Hand and foot treatments

Treatments for well-nourished hands and feet

Our hands and feet have to suffer a lot of strain every day, and therefore deserve only the best care as well as an extensive pampering program. Especially in the summer months and barefoot time, everyone longs for supple, soft feet. Nevertheless, they are often neglected in daily care. Our products and treatments will pamper your hands and feet extensively. To start a day of wellness, we recommend, for example, a herbal foot bath or a hand bath. Rich masks, peelings and care products provide velvety soft hands and relaxed, well-nourished feet.

Hand and foot treatments:

  • Active agents: Depending on the product goat butter, mango seed butter, calendula extract, allantoin, sea salt, macadamia nut oil, Urea Pura, royal jelly and many more.
  • Effects: Depending on the product caring, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, regenerating, refreshing.
  • Suitable for: treatments for hands and feet
  • Products: Goat Butter Hand Cream, Goat Butter Foot Cream, base oils and oil blends, herbs and flowers, energizer for tired legs, peelings, sea salt, Urea Pura, base fruit powder, essential and perfume oils.

Fragrant foot and hand baths

For a soothing herbal bath, all you need is hot water, a bowl and a few minutes to let the herbs steep in the water – and the decoction will soon smell intensely and unleash all the power of nature. A bath in our Kurland singing bowl and with our wonderfully fragrant herbal mixtures has a particularly appealing effect. A foot or hand bath not only means the perfect start to a relaxing wellness day, but it also prepares the skin for further treatments in a perfect manner.

Nourishing hand and foot peelings

A hand or foot peeling with natural exfoliating particles such as sea salt or sugar and rich oils has a particularly nourishing effect: it can close chapped and cracked hands and feet, free the skin of keratinization and relieve itching. Combined with nourishing active agents, the peelings unfold their full power.

Masks for hands and feet

Pamper hands and feet of your guests with masks rich in active agents for a soft and well-nourished skin. Masks provide a hydration boost and can be combined with a preceding hand bath and a peeling to create an all-inclusive pampering program.

Final care with goat butter

As a final touch of a pampering hand or foot treatment, we recommend our goat butter hand and foot creams.  Goat Butter Hand Cream with mango seed butter, calendula extract and allantoin nourishes and protects chapped and stressed hands. For soft skin on the feet provides the Goat Butter Foot Cream. It contains macadamia nut oil, Urea Pura and royal jelly, perfect against calluses and chapped skin. Both goat butter products come in convenient 75 ml tubes for resale. In this way, your guests will have something for a follow-up care when they return home.

YouTube tutorial: Hand peeling & care

YouTube tutorial: foot massage with Aloe Vera oil


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