Swiss pine sauna

Kurland sauna made of Swiss pine wood

When you enter the Swiss pine sauna, you are surrounded by a warm, woody scent and a feeling of peace and relaxation spreads. Freshly planed pine curls are placed on the sauna floor to provide a gentle massage to the soles of your feet. It is not without good reasons that the Swiss Pine sauna is now one of the most popular types of sauna. In addition to its aromatic scent, it is above all the valuable and health-supporting active agents of the Swiss Pine wood that make the stay so special. The essential oils of Swiss pine have a relaxing effect, support concentration, stimulate, calm and support healthy and restful sleep. As Swiss pine can also lower the heartbeat rate and stabilize the circulation, you will feel a very special kind of relaxation with every sauna ceremony. In addition, the wild wood of Swiss pine is predestined for sauna construction: It is low in resins, durable, weather resistant and hardly changes colors. The wood of Swiss Pine is also a special visual highlight due to its interspersed and knotty structure. At Kurland you can get a tailor-made Swiss pine sauna: modern or rustic, with a high seat or traditional sauna benches, as a bio sauna or a classic Finnish sauna. There are no limits to your wishes with respect to design and functions.

Everything at a glance

  • Customized Swiss pine sauna with unlimited design options
  • Pleasant woody fragrance from Alpine regions
  • Releases active agents of Swiss pine
  • Swiss Pine wood is low in resins, durable, weatherproof and an eye-catcher
  • Different sauna oven systems possible
  • Also available as bio sauna version
  • We guarantee suitability for commercial use
  • Low maintenance and staff costs
  • Individually adjustable room temperature
  • Short installation time due to prefabrication in the factory
  • Building physics safety due to the blower door test
  • Safety for your guests and staff

Effects of the Swiss pine

Swiss pines are very special trees. They belong to the pine family and only grow in the high mountains above 1,500 meters altitude. Originally, they come from the Alps and the Carpathian mountains. Swiss pine trees can live up to 1,000 years and grow very slowly. The Swiss Pine has been appreciated for centuries due to its beneficial and health-supporting properties. It contains valuable active agents such as limosone, various flavonoids and essential oils. The scent of Swiss pine has a relaxing effect, supports concentration, stimulates, calms, caters for a healthy and restful sleep and lowers the heartbeat rate. These are ideal properties for a sauna.

What makes Swiss pine the perfect wood for saunas?

Since Swiss pine wood is low in resins, durable and weatherproof, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its light reddish hue looks warm and radiates a very special coziness. Unlike other types of wood, the color of Swiss pine does not fade over the years, but becomes more intense. Besides the visual effect, Swiss pine wood also disposes of health-supporting and antibacterial properties. It can filter pollutants from the air and counteract pathogens, wood pests, bacteria as well as mold. The essential oils of the wood emit a pleasant scent and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Sauna ceremony with Swiss pine infusion, pine curls and pine treatments

To perfectly round off the sauna experience, we recommend a suitable decoration and complementary treatments. Our Swiss pine sauna essence provides the proper atmosphere. This smells pleasantly woody and has a particularly relaxing and calming effect. As an alternative, you can also prepare your own decoction of Swiss pine curls. Beside the decoction, freshly planed pine curls are also ideal for decoration. Distributed on the floor, Swiss pine curls are not only an eye-catcher, but also cater for a gentle foot reflexology massage. As a sauna session is the best preparation of the body for nurturing treatments, a complementary treatment with Swiss pine products would be a good idea such as a Swiss pine pack or a Swiss pine peeling. Detailed recipes and treatment packages are available upon request.

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Buy a Swiss pine sauna – with unlimited design options

Each Kurland Swiss pine sauna is unique! There are no limits to your wishes, whether you want it with a high seat or with traditional sauna benches, whether as a gentle bio sauna or a classic Finnish sauna – there are no limits to your wishes. The seating areas are usually arranged in tiers around the sauna oven. The oven can be installed on the wall, placed under the bench or it can be free-standing, and it can be covered with various materials. You get customized saunas that fit perfectly into your overall concept. They are made from domestic wood species, in highest German quality and craftsmanship perfection. Our trained specialists take care of the quick installation on site and they are also there for you with a professional maintenance and repair service afterwards.


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