Alpine hay for therapy, spa and wellness

Effective, natural and original: Bring the wonderfully fresh fragrance of an Alpine herb meadow into your home or your treatment rooms! Hay is ideal as a liver wrap, to support diets or as an additional application during cosmetic treatments. But Kurland® therapeutic hay is also quite effective against rheumatic complaints! It can help stimulate metabolism and relieve tension. In the spa and wellness, the effective natural product is particularly popular. Enrich your offer with our hay products and create a real experience with added value for your guests. Hay applications are easy to carry out, effective, inexpensive and free of any side effects.

Hay from Kurland®:

  • Active agents: essential oils, coumarins, tannins and flavonoids.
  • Effects: stimulates metabolism, helps against rheumatic complaints, analgesic, detoxifying, draining, relaxing, decongestant, calming.
  • Suitable for: rheumatic complaints, tensions, sleep disorders, stress, for detoxification and drainage.
  • Products: Plastic Bag for Preparing Hay, Therapeutic Hay, Kraxenofen® Hay Filling, Hay Bag as seat pad, Hay Bag (small, medium, large and for neck / shoulder), Hay Bag Ascend, Hay Bag with Heat Carrier, “Stay Healthy with Hay” Set, Alpine Hay Bath.

Hay, a natural product with long-standing tradition

Our ancestors knew exactly when the right time had come in the drying process, so that a bath in the hay could help particularly well. During the drying process heat was generated inside the “Heumandl” haystack used at that time. The “patient” then opened a “Heumandl” and quickly lay down in the hot hay. The pleasant temperature immediately helped to relax and relieved joint pain. The released essential oils and coumarins acted via the skin and limbic system. Hay is therefore a well-known and trusted therapeutic agent that has been forgotten over the years. But this is not the case at Kurland!

Hay against rheumatism and pain

Due to the essential oils and coumarins released, hay can relieve rheumatic complaints and relieve tensions. A hay pack on the abdomen stimulates metabolism, has a decongestant and soothing effect. It is also popular as a liver wrap for detoxification. Hay bag applications are an important element of the Kneipp cure and relieve pain in the back, knees and hip; they also improve mobility.

What speaks for our Kurland Alpine hay?

Our wonderfully fragrant Alpine hay comes from the Salzburg area. We only harvest from unfertilized, lush meadows that have a naturally occurring, colorful variety of mountain flowers, Alpine medicinal herbs and grasses such as yarrow, camomile, sweet clover or St. John’s wort. It is precisely this variety that makes our therapeutic hay so effective. Even during processing, our hay, like all of our natural products, is subject to continuous quality controls for the greatest possible treatment success with the power of nature.

Helpful when fasting: Hay as a liver wrap

During fasting, it is particularly important to support the liver. The liver has to remove the toxins released from the body. A warm, moist hay wrap with a single-use hay pack (between 12 and 2 p.m.) helps the liver and speeds up the detoxification process. Our Hay Bag Ascend ensures a particularly gentle heat rise. The temperature of the pack increases slowly and the skin can get used to the temperature. This is why the Ascend applications are so well-tolerated. We recommend a combination with our moor mud heat carrier.

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Hay applications for therapy, spa and wellness

Hay treatments are particularly popular in the field of wellness as they are easily implemented, effective, inexpensive and free of side effects. For a full-body hay bath in the Soft-Pack® system, place a film underneath. Then fill with the required amount of the prepared (moistened) therapy hay and cover the hay with a fleece soaked in a hay infusion. Cover the guest with the fleece and allow absorbing for 25 minutes. Alternatively, the treatment can be done on the massage table: Place the moistened Disposable Hay Bag Ascend on the skin, cover it with a warmed heat carrier – and the hay can start to work. Important: Therapy hay must always be moist to release the powerful coumarins. The “plastic bag for hay preparation” is suitable for this purpose. It is waterproof, tear-resistant and reusable. Put the hay bath or therapy hay in the preparation bag and spray warm water onto the hay with the hand-held shower. Close the bag and shake it gently so that the hay is well moistened.

Potential hay applications: Soft-Pack® system, Kraxenofen®, detoxifying body wraps during detox cures, during cosmetic treatments (stimulates metabolism), as a hay bath and as a hay decoction.

Hay in the Kurland Kraxenofen - the steam bath with the scent of the Alps

The Kraxenofen® is an original from Kurland. The term Kraxenofen® is derived from the baskets that used to be worn on the back, which were called “Kraxen”. In our modern wellness therapy we have integrated the therapeutic effect of our Alpine hay into a special steam bath, in which the back rests are filled with hay, just like using a Kraxe. Steam is passed through the fragrant Alpine hay and this releases coumarins and essential oils. The Kraxenofen® is considered to be the mildest form of heat therapy and therefore it is very gentle to the circulation. This fragrant hay application is a very special experience for the guest.

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