Finnish Sauna

Go to the sauna like in Finland

A Finnish sauna from Kurland contains a lot of heart and passion as well as genuine Finnish expertise. As a Finnish native, Kurland owner Esa Ranta knows exactly what it is all about. For him, regular visits to the sauna are part of everyday life. Nowhere else body, mind and soul can relax better. A session in the Kurland® sauna guarantees more than just dull sweating with its combination of extraordinary design, professional sauna equipment and effective essences.

Everything at a glance

  • Customized Finnish sauna with unlimited design possibilities
  • German top quality combined with genuine Finnish expertise
  • Different sauna oven systems available
  • Also available as bio sauna
  • We guarantee suitability for commercial use
  • Low maintenance and staff costs
  • Individually adjustable room temperature
  • Short installation time due to prefabrication in the factory
  • Interval controlled ceiling fan
  • Building physics safety due to the blower door test
  • Controllable heat boosts
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • Safety for your guests and staff

Particularity and health supporting effects of the Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is probably the best known type of sauna, which has become very popular all over the world. The special feature of the Finnish sauna is the thermal alternation between dry hot air and cool outside air or cold water applications. This alternation between hot and cold exerts a strong stimulus on the body that boosts metabolism and strengthens the body’s defenses. Regular sauna sessions can therefore have a preventive effect against a cold or an infection.

Procedure and temperature in a Finnish sauna

First, the body heats up in the sauna room at a temperature of 70° to 100° C and a relative humidity of 3 to 8 percent. The temperature can be easily adjusted to the needs of the guests. After the body has warmed up, it is cooled down by the cold air outside or cold water. For this purpose, we offer special facilities like the Ice fountain, the Mill wheel shower  or the SnowBliss which in addition to cooling and refreshing also guarantee a special experience. In the classic Finnish sauna, a stone stove generates the dry heat and distributes it throughout the room. A temperature gradient is created from top to bottom, so sauna visitors can choose a temperature zone by selecting the height of the wooden benches. The lower benches are at a temperature of about to 80 degrees, while the upper benches can even reach 100 degrees. With the interval-controlled fan on the ceiling, the warm air does not “stay on top”, pleasant heat boosts also reach the bottom zone.

Sauna infusion in a Finnish sauna

WWhen the water is poured onto the stones, it hits the hot stones with a loud hiss, a blast of steam touches the skin, and wonderful herbal scents fill the room; for most sauna guests this is the highlight of their sauna visit. The Finns even have their own word for the steam that rises from the stones: “Löyly”. If the right fragrances are added to the water, the beneficial and health supporting effects of the sauna can be even increased. Delight your guests, for example, with a warm, woody Swiss Pine scent, with a relaxing mountain meadow scent or provide the special freshness kick with mint scent. Numerous sauna essences and essential oils you can find in our broad Kurland® product range.

Unlimited design possibilities: from a bio to a Swiss Pine sauna

Each Finnish sauna from Kurland® is unique! Whether they are made of spruce, hemlock or Swiss Pine, with a high seat or traditional sauna benches, whether as a mild bio sauna or a classic Finnish sauna – there are no limits to your wishes. The seating areas are usually arranged in tiers around the sauna oven. The oven can be installed on the wall, placed under the bench or free-standing, and can be covered with various materials. You get customized saunas that fit perfectly into your overall concept. They are made from domestic wood species, in highest German quality and craftsmanship perfection. Our trained specialists take care of the installation on site and are also there for you afterwards with a professional maintenance and repair service.


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