pamper the skin.
  • Effects: intensively nourishing, protective, hydrating, soothing and smoothing.
  • Suitable for: Body care, all skin types, full body treatments in the spa.
  • Advantages for spa applications: Low material usage, only one unit needed per application, easy-to-calculate treatment costs.
  • Products: Comfort Spa Cleopatra, Comfort Spa Men, Comfort Spa Evening Primrose, Comfort Spa Thalasso, and Comfort Spa Pomegranate.

Body lotion with highly concentrated active agents

Temperature fluctuations, dry heating air in winter or strong sunlight withdraw a lot of moisture from the skin. Intensive care in the morning and evening works wonders! But not all creams are the same. Our body lotions are specially matched to heat, wind and weather and act like a protective shield on the skin – with a noticeable effect! Is it true that double the amount of cream means double effect? With respect to Comfort Spa less is more! Even a thin layer is sufficient for our skin to absorb the active agents, provided that they are highly concentrated in the care, as this is the case for Comfort Spa. A little as 50 ml are sufficient for a whole full body treatment. Depending on the type, you can pamper, care or support the skin with vitamins, Ginseng or algae extract, valuable oils, goat butter, Aloe Vera and many more ingredients.

Alkaline skin care with pomegranate

The blend of nourishing ingredients causes that the skin becomes silky, hydrated, and smooth and it leaves a pleasant sensation. Each variety convinces with results that can be felt immediately and its tempting fragrance. Pomegranate inspires with a wonderfully fruity scent and with purely alkaline ingredients. Alkaline skin care stimulates the body to release the stored acids and toxins from the predominantly acidic environment of the cells and to release them into the alkaline environment. In this way, alkaline skin care effectively assists the body to be freed from acids. For this purpose we have developed Comfort Spa Pomegranate. Just try it out.

Professional Comfort Spa treatments

With the Comfort Spa care line you perfectly round off your treatment offers. Our lotions contain the ideal amount of cream for a full-body treatment, for example in the Soft-Pack® system or on the massage table. The appearance of the skin is improved and the tempting fragrance leaves behind a pleasant effect. What else could you want at the end of a care program?

Possible applications in the spa:

  • Full body treatment in the Soft-Pack® system or on the massage table,
  • massage treatments,
  • skin care,
  • for lipid replenishing after a shower,
  • after a bath or sauna,
  • as the perfect conclusion of your care program.

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