Multi-sensory showers

Cleansing and cooling with show effects

Refreshing ice mist, warm tropical rain or loud thunderstorms – surprise your guests with extraordinary multi-sensory showers. You can easily determine the show effect yourself at the touch of a button. In addition to ice mist, tropical rain and thunderstorms, we also have waterfall, bucket, mill wheel and snowfall showers in our product range. They can always be combined with the matching sound and light effects such as the twittering of birds to tropical rain, thunder to thundery showers or the deep sound of the alphorn to ice mist. This converts cooling down into a unique experience for your guests and also offers added value in terms of health.

Everything at a glance

  • Extraordinary shower experience with real added value for your guests
  • Show effects like ice mist, tropical rain, thunderstorms etc.
  • Can be combined with matching sound, light and Kneipp effects
  • Waterfall, bucket, mill wheel and snowfall showers are also available
  • Unlimited design options: Snail showers, corner or circular showers, walk-in showers, semi-circular or pentagonal showers etc.
  • Available as a single additional function for existing showers or as complete cabins

Exciting multi-sensory showers for your spa area

Alternating hot sauna and cold shower has a beneficial effect on health and the immune system. Individual solutions in form, design and function are a matter of course for us. No matter whether corner or round showers, walk-in showers, semi-circular or pentagonal showers – we will find just the right solution for you and make sure that your selected model fits perfectly into your spa and wellness area. We supply our effect showers either as complete cabins or upgrade your existing showers with our functions. For the production we use handmade ceramics, as well as mosaic and industrial ceramics. A very special highlight in every spa area is our SnowBliss, the snowfall shower with whirlwind effect, as well as our Shower Walk, which combines various multi-sensory showers into one unique shower ceremony.

The surprising bucket shower

By pulling the chain, the wooden bucket, which is attached to the wall, tilts and an ice-cold gush of water pours over the guest. This causes the body, heated by the sauna session, to cool down abruptly – a real benefit for health and the immune system. Traditionally, the bucket is made of durable wood and has a capacity of about 5 liters. It has a cold water connection and a thermostat which helps to bring the water to the desired temperature. After tilting and emptying, the bucket fills automatically, hence spa staff is not necessary. Tilting takes always place abruptly by pulling a rope or a chain and represents a very special experience for the guest.

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SnowBliss, the snowfall shower with whirlwind effect

With our SnowBliss, you can bring the forces of nature realistically and directly into your spa. A stay in our innovative snowfall shower offers your guests more than a simple cooling down after the sauna or steam bath – it promises an intense and unusual experience. With just one touch of a button, the guests themselves can choose between two modes: In “Snowfall” mode, the snow falls gently. For a more intense experience, the guests select the “Snowstorm” mode and are amidst a storm of dancing snowflakes – lightning and thunder included. With our SnowBliss you offer your guests ice-cold snow at the push of a button, all year round even in places where snow is not usual. Cooling down with water is a matter of the past; nowadays we reach up to get the snow from the sky for you.

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Mill wheel shower: Splash shower with Kneipp effect

The rustic mill wheel shower is not only a visual highlight in any spa, but it also guarantees guests an extraordinary and health-promoting shower experience. With one single pull on the chain, first a cold and shortly afterwards a warm splash of water is poured over the guest. This interchange between warm and cold water is comparable to the effect of a soothing Kneipp treatment. Alternating showers are considered to be a particularly proven method to stimulate circulation. Showers with alternating hot and cold water stimulate the immune system and harden the body so that infectious substances have less chance. Pamper your guests with a wonderful, unique refreshing experience which has also positive effects on their health. The mill wheel shower has a pump in the basin and is driven by water power. The different temperatures and the duration of the shower can be set individually.

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Shower Walk, the eventful shower ceremony

From the warm tropical rain into the cold ice mist, further through the thunderstorm to finally enjoy an ice-cold water shower under the bucket shower. In the Shower Walk, guests can expect a surprising shower ceremony with various stations and showers for all senses. With just the push of a button, guests start the ceremony and then move from station to station. Various light and sound effects accompany them throughout the walk. The shower functions are diverse: In addition to ice mist, tropical rain and thunderstorms, we also have waterfall, bucket, mill wheel and snowfall showers in our product range. It can always be combined with the matching sound, light and scent effects: for example, twittering birds to tropical rain or thunder and lightning to showers with thunderstorm. The alternation of warm and cold water is comparable to a Kneipp treatment and has a beneficial effect on health and the immune system.

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