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High quality relax loungers for your resting area

After wellness treatments or sauna sessions, a rest after is of particular importance. When the body comes to rest, the cardiovascular system normalizes and the nourishing active agents can penetrate the skin even better. We have a variety of comfortable relax loungers in our product range for you and your guests to relax and let go. For us, the focus is not only on comfort, but also on added value to health. After the overheating that has taken place – for example, after a sauna session – the right lounger can help the body to return to normal temperature. Particularly popular is our Soft-Pack®system, a floating bed with therapeutic and ergonomic effects. Our swings from Physiotherm have particularly soothing and health-supporting effects which causes enthusiasm. The lightly swinging movement helps the body to relax and the integrated heat surfaces have a beneficial and at the same time gentle effect on the organism. In addition to these exceptional warming loungers, we also have height adjustable models, ceramic loungers, water beds, infrared loungers, double loungers and treatment couches in our varied product range. Depending on the model, the loungers dispose of different features, such as supports for elevating the legs, neck cushions, infrared radiators or electric drive. We will find the perfect solution for every spa area.

Everything at a glance

  • High-quality, modern relax loungers for resting after treatments
  • Ideal for all kinds of resting areas
  • With relaxing effect to support health matters
  • Various finishes and designs: height adjustable, ergonomically pre-shaped models, ceramic loungers, water beds, infrared loungers, cradle and double loungers, relax swings etc.
  • Additional functions: Support, neck cushion, infrared emitter or electric drive
  • Durable and low maintenance effort
  • Easy handling
  • From professional lounge manufacturers

Soft-Pack® system: Floating couch with occlusion effect

More than 30 years ago, Kurland invented the Soft-Pack® system, thus revolutionizing the spa world. The unequalled experience of well-being and the positive effects on skin and muscles make the floating bed indispensable for practices, therapists and wellness areas. Surrounded by pleasant warmth and in an almost weightless state, guests relax in the Soft-Pack® system. The gentle water pressure causes the film to cling to the body, creating an occlusion effect that increases the skin’s ability to absorb active agents by up to 10 times. This allows applied creams, body wraps or peelings to take optimum effect. Our Soft-Pack® system is available in various versions and designs such as in the Med, Day Spa, Pure and Sense version.

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Gentle swinging in the modern swing loungers

Swing loungers from Physiotherm have a particularly calming and health-promoting effect. The lightly swinging movement helps the body to relax and the integrated heated surfaces have a beneficial and at the same time gentle effect on the organism. Just 10 minutes in the swing lounger can be enough to stimulate the organ of equilibrium, strengthen the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation. The heated loungers are made of wood and synthetic leather; they have two different temperature ranges, which are exactly adjusted to the body: 36-38 degrees in the back area and 30-32 degrees in the upper leg area. Ergonomic armrests and the revolutionary 3D shape support the spine and provide optimal shaping of the back area. The neck support can be adjusted manually and the heat intensity can also be selected individually on a display integrated into the armrest. A reading lamp and USB port provide additional convenience.

Infrared Loungers - safe and comfortable heat application

All infrared loungers dispose of infrared elements integrated in the back and / or ceiling area. The infrared emitter in the back has a patented skin temperature measurement that automatically adjusts the intensity to the heat absorption capacity of the back. Thus, the tolerated skin temperature cannot permanently exceed the level of approx. 42-44° C, which is known from the medical sector. It is the safest and most comfortable infrared application. Patented lava sand-filled ceramic rods and a mirrored reflector surface optimally irradiate the guest’s back. All infrared elements are rustproof, easy to clean and have a lifetime warranty. The reclining seat is upholstered with a foam mattress and can be adjusted electrically, stepplessly from an upright sitting position to a reclining position of approximately 160°. The cover is made of special leather in the standard colors black or beige. An air gap in the back section prevents the back from overheating due to heat accumulation. Each lounger also includes a reading lamp with manual switch. For each of the infrared loungers you need a power outlet (wall socket, 650 watts of power per unit, 1650 watts when used with ceiling radiator, with night shut-off).

Ceramic infrared lounger: Warming lounger for complete relaxation

Organic aesthetics, fine lines and optimum resting comfort characterize the warming lounger One Plus made by Sommerhuber. Pleasant ergonomic heat storage ceramic adapt to the skin. Mild, long-wave ceramic infrared heat invites to dream and relax. The ergonomically shaped large surface is made of ceramic and has an ideal surface temperature of approx. 34° C, however, this can be adjusted steplessly. Heating is carried out by electricity (power 680 W, 230 V). We offer 15 different glazes as well as optional accessories: USB port, corpus and bolster made of synthetic leather. The weight is about 100 kg, the static load can range up to 200 kg and the dimensions are as follows: L: 186 cm, W: 65 cm, H: 95 cm.


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