Forces of nature at the push of a button

Beautiful snow crystals fall gently to the ground, hitting the body heated by the sauna. Suddenly a strong wind gets up and the snowflakes just whirl around. In the middle of the raging snowstorm, lightning flashes through the room and a powerful thunder makes the body tremble. The guest has the feeling of being in the center of a strong thunderstorm. An extraordinary natural spectacle takes place before his eyes. With our SnowBliss, you can bring the forces of nature realistically and directly into your spa. A stay in our innovative snowfall shower offers your guests more than a simple cooling down after the sauna or steam bath – it promises an intense and unusual experience. Cooling down with water is a matter of the past, nowadays we reach up to get the snow from the sky for you.

Everything at a glance

  • Snowfall shower with spectacular whirlwind effect including lightning and thunder
  • Snow at the touch of a button
  • Instant snow production and perfect quantity of snow
  • Low operating costs and easy servicing, as no cooling system is required
  • Operating costs only when guests actually use the SnowBliss
  • Low investment costs, as no extra cabin is required
  • Two modes: gentle snowfall or intense snowstorm
  • Individually adjustable wind nozzles
  • Authentic sound and light effects
  • Falling snow crystals
  • Available as a complete cabin or technology only for integration into existing rooms
  • Unlimited design options and individual photo motifs
  • No waiting or pre-cooling

Snow shower in the spa - experience for all senses

In Scandinavia, it is tradition to warm up in the sauna and then cool down in the snow in winter. When the snow is gone, part of the Nordic ritual is missing. With our SnowBliss, you can offer your customers this special experience all year round, regardless of the climate, season or geographic location of your spa. We bring the Arctic into your wellness area. With just one touch of a button, the guests themselves can choose between two modes: In “Snowfall” mode, the snow falls gently. For a more intense experience, the guest selects the “Snowstorm” mode and is amidst a storm of dancing snowflakes – lightning and thunder included. A conventional snow room usually causes high operating costs, high investment costs, high service costs and the snow quickly becomes dirty due to regular use. Our SnowBliss, on the other hand, is designed to be integrated into a warm environment and does not require a costly cooling system or an extra cabin. The production of the fresh and hygienically clean snow starts only when a guest pushes the button.

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More Information

Cutting edge technological advantage - the perfect amount of snow at the push of a button

What winter cannot always offer, our SnowBliss provides quite simply and reliably at the push of a button: the perfect amount of snow for exceptional refreshment. Our SnowBliss is the result of demand-oriented research and development. The experience should be immediate, without waiting times, and as natural as possible. The falling snow crystals have the properties of spring snow as known to skiers. This causes the snow to melt on the skin and not in the air. The effect is an extraordinary feeling of refreshment rarely found in nature – and all that at the touch of a button at any time of year. Unusual wellness concepts are our expertise; this is why our SnowBliss can be integrated into any spa in any desired design.

SnowBliss: Design options and technical details

The SnowBliss is available in two versions: either as technology only for integration into existing premises or including individually designed cabin with walls made of glass, natural stone, tiled or with free photo motifs. The scope of supply includes the following: the snow technology for approx. 800 kg/24 h or for 400 kg/24 h of snow (water-cooled refrigeration unit), air flow technology, the ceiling module made of GRP for integration into a suspended ceiling (various colors available), illuminated buttons with cover panel in stainless steel, lighting effects with 4 LED colored light spots and appropriate program, as well as sound effects from the audio player and speaker. The SnowBliss available may have the following dimensions (W/H/D): 200 x 95 x 100 cm/800 kg or 100 x 95 x 100 cm/400 kg. An electric supply (3 x 400 V AC / 50 Hz / power 5 kW) as well as a connection for water (inlet: ¾ inch external thread, outlet: ¾ inch hose thread) are available.


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