Algae products

Algae – wellness component with active agents from the sea

Did you know that there are more than 500,000 species of algae worldwide? Brown algae, for example, fight inflammation and reduce the decomposition of collagen that keeps our tissues firm and fresh. Green algae in turn are known for its strong moisturizing and skin renewing effect. That is why algae are also called beautifiers from the sea. They have a high mineral density, contain amino acids, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins. Thanks to these active ingredients, algae provide the skin with intensive moisture and they stimulate metabolism and blood circulation. They are the ideal ingredient for a healthy, firm skin and effective cosmetic treatments.

Thalasso Mare products

  • Ingredients: Brown and spirulina algae, sea salt, coral lime.
  • Effects: Draining, detoxifying, stimulate blood circulation, stimulate cell metabolism, provide a firm and smooth complexion.
  • Suitable for: Detoxification and toning of the skin.
  • Products: Thalasso Mare Basic Sculpting, Thalasso Mare Body Wrap, Thalasso Mare Detox Wrap, Thalasso Mare Peeling Lotion.

Smooth skin with Thalasso Mare

AAlgae products are highly effective and easy to use. They contain important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc and selenium, trace elements such as niacin and folic acid and vitamins A, C, E and B complex. This makes them valuable for our diet, as well as for skin care. The metabolism in the skin’s surface and underlying structures is strongly stimulated by direct application of our algae products to the skin. Algae are amazingly versatile. Their varied effects ensure a wonderfully firm and smooth skin.

The effects of Kurland® algae:

  • purifying,
  • draining,
  • detoxifying,
  • stimulate blood circulation,
  • stimulate cell metabolism,
  • provide a firm and smooth complexion.

Algae: Natural anti-aging from the sea

The salty fresh scents of an algae wrap, mask or peel immediately remind you of holidays at the seaside. The high level of active agents ensures that the revitalizing and rejuvenating effects of our algae products can be seen and felt immediately! An algae cure is quite popular for drainage and detoxification. Algae packs are ideal as a supplement when losing weight, for detox programs, diets or fasting vacations. They support weight loss due to their draining and purifying effect. Applying algae wraps stimulates metabolism and this in turn stimulates fat burning.

High quality cosmetic products with algae

We have four algae products in our product range, which are suitable for both professional spa application and home use. Our algae mask Thalasso Mare Basic Sculpting is ideal for tissue-tightening treatment of face and décolleté. First, the powder is mixed with water and applied in liquid form. It solidifies and can be easily peeled off without leaving any residue. The refreshing and firming effect can be noticed immediately. The active ingredients of brown algae in our Thalasso Mare Body Wrap stimulate cell metabolism and blood circulation; they nourish the skin and have a strong moisturizing effect. Ideal for full body wraps on the massage table or in the Soft-Pack® system. Thalasso Mare Peeling Lotion has a fresh, tart scent and is ideal for gentle full-body exfoliation. Apply on moist skin and gently peel with circular movements. For detox cures we recommend our Thalasso Mare Detox Pack: Simply mix with water to a creamy consistency, apply and leave on for about 25 minutes. This nourishes the skin, stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation, and the coral lime it contains promotes the decomposition and removal of toxins.

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More Information

Algae treatment in the spa: Thalasso Mare Package

The valuable ingredients of the sea algae nourish the skin and stimulate the cell metabolism as well as the blood circulation. That is why Thalasso therapy treatments are already standard in many hotels and studios. They are absolutely beneficial for the body and help to achieve a young, vital and healthy appearance. Our recommendation is to offer a Thalasso Mare package including body peeling, body wrap and face mask. The treatment starts with a body peeling: Apply the ready-to-use Thalasso Mare Peeling Lotion to moist skin. Exfoliate with gentle circular movements and shower off. This takes about 20 minutes, loosens horny skin layers and refines the skin texture. Next is step 2, the body wrap:  For a Thalasso Mare body wrap, mix 150-180 g of powder with 300-360 ml of warm water to form a smooth paste.

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