Heat carriers and cold packs

Heat and cold to be placed on the guest

In addition to the great variety of positive active agents, it is also the high heat capacity that makes moor mud a specialty. The warmed up heat carrier from Kurland®, filled with thick paste-like moor mud, can keep the heat for a particularly long time. Moor mud supplies heat to stressed body regions in a targeted manner, which usually also have a lower blood supply, and thus promotes blood circulation. It is ideal for abdominal pain, cramps and menstruation problems. Unlike a hot water bottle filled with water, the pasty moor mud in the heat carrier can be easily kneaded and deformed and thus adapts wonderfully to the body. However, it can also be used for cooling treatments. The heat pad with ginger and cereals, as well as the cold pack and the Schroth pack complete the product range.

Heat carriers and cold packs

  • Active agents: Heat, moor mud, ginger, grain
  • Effects: Analgesic, supports blood circulation and regeneration, retain warmth for a long time to transfer it slowly to the body.
  • Suitable for: Pain, rheumatism, tensions.
  • Products: Moor Mud heat carriers and cold packs (5 sizes), Terry Cloth Cover for heat carriers, Heated Pad Neck & Body, Table Top Preparation Device, Preparation Units Combi 200 & 400, Schroth Pack.

Moor mud heat carrier, the better hot water bottle:

Our warmed up heat carrier, filled with thick pasty moor mud, can keep the heat longer than traditional hot water bottles. Moor mud supplies heat to stressed body regions, which usually also have a lower blood supply, in a targeted manner and thus promotes blood circulation. For this purpose, simply heat the heat carrier in a water bath or in the microwave oven and then place it (wrapped in a cloth or in the Kurland® terry cloth cover) on the hurting part of the body. Unlike a hot water bottle filled with water, the pasty moor mud in the heat carrier can be easily kneaded and deformed and thus adapts wonderfully to the body. In this way, the warming effect of the moor mud unfolds exactly where it is needed.

You can also use the heat carrier in combination with other products, for example with disposable natural moor mud packs, hay applications or Swiss Pine packs. The products and sizes are perfectly harmonized. For the heat carrier in size I there is also a cuddly terry cloth cover in pure white. It is used when you use the heat carrier as a pure heat pad (without moor mud, Swiss Pine or hay packs). The cover is made of cotton and can be washed at 40° C.

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Heated Pad Neck & Body

Do you have slight tensions in the neck? That’s where our warm and wonderfully fragrant grain pillow can provide relief. Simply heat in the microwave or oven, place it on the neck and enjoy the warm temperature. This immediately provides deep relaxation and support blood circulation. The innovative 3-chamber system distributes the contents evenly for seamless and long-lasting warmth. Perfect for neck pain, back pain, tensions, cramps, colds, migraines, nausea or exhaustion. The heat pad contains wheat, rye and ginger. Cover and inlay are 100% cotton with heat resistant zipper. The heat pad has also proven its worth in the spa and therapy sector: Whether for resting on the massage table or as a cushion in the Soft-Pack® system. Extra covers can be obtained in beige or yellow. This way you guarantee every guest a hygienic, fresh cover that can be quickly and easily removed and washed at 40° C.

Cold treatments and Schroth packs

The mud heat carrier can also be used to treat complaints that require cold – such as bruises, sprains, inflammations, hematoma or swellings. For this purpose, simply place the heat transfer medium into the refrigerator for some time (cooling up to 7° C, please do not put it in the freezer or icebox). Or as an alternative, we also have cold packs in our product range. It is ideal for relieving swelling, acute sports injuries and after surgical procedures. They contain 100% naturally pure moor mud from Leopoldskron, can be cooled in the freezer down to minus 20° C and they are reusable. Our product range also includes Schroth Packs which serve as a heat carrier for a Schroth cure or cold pack. It contains water.

Detox treatment: Trim down the pounds

A warm liver wrap helps with detoxification. To do this, simply soak a towel with warm water, wring it out, place it on the liver and cover it with a warmed heat carrier. For this purpose, it is best to lie down in a comfortable place and let the liver work while you relax. For slimming diets, the effect can be enhanced with a hay bag placed underneath.

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Preparation equipment for heat carriers

For professional operation in physiotherapeutic practices, spas and wellness centers, there are preparation devices with a capacity for 2 to 15 heat carriers – for gentle and simple heating of our moor mud heat carriers. Recommended treatment temperature:

  • Heat carrier with moor mud: approx. 60° C – 65° C,
  • heat carrier with hay: approx. 50° C – 55° C,
  • heat carrier as hot water bottle: approx. 50° C.

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