Shower Walk

Combination of various multi-sensory showers

From the warm tropical rain into the cold ice mist, further through the thunderstorm and finally enjoy an ice-cold water shower under the bucket shower. In the Shower Walk, guests can expect a surprising shower ceremony with various stations and experience showers. With just the push of a button, guests start the ceremony and then move from station to station. Various light and sound effects accompany them throughout the walk.

Everything at a glance

  • Unique shower ceremony with different multi-sensory showers
  • Show effects like ice mist, tropical rain, thunderstorms etc.
  • Can be combined with matching sound, light and scent effects
  • Can also be combined with waterfall, bucket and snowfall showers
  • The different shower programs change seamlessly
  • Unlimited design options
  • Available for installation in an existing suspended ceiling or as a complete cabin

Eventful cooling after the sauna

The shower functions are manifold: In addition to ice mist, tropical rain and thunderstorms, we also have waterfall, bucket, mill wheel and snowfall showers in our product range. It can always be combined with the matching sound, light and scent effects: for example, twittering birds to tropical rain or thunder and lightning to showers with thunderstorm. The alternation of hot and cold water is comparable to a Kneipp treatment and has a beneficial effect on health and the immune system. We will be happy to configure a Shower Walk that suits your needs.

Sequence of the ceremony: Shower Walk with 4 stations

We recommend four sequences with different durations: In stage 1, for example, guests can expect a tropical rainfall of about 39° C, amber lighting and the sound of paradise birds. Then it continues with cold rain in stage 2, together with Alpine green lighting and the murmur of a creek. In stage 3, guests are surprised by a summer thunderstorm with a temperature of about 39° C, red lighting and a loud thunder. Finally, they enjoy an ice-cold refreshment in the ice mist, with blue lighting and gentle sounds of the sea. Our multi-sensory shower walk system includes the entire technology including jets, solenoid valves, temperature valve, LED lighting, sound, etc. This will convert cooling down in a unique experience for your guests.


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