Gently remove old skin

The skin renews itself on a regular basis. The application of peelings supports this. A massage with fine peeling particles stimulates the blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and thus caters for a radiant, rosy complexion. At Kurland you will find the right peeling for every skin type. The result after a peeling application: silky soft, pure skin. We have ready-to-use peeling mixtures in our product range as well as all the ingredients necessary to create your own peeling recipes. The best way to find the best treatment for your skin or spa program is to be inspired by our treatment suggestions.

Kurland® peeling

  • Ingredients: Natural peeling particles such as salt, rice wax, sugar or poppy seeds in combination with nourishing ingredients such as goat butter or plant oils.
  • Efects:Supports blood circulation, stimulates cell renewal, removes excess skin cells and sebum, deep pore cleansing, prevents impurities, provides soft, radiant skin and prepares it for the absorption of other care products in the best way possible.
  • Suitable for: face and body, any skin type.

Renew and rejuvenate the skin with peelings

By gently removing dead skin cells, peelings stimulate cell renewal and thus refine the skin’s complexion. Kurland® peelings contain only natural peeling particles for a particularly gentle application with great effects. Combined with our valuable oils and dried blossoms, they provide lasting care, vitamins and minerals. This provides for a soft, radiant and pure skin.

What a peeling achieves:

  • It supports blood circulation,
  • stimulates cell renewal,
  • removes excess skin cells and sebum,
  • deep pore cleansing,
  • prevents impurities,
  • caters for soft, radiant skin,
  • prepares the skin in the best way possible for the absorption of other care products.

Sustainable and gentle peeling with rice wax particles

A peeling with rice wax particles is environmentally friendly, as we use natural abrasive particles such as rice wax in our peels instead of harmful microplastics. These wax particles not only protect our environment, as they do not pollute rivers, lakes or oceans, they also lack of sharp edges. Therefore, they do not irritate the skin’s surface. This is a natural peeling for a smooth, soft skin. Gentle to the skin and gentle to nature.

Mechanical peeling or fruit acid peeling?

We offer various types of peelings: from gentle sugar peelings to herbal or salt peelings and fruit acid peelings. A mechanical peeling acts purely superficially through abrasive grains such as rice wax, sugar, salt or poppy seeds. By massaging in the peeling, the skin scales are removed and the blood circulation is stimulated. The fruit acid peeling has a somewhat deeper effect, it softens the skin and stimulates cell division. This enables a new skin layer to be formed which is softer and the pores are finer.

All fruit acid peels:

  • Base Fruit Powder,
  • Grape draff red,
  • Grape draff white.

Products for a nourishing face or body peeling

In the Kurland product range you will find ready-to-use peels for face and body. This is the case with our intensively nourishing Classic Peeling for cosmetic applications, our Salt-Oil Shower Bags for fragrant applications in the shower or our Thalasso Mare Peeling for detoxifying full-body peelings.

All ready-to-use peeling products:

  • Classic Peeling for face and décolleté with rice wax particles
  • Salt-Oil Shower Bag with sea salt and Time Together oil
  • Thalasso Mare Peeling Lotion for the entire body with sea salt and brown algae

Individual peeling recipes for your spa program

As a peeling is the optimum preparation for the skin to absorb other care products, hence it is the perfect starting point for a beauty program. Whether on the massage table, a wet massage table, in the steam bath or in the Rasul® whether for face or body – our peelings complete your treatment repertoire. You can choose the appropriate peeling which is in-line with your spa program or prepare your own peeling from our “Cream Peel Mix” with herbs, sea salt and oils. We will be happy to supply you with tailor-made recipes. Simply ask us.

All peeling products for self-mixing:

  • Organic sea salt – fine grain or coarser grain
  • Cream Peel Mix
  • Cucurbita Body Wrap
  • Body Peel with coffee, cocoa or rose
  • Energizer for tired legs: Peeling with clay and horse chestnut
  • Rügen Healing Chalk
  • Salt Herb Peels: Lavender, Mallow, Lemon Balm, Orange Blossom, Rose

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More Information

Cream Peel Mix: 1 product - 1000 different recipes

Our “Cream Peel Mix” is the all-rounder among the peeling products! Supplied as a powder, it has a long shelf life and you can create a vast number of nourishing packs for face and body or peelings from fine to coarse. Simply combine your cream peeling with any desired Kurland® base oil or one of our popular ready-to-use oil blends. Depending on how it suits to the needs of your skin or into your treatment program, you add your own personal touch to the cream peeling.

Effects: Frees the skin from excess cell particles, cleanses intensively, supports blood circulation, stimulates cell production, lipid replenishing, nourishing.

This combination of effects leads to an instantaneous treatment success with little effort and great results: radiantly fresh, noticeably smoother and perfectly nourished skin.

Possible spa treatments with Cream Peel Mix: Salve-in-terra®, Rasul®, steam bath, Soft-Pack®system, facial treatment, full body peeling, hand and partial body peeling, foot treatment and many more.


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